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Winter Water Factory

Our Favorite Kids Clothing Shops

April 13, 2015

After my last #consciousclosets post, some of you asked about where I shop for my little ones. I buy most of my kids clothes at 2nd hand apps or stores, but when I can, I like to support small business clothing shops. Some of my favorite kids clothing sites are made here in America, and many of them hand stitched or sewn! I love that they are supporting our economy, but also super kid friendly. So here is a start of our American Made, Ethically made, and irresistibly cute kids clothing shops for you to reference when you need!

Winter Water FactoryResource Guide to best Kids Clothing Shopsmax and v
Veronica and Max are wearing Winter Water Factory, Zuzii Shoes, and Freshly Picked Moccs

List of best Kids Clothing Shops via IHODMini Miochemini miochesaltwatersvia In Honor of Design
Both wearing Mini Mioche

Swim Zip RashguardsProcessed with VSCOcam with a5 presetbrothers
Wearing Swim Zip Suits

Baby and Kids Clothing:
Winter Water Factory 
House of Mia
Mini Mioche
Little Hip Squeaks
Duchess and Lion Co.
Dream Catcher Baby
Native Wilds
Rylee and Cru
Swim Zip
Darling Clementine

(handmade leather shoes that have lasted the longest for my kids!)
Zuzii Footwear
Freshly Picked

These are all shops I have personally tried and loved. What about you? I would love to hear your favorites!
P.S. Winter Water Factory is giving away $100 gift card on IHOD’s instagram today! Get on over there:)


Dream Catcher Baby Dresses | IHOD


October 6, 2014

Duchess and Lion Co www.inhonorofdesign.comDream Catcher BabyDuchess and LionDream Catcher Baby Dresses | IHODDuchess and Lion Co

Look One: Dress by Duchess and Lion Co. (available for pre-order tomorrow) // Hat: Baby Gap // Shoes: Old Navy // Glasses: Target
Look Two: Dress by Dream Catcher Baby c/o // Cardi: Old Navy // Hat: mama’s // Shoes: Old Navy

It presents a whole new meaning for the words: strong-willed. New vocabulary with mixed consonants and expressions for every occasion. My life is never short of entertainment.

Three with a little girl is drastically different than three with a little boy. Snakes, snails, and puppy dog tails are replaced, with sugar and a whole lot of spice with a side of sass. My little wild flower seems to have inherited the strong will of her mother and the stubbornness of her father. Lord help us all…

And yet, I am so grateful she has that strong will. It’s the one that will help her fight the good fight when it seems the world around her is giving up. It will help her finish strong when her team is behind, and there is only a minute left on the clock. It will also help her stick to her guns when the wrong boys come calling. It will help her stand by the people she loves and never waiver in that loyalty……….but how do I help turn that will to all that is good?

I am realizing in raising my little ones, that the daily battles are building my own patience and strength of will in the process. How do I help this fiery wildcracker hold on to that iron will, without letting it become Veruka Salt or Regina George?…Well Gabe and I are still figuring that out. We have looked at each other many a times and ask, are we doing the right thing? What ARE we doing??

Little by little, day by day we are learning. We hope to raise these little ones with strong minds and loyal hearts who hopefully will be able to make good decisions on their own when the time comes. Gabe and I pray for this every night. In the process it is a lot of consistency, setting clear guidelines, always backing each other up, and loving them unconditionally no matter how tired we are.

My little Veronica Rose is our live comic section in the daily newspaper.
As I always say, I wouldn’t wish this age away for anything.
Every age is my favorite.

Now go check out these incredible mothers who hand make the most delicious dresses and other things for little peeps! Duchess and Lion and Dream Catcher Baby

Photos by Chelsey Heidorn (she is so good with kids!)


Recently Said.

January 15, 2014

In Honor of Design
Gabriel } IHOD
^^ It took all efforts of co-ordination for him to try to show us his new wink and point trick.^^

Welkin NYC } IHOD


I keep a written journal of things my children have been saying, what their newest milestone is, and reflections I go through as a mother. I hope they can read it one day and know just how much I love them no matter how stubborn they can be at times;)

Some recently said favorites…

Gabriel: Mom, I can’t feed Max. Only mom can feed Max.
Me: Yep, that is right.
Gabriel: You have bottles on your stomach. Gaber (he still talks in third person at times) doesn’t have bottles on his stomach, so I can’t feed him.
Me: Stunned and impressed silence.

Gabriel (currently 4yrs old): When I was 7, I went to Colorado and was small like a baby like Max.
Me: No sweetie, you have never been 7 before. You will be 7 after 5 and 6.
Gabriel: No mom, I was seven a while ago, you just don’t bremember.
Me: Okay sure.

Gabriel on Christmas Eve: Mommy, when I go to sleep is Santa Claus going to come on our roof?
Me: Maybe.. if you have been a good boy!
Gabriel: Is dad going to throw open the windows and tear open the sash?
Me: ….sounds familiar.

Gabriel: Veronica, if you don’t buckle your seatbelt, you will get boring. (Still trying to figure this one out…)

Veronica is all sass and facial expressions lately. I am starting to hear myself through her 2 year old high pitched voice…

Veronica: Mom, stop talkin’! You no say that to me! (With a serious scowled brow.)
Me: Mouth on the floor.

Veronica: Gaber! You no sharin’! You go in time out! (Shoes on backwards, hands on hips.)

Veronica: Baby Maaaa-aaax. Hi sweet girl!

Veronica: Gaber, look at my new dressed!
Gabriel: Wooowww, that is so beautiful Pookie! (He’s an affirmer.)

Just a few gems for the day.

And by the by, my super sweet friends started a new children’s line that you must check out. Their sneak peeks are killing me! You can keep up with their instagram fun here. Veronica INSISTS on wearing this shirt every. single. day. I have to wash it while she is sleeping. I make her wear dresses on Sunday, but other than that, I fight my battles elsewhere;)

x, Anna

Gabriel // Tee: Welkin NYC c/o //Jeans: Gap via Thred Up // Vest: Old Navy // Shoes: Gap (similar)
Veronica: Tee: Welkin NYC c/o // Leggings: Old Navy // Jacket: Old Navy // Shoes: Old Navy // Bow: Kinder Companie
Anna: Tee: Target (the softest most durable kind) // Jacket: F21 (similar) //Jeans: Henry and Belle c/o // Flats: Gap (similar)



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