“The White Way of Delight”

April 14, 2014

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Over Gabe’s week off we all headed up to Nashville to visit my sister and her new little babe! (Who is more precious than words. A pic of Amelia here.) New life seemed to be the theme of the weekend. We were on a Sunday drive and drove past this incredible alley of dogwood trees. Gabe pulled over so we could observe the glory. I immediately thought of Anne Shirley and the “The White Way of Delight” on Prince Edward Island (which is on my bucket list to visit one day!). I had to do what Anne with an E would do….run my heart out right through and soak in all the glory of it. We took advantage and snapped some pics to share with you all. We resolved to someday plant rows of these trees along our driveway in our someday home;)

“Dear old world….you are lovely, and I am happy to be alive in you.” – Anne Shirley


Dress : Calypso St. Barth  (in stores) c/o, Necklaces: Gold and Gray c/o Mourning Dove Native // Shoes: Shoemint // Hat: Shop Sosie // Sunglasses: Free People

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