We use essential oils in our family for emotional, mental, and physical support, and have been so thankful for how it has enriched our day to day flow! There many oils and purposes to use them, but the essential oil starter kit is a great place to start.

1) To purchase a starter kit, you can ORDER HERE.  (Make sure the number 13945266 appears in both the “Enroller” and “Sponsor ID” fields.)

2) Sign up as a Member! This does not mean you have to sell oils, it just means you are getting a starter kit & will therefore get 24% off retail prices. The starter kit includes 11 essential oils and your diffuser including some of my favorites such as Thieves, Lavender, Peppermint, and Frankincense.

3) Recommended: Essential Rewards monthly autoship – highly recommend this as a way to order those things you wish to have outside the kit and begin to cut toxins from your home with YL.


When you sign up as a wholesale member, you have the option of joining our private wellness group on facebook, which is where you can learn everything you need to know about using your oils & connect with a really uplifting community. If you are interested in selling the oils and sharing about the company I would be happy to discuss options with you to help you earn income to help support their family!

Please email me: hello (at) inhonorofdesign.com with any questions you have!



What do we use oils for? For multiple purposes! Natural immune system support, healthy sleep patterns, energy, post-partum and pregnancy support, natural alternatives to cleaning products, natural remedies for cold care, ear aches, headaches, etc. We use it many many ways, and are thankful for the benefits it has brought our family. You can learn along the way, and there aren’t hard set rules, but part of joining our oils team is that you get access to really great resources & our private facebook community.

Why Young Living? YL has an unmatched Seed to Seal process to guarantee the purity & potency of every oil. Each batch of oils is rigorously tested in house for therapeutic viability & they are so confident in their products that you can actually visit the farms & participate in the harvest/distillation process.

How do we use oils? You can diffuse them (you get a diffuser in your starter kit) which is great for making your house smell good in addition to the oil benefits, helping your babies or kids relax at night for bed, getting rid of unwanted odors in the house & more. You can apply topically (some require a carrier oil like coconut oil, you’ll learn all about that later!), you can make rollerball combos, creams, bath salts, and sprays!

How will I learn how to use my kit? You’ll get plenty of reading material with your kit, but as mentioned above, you’ll get access to the facebook community full of helpful resources. For instance: how to use each oil in your kit, which oils to avoid around kids or while pregnant/nursing, and all of the dilution ratios for individual oils. We have classes, books, live facebook hangouts, & search functionality that will help you navigate through any questions you might have.

What should I get? A premium starter kit, which comes with 11 of the most commonly used oils + your diffuser (I recommend the Dew Drop), is the best value & provides you with everything you need to get started. You’ll get over $300 worth of product for only $160.

Do you have to order more oils monthly or sell them? Nope! Your kit can be a one time purchase, but along with it comes a wholesale membership, which just means that should you decide to purchase oils in the future, you would get a 24% discount! You will also get a personal referral link should you ever decide that you want to share them, but neither is required.

*Images via Grapefruit and Gold

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