Motherhood Must Have: Owlet Baby Monitor

November 17, 2015

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I think you are given a sixth sense when you become a mother. You have a constant radar synced with your new baby that is always on high alert mode. Your ears perk at the sound of anything you are unfamiliar with. Your heart races if you suspect something might be a little off. You may even wake up a little too often when the sixth sense is in overdrive mode. I used to wake up in a panic every night to make sure my first born son was still breathing. I was so worried I wouldn’t hear him if he was in distress. Those fears never leave you, although with your fourth baby you rest a little easier. However, I often wished my heightened senses would calm down and let me sleep!

Owlet monitors - $10 off code

When I heard about the new Owlet Baby Monitors, I had my jaw on the floor. Where was this the first time around?! Ah the hours of sleep I would have saved! This monitor is a smart sock you slip onto your baby (it comes in three sizes), that uses a technology called pulse oximetry that doctors have used for decades. Its connected via bluetooth to a dock station that will alarm you if the oxygen or heart rate levels are off. We have gotten into a good rhythm of using the monitor, and Rocco doesn’t even notice it’s on. Happy there are a few sizes of the socks so we can use it as he grows too. 

Owlet Baby Monitor - $10 off linked in post

I highly recommend you head to the site and watch the incredible experiences of mothers who have used this product. The stories are fascinating. I know these Owlet Baby Monitors are going to going to help many parents across the globe. Definitely something to put on your Babylist registry. Also, something to note- you can get $10 off the Owlet Baby Monitor by clicking here. No code needed, as it automatically adjusts for In Honor of Design readers.

Owlet Baby Monitor - $10 off code 

I just call it my guardian angel service (wink wink). I sleep with a little more ease now. I entered Rocco’s info into the Owlet app which will also alarm if something is wrong. Pretty brilliant right? Of course, you should never fully rely on a device to take care of your child, but it can certainly be of service when you are unaware that your child is in trouble. So thankful for the engineers who created this device. I welcome any extra help in keeping my lil man Rocco safe:)

*This post is sponsored by Owlet and all opinions are my own.


The days are long, but the years are short.

November 11, 2015

Rocco and V


Double dip



I was up late last night watching Rocco drift off to sleep.
Taking it all in. His dimpled hands, his curled fingers, and the way his lips pucker from the weight of his cheeks….and I began to wonder…

I thought about how many hours I had spent feeding and holding my babies.
More than I surely will ever remember.

I thought about how many baths I have given.
Hundreds, and yet I will only remember a handful.

I thought about how many diapers Gabe and I have changed.
More than we could ever keep track of and thankfully not remember.

I wonder how many sandwiches I’ve made or apples I have sliced.
Impossible to remember how many.

I wonder how many books we’ve read.
Thousands at least, but more than we could ever keep in memory.

I thought about how many prayers we have said with our children at night.
Countless to be sure….but I can’t recall all of them for the life of me.

Time is a meanie sometimes. It seems to steal away the most precious days of my children’s lives, and at the same time linger a little too long at 5pm when you have cleaned up one too many messes and lost your cool more than you care to admit.

A friend of mine shared this quote:
“The days are long, but the years are short.”

And then it clicked. As I was watching Rocco sleep and cursing time…. it all made sense. These little daily rituals of cleaning, feeding, and caring are all working towards something more meaningful than we can fathom in a seemingly insignificant moment. These routines are but a flash in this short life on earth. And if we choose to put more than a hurried rush into them, we just might see their worth. They will be moments and days that amount to very full years. Years that carry our children in the darkest and brightest of their days, that create a safe haven to lean into when they are missing home, a  solid rock to stand on when they need reminding where they came from, and a clear path for them to walk when the road divides. I think I will try a little harder tonight to slow the routines and make them count.


anna and gabe

Recently in photos: September Edition

September 29, 2015

No pumpkins yet here. Just some highlights (and outtakes!) from my iphone and camera reel of the very fast blurry month of September. It’s a slow rainy day here and I am thankful for that. I welcome those types of days with open arms! As we are adjusting our sails with four little ones, our lives at home and outside the home take on a new kind of adventure. Always counting heads to make sure we have everyone with us, and that they all have shoes on their feet at the same time. So our first family outings were close to home in my sister’s backyard for a campfire, at our local fairgrounds for a rodeo, apple orchard, and lakeside for some muscadine grape picking and rock skipping. I wish I could wrap this month up and put it in my pocket….

Little camper (My plaid shirt from AE, jeans from Madewell ^^)


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