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Little Max the Moose
Max and Mom
Little Max MaxLittle one via IHOD

Sweet little Max of mine. A few things I am so desperately trying to keep fresh in my memory before you turn one and your baby days seem like a blur behind me…..

You hold onto my shirt tightly whenever I hold you.
You like to scrunch your nose and tilt your head up to make me smile.
You follow Gabriel and Veronica everywhere they go like a loyal puppy. They give you more attention than you will ever need.
You always have a cheerio or two stashed somewhere in your shirt or diaper.
Clapping your hands is your latest trick you like to practice throughout the day.
You jump up and down every time I get the guitar down…music makes you the happiest.
You mumble to yourself the sweetest little sounds while you are exploring. It is your way of processing everything you discover.
You can eat a whole banana in two minutes flat. It makes pop proud.
You explore into every nook and cranny of our home and make sure to avoid all toys. They aren’t your thing.
When I sing to you it is the only time you are still.
You prop your feet up on the bar as soon as you sit in the stroller. You know how to live life.
There isn’t much more delight for the eyes than your knee rolls and cankles. You are living up to your nickname quite nicely…
You greet mama and pop with raised hands a big toothy grin. That grin is hard to beat.

My typing hands would get sore from writing all the ways we love you. I feel God’s love so personally when I look at you. The story of your birth and your life is the testimony that His plans are so much greater than I could dream up. I can’t wait to see who you become, but for now I just want to enjoy this list of things day in and day out. There will never be enough of days filled with these reasons we love you so.


Kathryn McCrary was over at my house before Easter and snapped these photos. I am so grateful to her for these! Max is 9 months old here.

Motherhood in my Twenties

In Honor of Design

In case you missed, Max wanted to give away his favorite cruise machine…so don’t miss! We have been running around, parking it at the beach, taking daily walks, and running on errands and the Quinny stroller has gone everywhere with us. It is incredibly compact and easy to throw in the trunk of our car. It suits most terrains for running, beach, or stroll. 

And the coolest part of this stroller is that the seat can me attached front facing OR back facing! Max loves to see outwards but when he was younger he just wanted to see mama. Such a good option to have throughout the first year. I also love that it can sit up or lay back with an easy switch on the seat. He lays down to drink his bottle and sits up when we are jogging. I continue to find reasons to go crazy for this stroller:) Motherhood kind of shifts around all your priorities huh? ;)

First born
^^My first son Gabriel^^

Speaking of…been thinking a lot about experiencing motherhood in my twenties…

Gabe and I were among the first of our friends to get married and start a family. 
At 25 we had a brand new baby and were on our own in the big city of Atlanta.
We couldn’t wait for our first Christmas, first birthdays, baseball games, friday night family movie nights, dinner conversations with lots of little ones surrounding us, surprise family road trips, and the list goes on.
I guess you can say in some ways like most parents are, we were naive to the dedication and patience it requires to raise children…

However, I can say I am thankful for that. I am thankful we didn’t wait too long or think too hard about that perfect time to start a family would be. We didn’t even wait for our first home and a decorated nursery. We were in a one bedroom apartment and our first baby’s nursery was a few shelves in our small closet. We both were in the middle of our careers, but I knew that for me, having a successful career was not my ultimate life goal. It was to raise a family with the man I loved. We had the desire to have children, and that is all you really need. The good thing about jumping right in is that doubt and worry didn’t have time to have a say in our life. Parenthood is like diving into an ocean with a strong current and no floating devices. All you can do is use your internal instincts and swim.  [Read more...]

Running our way.


Cherry Blossom Tree Quinny Buzz XtraIHOD



In case you missed, I raved and raved about this stroller here.

A few weeks in and I could still talk your ear off about the Quinny Buzz Xtra. I knew when I heard it was cross terrain that it would become Max and I’s jogging buddy.
I don’t get the chance to work out much, so when I do I run my heart out. Max LOVES to be outside and as you can see in the video, he likes to peek his sweet chubby face over the side. 

I thought it might be confusing just to look at the picture and understand how you can collapse it so I demonstrated for you and slipped in a little Imagine Dragons in there because you know…fleet of black limousines;) I couldn’t help myself.

Since the wheels are larger and easily mobile it goes over sidewalks so smoothly and there is little effort to push. The handle bar is adjustable which I especially love since it makes such a big difference when you are running. 

We have taken this everywhere this week…the lake, the park, jogging trails, sidewalks, and grocery stores. So thankful to have such a hot new ride for Mr. Moose!

Gabe is still loving it too since he can easily maneuver with one hand and hold a child in the other:) 

This post is sponsored by Quinny and is 100% my own opinion. Thank you for supporting the companies that make blogging possible for me and my family!

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