Runway to Room + Weekend Clickables

Runway to Room

The Fig Hotel from the latest post on Conde Nast Traveler


We have two days left of summer till September 21st brings in the new season. I think Atlanta took note. It’s beautiful here. Hope to meet some of you local friends at the Maiedae Mixer!
Wanted to leave you with some fun reads for your weekend so TGIF!

x, Anna

Clickable wonders:

The marvelous Hilary Rushford launched her Style & Styleability series!

10 business tips by Joanna Goddard. 

A snack I can’t wait to try that fits in with clean eating!

Every article in Darling Magazine Issue 9 was good, but there is an incredibly well written article about sex. You will just have to order an issue to find out why:)

A genius budget shopping app.

Thinking I’ll add one of these to my #consciouscloset.

Had a highlighted spot on my calendar for Wit & Delight’s line for Target release.

Cleverest pregnancy announcement I ever did see.

This recent kickstarter may not be raising big funds, but its garnered it’s fair share of attention (and for good reason!)



Condé Nast Traveler: 8 Camping tips for a stress free weekend
eHow Style Blog: Double fish braid bun tutorial
Condé Nast Traveler: Interior Design inspired by Spring ’15 Runway


Make your own Essential Oil Lip Scrub

Essential Oil Lip Scrub | In Honor of Design | Haley Sheffield Photography www.inhonorofdesign.comEssential oil lip scrub | Haley Sheffield Photography |

I am learning to work essential oils through different aspects of our day to day life. I have a lot to learn though so I was relieved when I found out my friend Casey Wiegand has a site dedicated to all things essential oils! There are some excellent ideas on the blog, she hosts classes, and shares recipe ideas on her new Essential Oils instagram account. I am in!

This is a very simple DIY you can do to help keep you lips from getting too dry, and naturally working in beneficial oils. Just by smelling peppermint it is a tension relief and can help with headaches (I get them easily!), so I use Peppermint for this recipe. However, you can substitute with your favorites like lemon, tangerine, etc.

Essential Oil Lip Scrub
1/4 Cup Olive Oil
1/4 C. raw or turbo sugar
1 Tablespoon Vitamin E Oil (optional)
2-4 drops essential oil (I suggest wholesale prices)

Mix all ingredients and store in an air tight container.
Rub into lips and wipe off with a washcloth.
Finish with lip balm of choice.

Enjoy your super soft smackers! You can learn the benefits of each oil through Casey’s magazine which is a super helpful visual guide.
x, Anna

In case you missed:
Essential Oil Laundry Detergent
Essential Oil Body Balm

Show stopping Florals by Lindsay Coletta
Photos by the talented Haley Sheffield

*I was not compensated for this post, just firmly believe in passing along things that have been beneficial for me and my family!

#EncourageBeauty Campaign Launch


You all might remember when Hilary and I shared the Encourage Beauty campaign last year? Well, next week we will be starting an all new round, with a new crew, and the message behind this campaign is a powerful one. I am teaming up alongside each of these women with hearts of gold to spread a movement of encouraging other women to embrace and encourage a natural beauty given by God to the heart of every women. The kind of beauty that makes you radiate. Self confidence, self worth, authenticity, kindness, faith, compassion…all qualities that make a women undeniably beautiful! That is what we are celebrating and passing on next week, and I invite you to be a part of this campaign we hope catches fire!

It’s pretty simple to be a part of! Announce the campaign you are joining in on, share a photo or two a day on instagram following the prompts above to encourage beauty within yourself and/or family and friends. It is only 5 days long, so head over to the NEW website ( to get all the details and downloads.

Wishing you all a grand weekend (TGIFFFFF!) ahead and catch you on the flip side of #EncourageBeauty:)
x, Anna

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