The other side of fear.

The other side of fear | Artwork by Jessica Keaela

I have been having trouble sleeping lately.

Anxiety, worry, doubt. It’s a triple beast. They can creep up and rule your life if you aren’t careful to battle them head on. And when any of these start to rear their ugly heads, I know something must be off kilter within me.

Fear can prevent your from loving without hesitation, it can prevent you from conquering old habits, it can prevent you from listening to your gut, and ultimately can rob you of some of the best things life has to offer. Joy, truth, authenticity…the fruits of a life of courage. I seek this with fervor, but don’t always win. 

Yesterday I read a first hand account from my friend caring for Ebola patients in Liberia. She knows day in and day out that her own life is at risk, but she CHOSE to serve. She chose to help the dying exit this life with someone by their side reminding them that they matter. She is a warrior in my eyes. She looks fear in the face and walks through it’s shadow to the other side of freedom. Freedom to LIVE as you were created to, and to LOVE without conditions.

I wanted to share this quote with you all that I stumbled on that has made it’s mark on me. I asked Jessica of Coco & Mingo to hand letter it for me as part of a series we are doing for The Brand Market. Isn’s she talented?! You can see the rest of the series here.

Have a fearless and mighty Wednesday friends. Why not?

x, Anna

Guest Curator: UGallery




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I am more than ready to admit I am an art nerd. I was an art studio / graphic design major, and did my fair share of studying all different art mediums. As challenging as some of those long art history classes were, I can say it gave me an appreciation for so many different types of artistry and where it all stems from.

Thankful to UGallery for asking me to be a Guest Curator on their site. These are just a few of the favorites and you can see the full collection here.

I have a thing for travel theme, impressionism, and pop art. I only realized this after viewing my collection!

Have a favorite?

x, Anna

Local Notes ATL: Bar Taco

Bar Taco ATL| Chelsey Heidorn Photography copyBar Taco Side ViewBar Taco Atlanta | IHODBar Taco ATL www.inhonorofdesign.comBar Taco Patio | IHODBar TacoBar Taco Salsa www.inhonorofdesign.comBar Taco ATL | Chelsey Heidorn Photography

My secret wish is that a taco stand will open right across the street from me one day, but until then, I have found my taco match.

Bar Taco is new to the Atlanta area, but has a few locations across the country. Not only are the soft tacos addictive, savory, and spectacular, but the whole menu is. Gabe and I took the family and ordered the Chef selection small tray and it was plenty of food for the both of us. Whatever you order, make sure the chorizo taco is one your selections;)

The atmosphere seals the deal.
An open garage door walks you into the center bar where you can look up and view the masses of hanging basket light fixtures. A fine selection of large art prints right above the navy striped seating, and each employee dressed in gingham and chucks. A breezy back patio in case you want to enjoy the outdoors, and just the right music selection.

I promise this place will not disappoint! And you may see me there….just indulging in one too many chorizo tacos. :)

Bar Taco
969 Marietta Street
Atlanta, GA

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Photos by Chelsey Heidorn and IHOD