Bag Snooped with DAAME!

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I’ve been Bag Snooped!
Spilling the contents of my DAAME bag and a little Q & A about what I don’t leave the house without, my next adventure, what I would tell my young girl self, and more!

Really love this company and the tote is dreamy. It’s fun for me to be able to share companies with you that I really respect and who are working hard to not only generate good product, but also working hard to make their business thrive. This will make traveling a breeze for The Brand Market! Go ahead and see what I mean :)

Happy hump day friends!

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IHOD x Social Print Studio Print Packs for Charity

For those of you who follow along on instagram, you have seen sneak previews of the IHOD x Social Print Studio collaboration. Today is the day I finally get to share the full result along with reveal the purpose behind these print packs!

IHOD} Black and White Print Packs

One of Gabe’s best friends, Jim Campbell went out for a mission trip to Ecuador a few years ago to visit a site where missionaries were giving children from broken families and difficult financial situations clean water, food, clothing, and health care. Funds were running low and he knew there was a great need.  He came back to his job in NYC with a conviction to do more, which is when he started Mission Santa Maria, and has moved mountains with this organization since! He is actually over there as we speak and sharing pics on their brand new instagram account.

Mission Santa Maria DSC_1255 copy DSC_1259

My son Gabriel started thriving when he started school this year. So much excitement and zeal for life! I mean the boy practically jumps out of bed. He is so proud when his teacher tells him he is doing a good job or he gets to help a friend. He will give me the full report about the letter of the week too. My hope is to give that same enthusiasm for life to some of these children whose lives are looking bleak and hopeless. A good environment, motivation to learn, and someone telling them they are valued enough to teach and spend time with can make all the difference in a child’s spirit. It opens the future wide open!

Gabe and I always talk about how we wish we could physically go and help Jim with his work there, and since that isn’t an option at this time in our life, the next best thing we can do is to help get the funds over there! They do a fantastic job sending photo updates through their monthly newsletter too. 

So here is the breakdown!

  • This print pack is a series of black and white 4×4 inch photos all taken by iphone, edited in VSCO, and printed through Social Print Studio (who so graciously agreed to this project!). 
  • 1 Print pack at $15 = 1 month of education for a child at Mission Santa Maria. 100% of the proceeds go directly to this cause.
  • Your print pack will come with the 5 black and white prints and wrapped in twine. I will be hand writing one of my favorite quotes and a note along with to thank you. The first 20 orders will get a surprise 6th print;)

You can purchase directly here through paypal!

IHOD Print Packs

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I humbly ask you help spread the word about these print packs! A share on facebook, instagram, pinterest, twitter, email….either would be a great help! My goal is to raise enough money to send 5 children to school for a year, and I would so appreciate it!

Much love, Anna

“May light always surround you; Hope kindle and rebound you. May your hurts turn to healing; Heart embrace feeling. May wounds become wisdom; Every kindness a prism. May laughter infect you; Your passion resurrect you. May goodness inspire your deepest desires. Through all that you reach for, May your arms never tire.” -D. Simone 

Gemvara Curated Collection


I had so much fun curating a collection for Gemvara for the Multi-faceted motherhood series.
It really made me stop and think about how so many aspects of my life at this moment are connected and influence each other. When you become a mother you have to wear many hats. You are a comforter, nourisher, protector, and so much more. Head over to Gemvara to see the feature and the pieces I chose! They did such a cool job with it!

Here are the reasons why I chose each piece…

Abbey Collection Earrings - Easy to leave in for days on end. Leaves you feeling put together, but easy to wear with anything on the go. Sometimes fast paced weeks need jewelry pieces that can accommodate (and won’t be pulled on by quick baby hands:)).

Key to Love Necklace - I especially love the intricate design of this key. It is four hearts into one which is such a perfect reflection of the four people I love most in this world (my husband and three children) that make up my own whole heart:)

Liana Ring - As a creative entrepreneur, my life is often tugged in many directions. This piece is a good reflection that every aspect of my life is intertwined and connected. It can be something beautiful if I take the time to stop and see.

Pure Double Earrings - Every gal love to dress up and feel feminine. This is that pair I would wear on a special evening out with my leading man;) Elegant, stated yet simple, and in my birth stone color amethyst.

Leaf Cross Necklace - A visual reminder of faith which is a very important piece in role as a mother. Faith is my motivation to every aspect of my life, and what gives me the strength to face every challenge both big and small.

Love Disc Bracelet - A simple reminder around the wrist to choose love in those moments that can be extremely challenging, like when my little Veronica is tugging at my shirt when I am making dinner;)

Love Knot Ring - I adore the design of this ring. Its a perfect reminder that my marriage is my main priority. When my marriage is strong, I am the best I can be for my children as well.

Key to Friendship Necklace - I don’t know what I would have done in the past few years without the friendships that have been woven into my life. I have learned so much from each of my friends, and they have been a strong source of support since our family lives far away. This necklace is a simple and stunning piece that reminds me to always invest time in friendships, because it is so nourishing for the soul!

Oval Cut Solitaire Necklace - My own mother is someone I admire and respect to no end. She is my role model of the kind of mother I hope to be. I chose this piece with her birthstone as a salute to one of my favorite people on this earth.

So grateful to get to know this company. The team is incredibly kind and I thoroughly enjoyed working with them!
Let me know which piece is your favorite?!

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