Bump Styled: 4 months

<<  Jacket: c/o A-Thread, Vest: c/o Windsor Store, Top and Denim: ON, Heels: Zara (similar), Clutch: Gap, Rhinestone Necklace: c/o Hello Fab, Cable chain Necklace: DIY  >>
Its about time I introduce you all to my baby bump. I am looking forward to the challenge of not staying in sweats all day every day. It gets me out of my sleepy state and into action mode.
Thank you….. 4th month of pregnancy,
for the fact that you have kicked away that morning icks, and replaced it with a mild case of energy. 
I don’t love the fact that the amount of wearable pants is dwindling by the day, but that’s okay. This just reassures me there is a healthy young tot growing inside.
I also appreciate that you have know given me a nifty little shelf to place things on if I so choose to use it. You are pretty cool so far. I may like you best.
Sincerely, Anna

P.S. I dream of a little brother for Gabriel, so when I saw this clip, it had me drowning in my own tears. What a gift those with special needs are to this world!

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  1. So fun following along and seeing your wardrobe changes as the baby bump grows!

  2. You have the tiniest bump I ever did see. And of course, you’re looking fabulous as always. :) I could have used some of your inspiration a few months ago… 😉 Glad you’re feeling better!

  3. cute necklace combo anna! you are always so well accessorized :)

  4. You are just ridiculously pretty!

  5. Looking great!

  6. Yellow looks really good on you!

  7. Bump, what bump? Ha, just kidding – you love lovely as always! Thanks for the tips :)

  8. Aww, look at how lovely you are! I was waiting for you to show us your cute baby bump :)

  9. Love your precious little baby bump… can’t wait to watch as it grows :)


  10. what a cute little bump! :) so glad that this month has given you energy. I can remember being so tired that I couldn’t do anything, but around the 4th month I got a bit of energy back. Just a bit. Haha.

  11. You are the cutest! Love these bump photos! :) And what a sweet video! Can’t wait to find out if your little one is a boy or girl!! xoxo

  12. Adorable! Love your outfit–and your newest accessory—that cute little baby bump!

  13. you are the cutest! I love how you layered and that yellow looks so pretty on you :)

    C’s Evolution of Style

  14. Looking every inch the stylish mama! (and hello to bump)

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy

  15. ah, the joys of dressing in the first few months of pregnancy! you look fab :) we just found out that we are having a boy!! this is also my 3rd. that video makes me cry every time i see it, so special!

  16. you are such a cute preggers! you are making me want another baby!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  17. you are such a cute little momma! and that video had me bawling…what an inspiration to us all!

  18. aww anna – i love you teeny bump! so glad to see that this month is treating you well. I hope it stays this way! xo

  19. preggo fab-u-lous!!!!

  20. Aww…so chic and fabulous! Can’t wait to see that tiny bump grow! I’m sure you’ll be ever so stylish along the way!

    Knocked Up Fabulous

  21. Oh my gosh you look great!! Love the outfit and tiny baby bump :)

  22. Love you layered necklace combo. Your bump is still titty bitty.
    Method Clothe

  23. You look incredible! Your baby bump is the cutest! Love your outfit!

  24. So stinking cute, friend! You always layer perfectly. The color is darling on you!

  25. You look amazing, and rock being 4 months pregnant!!

  26. hot mama!! and i watched the video and was tears as well

  27. How beautiful are you! My bump just reached the 6th month mark and I feel as if I’m exploding out of my clothes all the sudden! Congrats to you guys and your newest addition!
    Ps: I dreamt of a little boy before we found out what we were having, then it ended up we were having a little boy so maybe your little guy will get a brother! Mothers intuition right? :)

  28. You are just the cutest thing ever, plus you are completely adorable preggo!

  29. You look amazing! Totally glowing.

  30. You look stunning! Love this yellow color on you :)

  31. Your so beautiful friend! Can’t wait to see that lil bump in person:)

  32. So, so, so, so darn adorable! Love stylish mothers-to-be!! You’re rocking it for sure!

  33. You look great! Love little baby bumps and I miss mine…:) enjoy every second and thanks for sharing your pics! Great outfit too!

  34. You are gorgeous, Anna! This outfit is pieced together perfectly. Love the gray and yellow combo!

    Alisha and Brandon {the blog}

  35. Oh, congratulations! How exciting for you!

  36. You look stunning!! So happy for you :)

  37. this is so exciting! can’t wait to follow along in the joy with you! :)

  38. absolutely glowing Anna!

    xx amy
    Leopard and Lillies

  39. OOhhhh…I’m so glad to know you’re pregnant!! Great look, good job!! & Milion thanks 4 inspiring us!!!

    This week I’m giveawaying a very special necklace combining one of my grandma’s doilies and some leather which I’m sure you’ll like it 😉 Feel free to come and participate whenever you want http://2ndfunniestthing.blogspot.com.es/2013/01/new-giveaway.html

    Big kisses from Barcelona

  40. aw looking good mama!!! way to rock the heels…i did that up until about 6 months, then i thought, ok no more :) haha, but it makes you feel pretty!

  41. Oh my goodness, I had no idea that you were pregnant again! Congratulations Anna!

  42. arwwww. congrats! what a nice suprise! totally love that tiny bump!!!

  43. CUTIE!!! I love when pregnant women dress all stylish, in heels & all!…& you are definitely one of the most stylish, my dear :) You have that glow! XO Brynn

  44. Such a cute mama!

  45. You look so cute my friend. LOVE this look!

  46. That video had me in tears. As a sibling to a brother with a mental disability, I can certainly speak to the gift those with special needs are to those around them. I love things like this because it so perfectly displays how children with special needs can actually bring a family closer together and enhance it in ways you could never even imagine. Thanks so much for sharing!

  47. Congrats! You look amazing.

  48. As always very stylish and so beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing this video with the rest of us! So emotional! Love is the most important thing in life!!!I wish you all the very best of luck with the new baby!!!Congratulations!:)best,Marilou

  49. You look so so cute with your little 4 month bump! :)

  50. Where is the bump?!?!?! :) You look amazing!

  51. seriously, what bump!? you are glowing!!

    xo the egg out west.

  52. Bump? what bump? You look great!!

  53. I just cried watching that video. How utterly special!!!!

  54. ps. you look incredible!

  55. Congratulations! :)

    I just found your blog through Pinterest. Love your style and blog! Would love it if you would follow my blog too.

  56. Where is this baby bump you speak of?! haha, I love the outfit and the video nearly had me in tears. Thanks for sharing that with us. I hope we get to see more that hidden baby bump in the fallowing weeks too!

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