Backyard Party Planning Part 2

As you may remember, I am planning a dinner party with Pier 1 to host in our backyard in a few weeks! Its been fun to treasure hunt at my local store to find items that really speak our style and what we want the party to feel like. It may have taken a few trips, and way too long decision making over something simple like what color bowls to use, but hey…. Serving Bowl
^^Found just the right wooden servers for a wide salad bowl.^^ Yard Chair
^^Picked up a few of these beauties for the heads of the table.^^ Drinks and Apps
^^Found a VERY large glass drink server which we felt was important to go ahead and try out…. gotta make sure the flow is just right… Watermelon Spritzer bohemian plates ^^And couldn’t resist the melamine bowls and forks to complete the dinner set. (Can you believe they are melamine??)^^ Pulling all of the pieces together and Gabe is busy working on the table (he is such a good sport and I am hoping he won’t resent me by the end of this…;)). There were so many fun seating options it was hard to narrow down which to use. I went with the basic seating on the sides of the table and the bright San Marten chairs for the heads of the table. I kind of just wanted to get this. Since we have the playlist ready, now it is time to menu plan! Will be sure to give you a re-cap after it is all said and done:) x, Anna
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American Blogger

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American BloggerScreen shot 2014-04-23 at 4.03.18 PM

A few nights ago we got an email from Chris Wiegand that The American Blogger movie would be released on Wednesday. We got a sneak preview, and Gabe and I stayed up late watching the the documentary together. It is a 2 hour film and as I watched I would cheer when I saw women I have admired for so long come on screen:) I cried and laughed my way through it…and I watched my parts through my fingers;) The movie has been on my mind since. I take a while to process films….:D

Chris Wiegand showed up last summer a few days before Max was born. With my swollen feet and unfurnished living room I sat and shared a small piece of my life. What hit me today was that through my pretty standard ordinary life, I have been given a voice through this crazy thing called blogging. I often reject it and would rather live a private life, but it’s through this aspect of my life that I have discovered the stories of so many of these women. The beautiful, relatable, entertaining, and sometimes heartbreaking stories that are intertwined in the common thread that we have chosen….to let it be known. That is what makes it all so extraordinary. Through the differences there is a common thread that we all have a story to be told and we do so through the written word or a photograph. I know this is just the start. There are so many stories that can be told! Every person has value on this earth. Thankful and so humbled to be a part of this project along many women I admire. 

There will be so many opinions about the film ….more of this, less of that, should have included…etc. However, ultimately, this is a man who put blood, sweat, and tears into a project he felt passionate about and this is his work of art. I have never met more genuine people than The Wiegand family. I call Casey a close friend, and Chris was incredibly warm hearted when we met him. I can say I am a better person for knowing Casey’s family and admire all they have been through to get here. So with that, I invite you to watch and experience this movie…..a story of stories. Lives that are just as real as you and me and our neighbor next door:)

x, Anna

Taking it back a notch.

Gabe and Anna
iphone dock

I lived in a family where roller skating to the sound of vinyl in the basement was a normal part of my childhood week day, making up dance routines to our current favorite tapes were a standard part of my middle school summers, and dance parties to the latest and greatest CD release were a regular part of our kitchen clean up routine in high school. Music integrated seamlessly in and out of my life and it takes but one song to bring me right back to those moments. My sisters all live in different states across the country right now, but whenever we are together we still like to break it down to the songs we grew up with. Jackson 5, Chicago (both my dad’s influence in our taste in music), Mariah Carey, and Gloria Estefan.

Music integrated seamlessly in and out of my life and into college. When I met Gabe he started to make CD re-mixes for me. He always discovered unknown bands and was great about introducing me to up and coming artists. When I discovered some of our favorite soundtracks were the same, it sparked a little somethin’ somethin’.

Ben Folds 5 was one of our mutual favorites (before he became mainstream), and when we started dating we played Rockin’ the Suburbs every time we went on a date. The Luckiest would always hit me to my core because I knew Gabe was that guy I wanted to live to the end of my days with him. That song ended up being our first dance at our wedding a few years later. Every time I hear it, it still gives me goosebumps as it takes me right back to that moment when I knew I was his forever. 

It is crazy how a song can seal a moment in time to be stored in your memory for years to come. Maybe that is why I value music so much. It takes but a few notes to bring it all back.

Have a song that brings a moment back to life? I would love to hear it:)

Photos by Chelsey Heidorn

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