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I could live without social media.
I could live without a microwave.
Heck I could even live without my coffee maker….(or so I say)

However, when it comes to raising three children, I will take all the shortcuts and simpler products I can get. You need things that are durable, easy to tote around, and ALWAYS have pockets (I repeat this with emphasis!). That is why I am having a hard time not stuttering through this post over excitement about the Quinny Buzz Xtra. If we were talking about it in real life, I would probably be spitting my words out so fast you would be dodging and ducking to keep up. But first let me tell you a little story about what happened yesterday….

I was feeling extra ambitious and decided to run some errands with Veronica and Max. Max is swiftly growing out of his car seat and living up to his nickname Moose quite nicely. We were given a stroller when Gabriel was born that has been really great. We purchased a car seat that was not the same brand, but fit will inside. We have used them both for all three children. However, Max is now too strong and squirmy to set the car seat in the stroller anymore as I realized yesterday. As we got out into the parking lot of the store, I set the carseat in the stroller, and realized I had to adjust the back to allow it to nestle safely inside. Veronica decided she wanted to ride on the front of the stroller as she often does. I warned her not to because Max could topple out. Mere seconds later as I was adjusting the back to secure Max inside, I see Veronica hop on and they both start to fall…

My heart stopped altogether as I watched in slow motion as Max was about to tumble to his grave (or so my mind was playing out). He has a very vigilant guardian angel. The car seat bounced on its side on the pavement. I saw his head jolt and hit the side of the car seat. Had it been angled an inch more forward his precious head would have smacked the pavement. Of course I had just read about a child who lost his life that way so I was a mess after this happened. Veronica was in tears over a skinned knee, Max was in tears over the scare, and I was in tears over seeing him almost bust his head open. I resolved then and there that I would no longer use that carseat/stroller combo. (You know how mama bears can be.) Well that afternoon this stroller arrived from a jolly Fed-Ex man on my front door step. I wanted to hug him and then call Quinny and hug them too.

I was so anxious to open it up and put it together and knew I would probably have to be patient and wait till Gabe got home to help me figure it out, but OH MY GOSH! It is SO easy to assemble!

  • Everything snaps in, and every piece is adjustable. I assembled with little Gabriel’s help in 15 minutes.
  • The handle bar has adjustable height which Gabe was so happy about since he is taller and needs the added length.
  • The seat is also adjustable back and forth for when you want them to fall asleep or see the world.
  • It has the option to insert the infant carseat SAFELY and SECURELY inside.
  • The wheels are built for subterrain and easy movement. I have never felt a stroller so easy to move and so light at the same time. I am going to try running with it.
  • It collapses so easily, which is a lifesaver for us since we travel often. It even fits in an overhead compartment on an airplane!
  • And of course STORAGE on the bottom. Key to life folks!

This really is the cream of the crop friends! Worth adding to your baby registry! So grateful to Quinny for allowing me to experience it and be a part of their launch!

Wearing: Jacket – Sheinside c/o // Shirt – Everlane c/o // Jeans - J. Brand via Twice // Boots – J.Crew (similar) // Hat – Shop Sosie (out of stock but similar)
Max: Leggings // Moccs // Sweater

This post is sponsored by Quinny and is 100% my own opinion. Thank you for supporting the companies that make blogging possible for me and my family!

Rockaroo Giveaway

4moms became part of the family when Maximilian arrived:) We think so highly of their products. From Max’s first bath at home, his weeks with silent reflux troubles, and all the way through today, I feel so blessed to have had these products as part of the experience. They were soothers, entertainers, and safe guards.

When I put Max in the rockaRoo for the first time, he literally started giggling out loud. He loved the rocking motion on speed 3…soft and stead but just a bit of a thrill;) He also is at a perfect age to try to catch the plush toys on the top.
Rockaroo Tour - IHOD Rockaroo-IHOD
4moms rockaRoo } In Honor of Design Three siblings - IHOD

Being a third child, you always want to be where the action is. When Gabriel and Veronica are playing, he wants to watch. He can’t crawl yet, so his rockaRoo offers the perfect front row seat to see what is going on. This is how I make dinner at that challenging 5 o’ clock hour. It is one of the few things that will soothe him when me or daddy cannot old him. Gabriel loves to make him laugh and he takes so much pride in being able to do so as you can see above:) This rockaRoo is the perfect perch for interaction with his siblings.

