5 natural body care remedies

April 25, 2017


First, how about a disclaimer?: I don’t think I will ever have my diet, medicine cabinet, or beauty bag perfectly figured out and in order. It’s a priority to take care of me and my family yes, and do the best I can, but I also know it’s not worth sweating over having perfect control over every aspect of my life. I have settled on doing the best I can in some areas, and making the most of the resources and time I have at my hands. For instance, I don’t have time or money to shop at 5 different grocery stores to get the best foods in all food groups at the best prices. Some days I may use grass fed meats and organic vegetables for dinner, but the next day may be pizza. So I am sharing items today that have been wonderful for me and my little ones, but also crossing my fingers I remember to use them more frequently myself!

  1. Bergamont & Lime Deodorant stick – I have used the brand Secret since my teenage years, but as you know, I am trying really hard to eliminate chemicals from things I am putting on my body every day. I am trying out this new brand and really liking the scent and the way its working. I’ve also tried Ursa Major as well which is another good option.
  2. Fractioned Coconut Oil – I use this to dilute any essential oil blends. I add it to roller bottles followed by essential oils. I am not disciplined enough to use these as much as some of my oily friends, but it has come in handy for rubbing on my little ones feet, bellies, and backs for fevers, colds, headaches, earaches, teething, etc. You can find this on amazon or you can order from a distributor (like my friend Christina who educates on how to use oils).
  3.  Manuka Honey – After reading this article a friend shared I was sold. I got really tired of the seemingly constant colds around our house from travels and sugary holidays. We have cut out sugar for the time being and are re-boosting our immune system with all of the natural antibodies in Manuka honey. I give a teaspoon or so to my kids straight from the jar. Will share an update soon if I see good results.
  4. Calendula – We have used this in our family as long as I can remember. It has always been an on hand remedy for chapped lips, cuts and scrapes, dry skin, etc. I have it in the first aid kit and use it often for me and the kids. A little goes a long way, and one tube should last you a looong time.
  5. Herbal Hydration Complex – I have several masks sitting in my drawer that I am convinced I will try when that 15 spare minutes show up one day. I had a sample of this herbal hydration complex that read “leave on for 5 min. and wipe off with a warm cloth.” Sold. I can do 5 min! It feels like a buttery rich serum and applies invisible. I already wrote about some of my daily moisturizer favorites, but I consider this a moisture rescue treat that I will use when I can. It is an herbal complex that treats everything from rosacea and acne to sun spots and dryness.

Hope these are helpful for you, and I look forward to sharing more as I go!



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