Make: Mini Package Valentines

January 23, 2013

Let’s admit it, you either love or hate Valentine’s Day. 
Before I even had a lovah, I enjoyed this holiday simply for the handmade goodies my sisters and I would exchange and seriously the best candy options of the year (next to Easter of course).
Valentine’s Day is exploding over here. When you are a blogger, holidays come early so that you can share the fun ideas in time for your readers to get a hold of their own supplies;) Hopefully my sisters aren’t viewing this post…
Mini Envelope Pack (similar)
Felt Hearts (similar
Candy confetti (grocery store or etsy)
Love Stamps (now available at your local post office)
I found most of my supplies at Hobby Lobby but have linked to places you can buy online!

You can really stuff whatever surprises you feel like in these little packages.
If you need more Valentine ideas, you can find more here.
I have a week of fun heart themed ideas and giveaways coming your way soon, so hopefully you are on the positive side of viewing this holiday;)
Love, Anna

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