Giveaway: $100 Shop Credit to September Wren

I know.
Her photos are like a summer daydream.
I honestly cannot pick a favorite. 
Lucky that if you win, you won’t have to either!
One lucky IHOD reader will win $100 shop credit to September Wren!
I am totally jealous of you;)

To Enter (must be a follower or subscriber of IHOD):
1) Pin one of your favorite September Wren images to pinterest and let us know you did!
Additional Entries (leave a separate comment for each):
2) Add September Wren shop to favorites on Etsy
3) Tweet or Facebook about the giveaway
example tweet: Just entered the #giveaway over @inhonorofdesign for a chance to win $100 Shop credit to @septemberwren!

If you do not have a blogger profile, please leave a valid email address. Open to International Readers. Giveaway ends next Monday night! Best of luck!
P.S. The winner of the Macaroy Kangaroo Giveaway was #22…MrsKinne!! Will be in touch!
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  1. I pinned an image. Beautiful work!!

  2. i pinned the ice cream image!!

  3. I pinned a photo of the beach to my northeast lovin’ board!!

  4. also added as a fav on etsy!

  5. I pinned the earth day tree photograph here:

    It’s so peaceful!

  6. I also added her shop to my favorites on Etsy here:


  7. I absolutely LOVE the vintage edge to these photographs. I would love to have a few of these in our new house that we move into next week (oh, and did I mention it’s near the beach?) I pinned one of the vintage photographs of the lifeguard stands to my pinterest- definitely a favorite of mine! :)

    xx Lynzy

  8. I also “favorited” her shop on etsy with my name: Sparklingfootsteps

    fingers crossed!

  9. I pinned a pic. Love the 4 ice cream flavors. Would be amazing in my mama’s kitchen. She’s an ice cream addict!

    A Refreshed Take Off

  10. I also favorited her shop in etsy!

  11. just pinned the “Mid century modern, art, carnival photo, orange mustard, minimalist mango, 60s, mad men, summer Number 40, 8×10 carnival photo” – so great!

    courtney.allisunfair (at) yahoo (dot) com

  12. Such an amazing giveaway! I pinned the Maine photo outdoorsy to my Blog Subjects board since this Etsy shop may come in handy when I do a series about photography! x

  13. I pinned!

  14. I tweeted!:)

  15. following and pinned this pretty thing and many more!

  16. favorite her on etsy (you’re right…dream photos!)

  17. I also tweeted about the gievaway (@gingerdiaries)

  18. Love her work!

  19. I pinned the carnival photo!

  20. I favorited September Wren on Etsy!!!! :)

  21. It’s too hard to pint just one! I pinned the Santa Cruz carnival photo. I love so many of these~ they’d be perfect for my daughter’s room I’m updating.

    Funnest giveaway I’ve entered!

  22. Added to etsy shop favorites :)

  23. Just tweeted about the giveaway, too!!! Thanks, Anna!

  24. Just pinned my favorite!

  25. And added September Wren to my favorites!

  26. Wow her shop is gorgeous! I pinned a few. I wish I had an Etsy :/

  27. I pinned the image! i love the
    Nautical decor, bird photograph!!

    Sara :)

  28. I added September Wren to my favs on Etsy!

  29. I tweeted about the give away! Thanks for the give away great photos!!! :)

    Sara :)

  30. I pinned the vintage sailboat picture! I love it sooo much.

  31. I favorited her shop on Etsy!!

    xoxo KLS

  32. I pinned her ‘first birthday’ pic. LOVE that one. :)

  33. she has a way of giving you a little slice of mossimo vitali with her beach shots. talent.

    pinned beach of cali.

  34. Ha, I started pinning before even reading the contest details. Such gorgeous photos!

    erica @ tinseltwine . com

  35. ( Also Twetted! )

    – ET

  36. I pinned the beautiful beach scene!

  37. i pinned a gorgeous california beach photo to my pinterest!

  38. i also added september wren to my etsy favorites! i could look at those photos all day!!

  39. You’re so right, it’s way too hard to choose just one! I pinned three that struck me right away – one was just a highway field….so pretty! I would love to win the credit and add such vibrant photos to our home :)

  40. I tweeted about the giveaway!! xo

  41. I added September Wren to my Etsy Favorites! I’m going to look through her shop again – goodness, her photos are right up my alley!

  42. and i added her to favorites on etsy!

  43. I don’t pin, but just wanted to say what gorgeous pics!!!

  44. I pinned a beautiful flower picture.
    Thanks for including international readers as well!

  45. 1. I pinned the Santa Cruz Skygliders image… (I’ve been to that Boardwalk too many times to count!)
    Also pinned the Big Sur image. I’m such a NorCal kid, I wanted to pin all the CA photos!

  46. 2. I also added September Wren to my Etsy Favorites! Thanks for introducing us to this shop!

  47. I pinned the image of the main lighthouse in boothbay harbour, but I must say her photos are the epitome of a Southern California summer! I love it! I also added her shop to my favorites (you can find me as Shesgolden)

  48. i pinned my favorite!!

  49. i saved it as a favorite on etsy!!

  50. wow so many gorgeous photos! hard to choose but i like the yummy cherries. I’ve pinned it
    follower :)

  51. also added as fav on etsy :)

  52. I’m a follower {Heather Moore} and pinned to pinterest! fingers crossed :)

  53. also favorited on etsy {Heather Moore}

  54. tweeted about the giveaway from @moorehe2

  55. your GFC follower already, Michele P. I pinned this image: to my pinterest account Michele Pineda

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  56. I added September Wren to my favorite shops on etsy

  57. and added the shop to my etsy favs!

  58. Pinned an image here –

    Love her prints

  59. added as a fav on etsy. loving all!

  60. added as a fav on etsy. loving all!

  61. successfully pinned my first pic. :) summer lemonade. yum.

  62. successfully pinned my first pic. :) summer lemonade. yum.

  63. I LOVE these photos!! They’re simply beautiful. I pinned a couple, actually. :)

  64. I also favorited. :) :)

  65. & tweeted of course. Clearly, I’d love to win!

  66. Hi Anna,
    I pinned this one: Shabby chic vintage photo, hydrangea!
    Love her pics!

  67. I’m an IHOD follower via GFC!

    And I just pinned an image here:

    They’re all so gorgeous!

    jessicahamm at gmail dot com

  68. I’ve favourited September Wren on etsy :)

  69. long time follower! pinned the santa cruz carnival – how awesome is that??

  70. favorited her shop on etsy!

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  72. Love these! I pinned a few of my favorites.

  73. Also favorited September Wren!

  74. I pinned the Highway One Rainbow!

  75. & favorited September Wren! :)

  76. Pinned the golden gate bridge. Reminds me of my old Californian home!

  77. Added shop to favorites- Gorgeous photography!

  78. Pinned a field of flowers… love it, and would make a beautiful gift for my Mom’s house in a guest room!

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