A few perks you should now about why this rockaRoo is such a dream (and why you should add it to your baby registry;)):

  • Rocks like a rocking horse, which maximizes the sensation of motion for your baby.
  • It features five speeds to fit different baby preferences:)
  • It has an MP3 hook-up for your iphone or mp3 player, so you can play your favorite music for your little one. (Max loves Baby Einstein.)
  • It has an optional newborn insert accessory that can provide a more secure feeling to newborn and smaller babies.
  • Mobile attachment with soft plush toys that are removable for the babies to interact with as they start to become more interested in objects and touch.

I can’t say enough good things about this company and this product, so I am so happy to be able to recommend it to you from one mother to another:)

One reason why I love working with 4moms is that they are super sweet AND generous. They are giving away one of these genius rockaRoos today! Enter through rafflecopter below! (Sorry U.S. residents only.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Well this is only one stop on your RockaRoo giveaway tour. There is a giveaway going on each day of January and you can follow along here.

*This is NOT a sponsored post and all opinions are 100% my own. The rockaRoo was gifted to us by 4moms.
Tent from Be Little You and Me , Artwork from Kori Clark, throw and rug from Dwell Studio

Recently Said.

In Honor of Design
Gabriel } IHOD
^^ It took all efforts of co-ordination for him to try to show us his new wink and point trick.^^

Welkin NYC } IHOD


I keep a written journal of things my children have been saying, what their newest milestone is, and reflections I go through as a mother. I hope they can read it one day and know just how much I love them no matter how stubborn they can be at times;)

Some recently said favorites…

Gabriel: Mom, I can’t feed Max. Only mom can feed Max.
Me: Yep, that is right.
Gabriel: You have bottles on your stomach. Gaber (he still talks in third person at times) doesn’t have bottles on his stomach, so I can’t feed him.
Me: Stunned and impressed silence.

Gabriel (currently 4yrs old): When I was 7, I went to Colorado and was small like a baby like Max.
Me: No sweetie, you have never been 7 before. You will be 7 after 5 and 6.
Gabriel: No mom, I was seven a while ago, you just don’t bremember.
Me: Okay sure.

Gabriel on Christmas Eve: Mommy, when I go to sleep is Santa Claus going to come on our roof?
Me: Maybe.. if you have been a good boy!
Gabriel: Is dad going to throw open the windows and tear open the sash?
Me: ….sounds familiar.

Gabriel: Veronica, if you don’t buckle your seatbelt, you will get boring. (Still trying to figure this one out…)

Veronica is all sass and facial expressions lately. I am starting to hear myself through her 2 year old high pitched voice…

Veronica: Mom, stop talkin’! You no say that to me! (With a serious scowled brow.)
Me: Mouth on the floor.

Veronica: Gaber! You no sharin’! You go in time out! (Shoes on backwards, hands on hips.)

Veronica: Baby Maaaa-aaax. Hi sweet girl!

Veronica: Gaber, look at my new dressed!
Gabriel: Wooowww, that is so beautiful Pookie! (He’s an affirmer.)

Just a few gems for the day.

And by the by, my super sweet friends started a new children’s line that you must check out. Their sneak peeks are killing me! You can keep up with their instagram fun here. Veronica INSISTS on wearing this shirt every. single. day. I have to wash it while she is sleeping. I make her wear dresses on Sunday, but other than that, I fight my battles elsewhere;)

x, Anna

Gabriel // Tee: Welkin NYC c/o //Jeans: Gap via Thred Up // Vest: Old Navy // Shoes: Gap (similar)
Veronica: Tee: Welkin NYC c/o // Leggings: Old Navy // Jacket: Old Navy // Shoes: Old Navy // Bow: Kinder Companie
Anna: Tee: Target (the softest most durable kind) // Jacket: F21 (similar) //Jeans: Henry and Belle c/o // Flats: Gap (similar)