Gemvara Curated Collection


I had so much fun curating a collection for Gemvara for the Multi-faceted motherhood series.
It really made me stop and think about how so many aspects of my life at this moment are connected and influence each other. When you become a mother you have to wear many hats. You are a comforter, nourisher, protector, and so much more. Head over to Gemvara to see the feature and the pieces I chose! They did such a cool job with it!

Here are the reasons why I chose each piece…

Abbey Collection Earrings - Easy to leave in for days on end. Leaves you feeling put together, but easy to wear with anything on the go. Sometimes fast paced weeks need jewelry pieces that can accommodate (and won’t be pulled on by quick baby hands:)).

Key to Love Necklace - I especially love the intricate design of this key. It is four hearts into one which is such a perfect reflection of the four people I love most in this world (my husband and three children) that make up my own whole heart:)

Liana Ring - As a creative entrepreneur, my life is often tugged in many directions. This piece is a good reflection that every aspect of my life is intertwined and connected. It can be something beautiful if I take the time to stop and see.

Pure Double Earrings - Every gal love to dress up and feel feminine. This is that pair I would wear on a special evening out with my leading man;) Elegant, stated yet simple, and in my birth stone color amethyst.

Leaf Cross Necklace - A visual reminder of faith which is a very important piece in role as a mother. Faith is my motivation to every aspect of my life, and what gives me the strength to face every challenge both big and small.

Love Disc Bracelet - A simple reminder around the wrist to choose love in those moments that can be extremely challenging, like when my little Veronica is tugging at my shirt when I am making dinner;)

Love Knot Ring - I adore the design of this ring. Its a perfect reminder that my marriage is my main priority. When my marriage is strong, I am the best I can be for my children as well.

Key to Friendship Necklace - I don’t know what I would have done in the past few years without the friendships that have been woven into my life. I have learned so much from each of my friends, and they have been a strong source of support since our family lives far away. This necklace is a simple and stunning piece that reminds me to always invest time in friendships, because it is so nourishing for the soul!

Oval Cut Solitaire Necklace - My own mother is someone I admire and respect to no end. She is my role model of the kind of mother I hope to be. I chose this piece with her birthstone as a salute to one of my favorite people on this earth.

So grateful to get to know this company. The team is incredibly kind and I thoroughly enjoyed working with them!
Let me know which piece is your favorite?!

Shop Scoop: Kokoon + Giveaway

Kokoon | IHOD

gold and gray pom bracelet-2Kokoon copy

You all know I love sharing cool and unique boutiques with you. Well Kokoon is currently carrying some of my very favorite looks for spring (such as a graphic black and white stripe or a soft floral print) and a fresh and fun spring lookbook to show off! Fresh, airy, simple cuts, and touches of modern prints, their pieces work seamlessly into wardrobes of every style and women of every shape.

The tank I am wearing above is probably the softest and stretchiest dress tank I own and it holds its shape no matter what. (Don’t you hate when tanks get stretched out??) Same goes for the skirt. Its pajama soft with a dressy look. Not a bad idea at all.

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And a cool perk for IHOD readers: 20% off your purchase through the end of April with code IHOD20!

Additional outfit details: Bracelet: Gold and Gray // Vest: Topshop via Twice // Shoes: BCBG

A Full Quiver + Minnetonka Mocc Giveaway

IHOD Family - Minnetonka MoccsBoys Family - Minnetonka - Photo by Chelsey Heidorn IHOD | Chelsey Heidorn Photography IHOD Fam  IHOD Liesemeyer Fam - Chelsey Heidorn Photography Little V | Photos by Chelsey Heidorn Mini Moccs

Shoulder Ride  Moccasins

Growing up, when people would comment to my dad about having his hands full (there were 11 of us), he liked to refer to the verse “Blessed is a man with a quiver full of them..” Psalm 127:5 , so that each of us would always know that to him we were a gift.

I feel this each day with three little ones close in age. I have a full quiver, but instead of “having my hands full” or “you must be so busy,” that psalm runs through my mind. I see each quiver as cherished one. Some days Gabe and I feel like we aren’t worthy or don’t feel like we have what it takes to raise these little ones into fine men and women. That is a fear I believe that passes the hearts of many parents.

However, we have both have a strong will and share a passionate love for our children. Hopefully that will suffice. One day at a time, one moment at a time, we will raise them in a house where love will always be expressed, felt, and freely given. The building blocks that make strong and sturdy characters, right?

Speaking of strong and sturdy;)….Minnetonka Moccasin Co. sent us the most comfortable sets of their classic and newer styles, and we all feel pretty special when we wear them. Veronica perpetually puts them on backwards and requests to wear them to sleep, and Gabriel saves them for just the right occasions. Max attempts to eat his. A true demonstration of their personalities….

My husband Gabe’s first pair of moccasins were Minnetonka so this new pair are now like loyal pups at his feet. They are nostalgic for him. And as you know, Gabe only goes for quality. I have given up heels during the week as of late, so the fringe booties were the perfect addition to my every day life. A little sassy but incredibley comfortable. I wore them out to the concert last weekend and for the first time on a weekend night, did not have sore feet at the end of it :)

Minnetonka Moccasin company was such a pleasure to collaborate with. They are giving away a pair of moccs to TWO winners! Enter easily through rafflecopter below. (U.S. Residents only this time friends!) Best of luck!

All photos by our talented friend Chelsey Heidorn Photography

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Outfit details:
Gabe:  Denim // Shades // Moccs c/o
Anna: Tee c/o // Denim // Shades // Boots c/o
Gabriel: Shirt // Pants (consigned) // Moccs c/o
Veronica: Shirt: Flor de Luz c/o // Bandana: Seed Factory // Denim c/o // Moccs c/o
Max: Shirt (consigned) // Denim // Moccs c/o