Moto Jackets and Memory Training

December 2, 2013

Moto Jacket + Printed Layers via IHOD

Moto Jacket + Printed LayersIHOD- Moto Jacket + Printed Layers

Moto Jacket + Printed Layers - In Honor of Design

Jacket: F21  // Sweater: c/o Kiki LaRue // Clutch: c/o Boden (30% off today) // Necklace: Blue Skies Shop // Denim: J. Brand (on sale today!) // Watch: Aldo

How was your Thanksgiving week?
I hope you all got to rest and enjoy your families!
We really lucked out this year with our trip up to Michigan. Travels went well and for the most part, everyone stayed healthy.
It felt so good to cut off from work and soak up my kids and my nieces. They had so much fun together. We got a perfect blanket of white snow and my southern born little ones were in heaven. Veronica kept begging for a snowman:)

We had a long haul back so I downloaded Stitcher and checked out some new podcasts. This American Life and TedTalks particularly caught my attention. (Do you have any stations to recommend??) One episode was on the ability to train your memory. Hello, sign me up says the mom of three who seems to have forgotten her abc’s and how to tie her shoe as of late…
It was pretty fascinating. Here’s what the memory champ recommended…
If you are trying to remember someone’s name or number, create vivid stories that can come to life in sequence to go along with that name or number in order to “burn it into your memory.”
He memorized the sequence of an entire deck of cards by doing it in sets of three by relating each to a person, action, object. CrAzY! Simple but effective. Hey, I will try anything! Now how about helping my memory not to put the coffee pot in the fridge or leave my keys in the car? Anyone?? 😉

Happy Monday loves!
All photos by Chelsey Heidorn Photography

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