When the world suffers, how do we respond?

November 16, 2015

(artwork by this talented lady)

Paris, Kenya, Syria….our world is in so much pain. It would be easy to mourn and then forget, but I sure hope I don’t forget. I want this week’s events to leave its mark and leave me changed. I want to step forward as a person with more resolve to love hard, act with intention, and pray with hope. I know this is the least I can do for the countries and people whose realities are so broken right now.

How are you all processing these events? I am putting an act of service plan for advent for my family, but I wish there was more I could do. At least we have hope, right? It would be easy to give into fear and discouragement with raising my children in a world of turmoil, but I firmly choose hope. I know that prayer is powerful, and I hold on to the truth that peace will come again someday. Until then, we have to try to move forward with a courageous kind of love because we are never guaranteed tomorrow.

Praying for more love, less hatred, more of what we are for, less of what we are against, less talking, more doing. Kenya, Paris, Syria…our hearts are with you!

Fathers Day Finds under $15

Father’s Day Gifts Under $15

June 15, 2015

Fathers Day Finds under $15
Father’s Day, birthdays, and anniversaries all fall in June for us. Since each of my little ones would love to gift their pop with a special something for Father’s Day, I looked around to find ways each of us can gift him with his favorite things all within budget.

Here are 10 Father’s Day Gifts for under $15:
(Top to bottom)
1. Dollar Shave Club – Monthly razors sent straight to your door + if  you can get The Shave Butter and Post Shave  for $15 total. Quite a steal. Gabe loves this stuff.

2. Fishing Vest Pack – Retractor, nipper, forceps, and Leader straightener. Necessities for the guy who likes to rise early with the trout. 

3. Looking Sharp soap bar – Punny soap for your hard-working, sharp as a tac fella.

4. Pledge matches – Giant size matches for the camper, cigar smoker, or maybe even candle lighter….with an honest pledge to be true and brave if used;)

5. Knife Sharpener – Portable sharpener for all pocket knives, cooking knives, etc.

6. Camp mugs – We are heading camping in a few weeks, but coffee and other brews won’t be left out. These cool mugs are only $10 each at Huckberry

7. Do what you can with what you have, where you are. 

8. Zippo lighters – Pocket sized flip lighter that is WIND PROOF! These save the day when it comes to outdoor use.

9. Cord Tacos – A clever  variety of Father’s Day themed cord tacos to keep phone plugs and USB cords organized.

10. Head lamp – Also an essential for the outdoorsmen. Whether they are getting under the hood of the car, hiking at dusk, or starting a bonfire at dawn, these allow both hands to be used while this provides the light straight from the line of vision.

Hope this is a helpful guide for those of you who saved the gift hunting for this week ….(raising hand).
P.S. Amazon Prime has free two-day shipping (I use this option a little more than I’d like to admit.). Cheers!

Summer bump style

Bump Style Challenge: White on white

June 5, 2015

Summer bump style

Today is the last day of the pregnancy style challenge with The Bump and Liz Lange for Target! Thank you all so much for following along:) If you like, you can go vote for your favorite look among all 5 bloggers who participated! 

White gauzy dress tank – This is longer, flowy, and ties in the back. I know it will be one of the few tops to get me through the final stretch. It is difficult to find dressy tops that are actually lightweight! I have the hardest time finding ones that I like. I love the detailing of this top, and it looks so much nicer than what you would expect the price tag could buy.

Blanqi bodystyler – I wear these tanks almost every day for either layering, working out, or on their own. The over the bust white tank is perfect for underneath the Liz Lange top since it was see through.

White shorts – I have two pair that I have been rotating. I would have scoffed at maternity shorts my first pregnancy, but the comfort level cannot compare to the sometimes painful rubberband trick. I am not looking back.
Fringe sandals – They are comfortable and they hide my cankles so I consider them winners.

Bags and dark circles under my eyes – a pregnancy staple;)

We are heading to Raleigh, NC this weekend! We are all looking forward to this little getaway. We will be sharing some of our favorite spots on instagram and facebook. Have a beautiful weekend ahead~

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