The start of summer around here.

June 13, 2016

A few snapshots of the start of our summer in the new place, where shoes are tossed aside, watermelon is served daily, and our door revolves with family and friends…

date to go

* Simple dates are the best kind. *

bath hair

*Bathing the summer heat off every night. (Recently discovered this gentle bath soap for those of you looking for a good one.)*


*The start of many summer birthdays. Family and good cake is all you need. My little ones can’t get enough of my sister’s new baby.*
*Slow mornings.*

summer garden *Starting our fall garden in the ninety degree, but in our very own soil! *

pregnancy style*Dinner and a movie. He’s the one you want to bring to any Marvel movie, as he knows the history and back story to all of the characters;) Dress from ASOS. Gabe’s leg stitches complimentary of the moving truck.*

Our days are very long as the sun rises early and sets late, and often times I am out of energy and patience by 4pm. Thank goodnesssssss for the extra yard space and basement in the new place which allows the boys to run wild and free. Gabe’s schedule is a little lighter in the summer so we get extra time to start our days with coffee together, and end it with movie marathons pretending we won’t be rising at 6:30am. We also are working on many house projects that we look forward to sharing with you very soon! Wishing you a cool drink and happy week ahead.

P.S. Orlando, we mourn with you.

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