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Bartaile Convertible Bags

November 2, 2015

I am always an advocate of supporting small businesses and ethically made companies, and also an advocate of functional stylish pieces. Bartaile launches today with the hope to bring multi-purpose, long lasting designs to a fashionable level….

foldover clutch


Hugh and Crye | IHOD

Shop Scoop: Hugh & Crye

June 21, 2013

Hugh and Crye | IHOD
Hugh and Crye Shirts
Hugh and Crye Tailored Fit


*Aubrey Shirt c/o Hugh and Crye

As you may have gathered, my husband is usually the one behind the camera around here. Once in a while, I ask him if he would oblige me with a couple posers.
What a champ for obliging me.  So here’s his best  serious shots;) His nickname on the Rugby field in college was “Hansel”…can you guess why?? Owen Wilson might have something to do with it…

Gabe is a middle school teacher and administrator and so he is dedicated to the shirt and tie look during the school year. The beard is a summer thing, but it suits him well, no?
He rarely finds shirts that fit right off the shelf. He has to have them tailored since he is a taller and narrower build. When we were introduced to Hugh and Crye and their easy fit guide, we were all about giving it a try. The shirt fits him like a glove.  No tailoring required. Score. I’ll be honest, this shade of blue and the fit has me feeling a little intimidated by his good looks….;) Needless to say this site will be a frequent shop we visit….not to mention the design and set up is superb.

So a few Q’s for the man of the hour…we can’t let him slip by unheard from can we??

Thoughts on the new shirt?

Fantastic shirt! I have a hard time finding button down shirts to fit properly and therefore nearly always need to have them tailored. This one fit spot on straight away. Light and comfortable, but for those who are regular tie wearers this means a little more challenging to iron. Small price to pay for the quality, and as my wife knows I am all about quality…

Last movie you saw?

Man of Steel. I enjoyed it. Good story line. Good cinematography and style. And Clark in a beard reminds me of, well, ME! So thats a plus. (I may or may not be serious…)  Although as a staunch comic book fan there were a few things about the movie that bothered me a bit, but that is because I am a purist. The average viewer probably wouldn’t pick up and point out these elements, but there are many over the internet if you would like to find them.

Cool website or app you like to frequent?

Favorite app is without a doubt  Flipboard. I am a news and information junkie and with the Flip I can customize and compile many different news sources into one location, giving me diverse points of view. Also a great source to put all of one’s blogs and feeds in one place.

Baby #3 is about to make its debut. Are you ready?

Can you ever be fully ready? Nope. That’s why I am just enjoying this phase of life with a brood of two and soaking up the time in order to properly enjoy the next phase with a brood of three. Being ready set aside, I am incredibly excited! How can I not be? We are bringing another life into the world, and if this life is anything like the goofballs which procede him or her it is going to be one entertaining ride. I just hope this one will be tough enough to hold his or her own against my two current tornadoes.

Happy weekend friends!

 P.S. Some really exciting news happening over the weekend if you want to follow along on instagram! ALSO, a big announcement coming to you on Monday! (As if having a baby wasn’t enough, right??)


Olive Box | In Honor of Design

Shop Scoop: Olive Box

June 5, 2013

Olive Box | In Honor of Design

My sisters and I used to scheme and dream about owning our own paper shop. We all have a thing for paper goods. The color, design, and texture possibilities are endless! So naturally, when I heard about Olive Box I had to take a moment to simmer down for a little bit. A paper subscription service where you receive a box of stationary goodies every month! Well here’s my little story about how I scored my first ever Olive Box…

I was feeling like Saturday was going to be a good day being June 1st and all. June is the month I was born AND my anniversary month AND the month this baby will be born….so its gotta be a good month, right??

I hit up the Maiedae Mixer and basked in all of the creative detailed glory it had to offer. I got to meet a blogging friend, Barb of Knack Studios (you know, the brilliant mind behind this book) which was so refreshing. Well she was the lucky duck that night and won the Olive Box that night in the raffle (me and raffles never seem to co-ordinate our stars). Apparantly Barb had just received one of her own Olive Box full of goodies so since I happened to be in the right place at the right time (aka, hovering like an awkward bookworm stalker), she so kindly gave her winnings to me. A generous and authentic one she is. So that is my little story and now I share the eye candy with you!

This month’s box contained:

Notecard Set from Fawnsberg – that I may just frame and never use…
Vintage Blossom Notebook from Rifle Paper Co. – obviously a winner and everyone’s favorite line.
Floral Fabric Puspins from A Girl of All Work – already in use above my desk.
The cutest calling cards on the block (not sure who by!).

You can check out more about Olive box and how to receive or gift your own paper goodies here.


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