Valentine’s Day Coffee + Floral Deliveries

February 10, 2017


I admittedly put way more effort into gal-entine’s side of Valentines’ day than anything else. Maybe because gal pals actually appreciate flowers and fluff a little more than guys? Hmm maybe yes. Since my sisters were in town from Ireland and Arizona, it was fun to throw together little coffee and scones with a little flair! I haven’t seen them in months, and it was worth celebrating the unexpected reunion.


Simple Details:

Conversation Heart Balloons – I went googley eyed over my friend Kelly’s new balloon shop (determined to find an occasion for the unicorn balloon). These conversation heart balloons are EXACTLY the color of your box of candies you would buy at the store.
Heart placements + mini hats – Dollar bins at Target!
Flower bloomsBloomThat has a really cool selection of unique floral bouquets, and I wanted to continue my tradition of flower deliveries for friends. My sisters and I were able to make many mini bouquets out of these 3 Clementine Bouquets. It also is a fun way to spend time together as you are catching up over coffee. BloomThat is offering IHOD readers 15% off for your V-day deliveries! Use code: IHODVDAY15.

(blouse source)

My sisters and I used to make  our own shoebox mailboxes when we were little and write each other valentines. Look forward to starting this with my own little ones!

Also, I think we might need to get a list going of all time favorite romantic comedies below. I’ll start: You’ve Got Mail (duh), Return to Me, About Time, Sweet Home Alabama, How to Lose a Guy in 10 days, The Wedding Planner….to name a few;) You’re turn!

Happy Friday ~

P.S. Blown away by all the survey responses. Thank you endlessly!

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  • Those balloons are so cute! Love in the afternoon, An affair to remember and Love affair are some of my favorite for sure!

  • This is such a cute and fun party setup!


  • I love these balloons! I’m not usually one for the Valentine’s Day hype, but something about all these lovely posts I’ve been seeing has definitely been making me feel the love lol. I’m partial to Hot Stuff πŸ˜‰

  • When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle (Meg Ryan flicks); Dark Victory and Now, Voyager (both Bette Davis films); The Philadelphia Story, Bringing Up Baby and The African Queen (3 Katherine Hepburn movies); Heartburn and Out of Africa (Meryl Streep); Moonstruck (Cher); Funny Girl and The Way We Were (Barbra Streisand); Breakfast At Tiffany’s (Audrey Hepburn); Casablanca and oh, so many more! Oops, I just saw that you specified romantic comedies so that takes out Sleepless in Seattle, Casablanca, Dark Victory, Now Voyager, The African Queen, Out of Africa and The Way We Were, but they are all excellent films with lots of romance just not many laughs. There are several more Katherine Hepburn films that qualify as romantic comedies.

  • This looks so lovely! The flowers are gorgeous, and look like such a simple way to make everything more elegant. One of my favorite romantic comedies is Leap Year! I also really like My Favorite Wife πŸ™‚

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