Recently in photos: September Edition

No pumpkins yet here. Just some highlights (and outtakes!) from my iphone and camera reel of the very fast blurry month of September. It’s a slow rainy day here and I am thankful for that. I welcome those types of days with open arms! As we are adjusting our sails with four little ones, our lives at home and outside the home take on a new kind of adventure. Always counting heads to make sure we have everyone with us, and that they all have shoes on their feet at the same time. So our first family outings were close to home in my sister’s backyard for a campfire, at our local fairgrounds for a rodeo, apple orchard, and lakeside for some muscadine grape picking and rock skipping. I wish I could wrap this month up and put it in my pocket….

Little camper (My plaid shirt from AE, jeans from Madewell ^^)

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Mother of wild spirits.

GAPKidsxEllen | In Honor of Design

I often refer to motherhood as a school in which I am a perpetual student at. It seems I have as much to learn from my children as I have to teach them. Motherhood often asks that I give more than I feel capable of, but love given is never gone to waste. My children have shown me I have a greater capacity to love than I ever knew was possible, and I have never been so full of life… [Read more…]

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These are the days.

baby love first bathbaby boybathtimefirst bath | In Honor of DesignFamily Max mother and son motherhood sibling love siblingsfeeding Rocco

A few weeks ago, my friend Mary Beth of Rosemary Wild gave me the best baby gift…photos of just a normal day at home with my children. These days are filled with hours of cleaning messes Max made, making meals, feeding Rocco, cleaning more messes, making up a creative project for Veronica to do, helping Gabriel with homework, taking them for walks, etc. (When they nap is when I work/blog.)  I am usually just in a t-shirt and jeans, and tired from the night before, but deeply deeply happy. I think this is why I am so grateful for these photos. I can see in my postpartum tired self that I am right where I am supposed to be. Every small action as a mother to my children are building blocks in the foundation of who they will become. 

Mary Beth has an incredible ability to capture reality and make it something beautiful. Thankful for her and being able to snap these photos of Rocco’s first sink bath (I highly recommend this bathtub!). All three of his siblings can’t get enough of him. They are eager to hold the baby and Max is confused why he can’t feed him from his stomach. As you may have seen on instagram, my son Gabriel is so proud of him and always wants to hold him. If I could make time stretch a little longer, it would be now. These are the days.

*Beaded bracelets are from Rocco’s striped ones is from Native Wilds.


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