Font Fix x 3

Font Fix- Naive InlineFont Fix- Paris Serif - IHODFont Fix- Bookeyed Sadie - IHOD

I could spend HOURS pouring through type and playing around with kearning and ampersands. I miss the opportunity to do so since I haven’t been able to take on many design projects as of late.

Rounded up 3 current favorites that are great options for logos and headers!

Naive Inline
Paris Serif
Bookeyed Sadie Ampersands

All three are under $5.00 or FREE at

MyFonts is teaming up with The Brand Market as a sponsor for our workshops! I wanted to work with this company since I use them so frequently and love their selection and what they have to offer! (My logo font is from here:))

Image & Type: Every Summer Has a Story

every summer has a story
Image Source //Type by IHOD

Summer seems to be a pivotal changing point in people’s life. I high point and turning point of the year.

Each one has been drastically different for me. Growing up they seemed ages long, but since college they fly with flaming colors, and each has had its own tale to tell.

This summer, I know will have its own story. My main goal? To have this baby…. and then enjoy that baby with Gabe and my children. I think the rest of the adventures that will come will be side effects of this life event.

What about you? What do you hope your summer story will be?


Expand the mind, perfect your craft

Spare time is not something that is in my realm of vocabulary as of late, but I have realized how healthy it is for your mind to MAKE the time to do something you love – even if it is just ten minutes a day. That ten – twenty minutes I steal during nap time or after the kids are in bed, are similar to mental therapy;) I dive into my little creative world. and use a set of lungs that you can’t see but are vital to my existence..
I just finished an online calligraphy course through Melissa of I Still Love Calligraphy. Its an incredibly well done course with printables and demonstration videos (I am a visual learner). She makes it easy and fun to learn and experiment. It felt so refreshing to try something new, and cross of something from my bucket list;)
A few books that are encouraging husband and I to expand the mind, and perfect our craft:) (Mine being hand lettering and typography, his being the outdoors.) 
Gabe and I don’t get to travel together very often (weekend long babysitters are not in our budget), but we do encourage each other to take solo opportunities when they arise. For instance, he was the one who encouraged me to head to New York a few weeks ago. I received this Travel Journal by John Robshaw just in time for the trip, and was able to take note of all the fun spots and divine eats I experienced:) 
What about you?
Something you have been wanting to tackle and learn? Somewhere you want to travel?

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