Family Travels: The Great Midwest.

May 31, 2018

We loaded up the kids in the car the day school got out and started out on our two day trip towards middle earth….aka Kansas. It took a day and a half, and there were certainly some crazy moments in the car involving a certain set of toddlers, but all things considered it was a good trip. We were all so eager to see family, and kick off our summer vacation with a bang, and we arrived just in time for Memorial Day weekend fun….

A gift for my dad.

May 29, 2018


In partnership with

My mom and dad have this shoebox full of old photos that we dig out from time to time and look through. They are from a golden time. My dad always says these photos mean so much to him since they remind him of his first years as a father. These photos are only 4×6’s and I have always wanted to do something to preserve some of them in a way safer than a shoebox;) Especially because photos mean so much to my dad.


$500 Giveaway to Article Furniture

May 26, 2018


Oh boy, this giveaway is GOOD! I love any chance to help someone make their house a home. Our well loved living room sofa is from Article, and is the comfiest couch we have ever owned. They are generously offering one IHOD reader a $500 Memorial Day shopping spree to celebrate their biggest sale ever with some pieces up to 50% off.

A music room + COMING SOON!

May 23, 2018


Changing things up around here to make room for this wonderful used piano we scored from someone looking to get rid of it. Although I was admittedly hesitant to bring another noise factor into an already noisy home, I know the benefits will outweigh the occasional ear grating. All of our children are really drawn to music
and we found a piano teacher that can come to the home and teach the older ones this summer. They are so eager to learn so gotta take advantage of that while I can. Zelie has already taken to it as you can see here.

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!

May 12, 2018


These are the posts where I can talk about all the random things that don’t need their own post, but that I still want to share with you all!

1. The hot weather hit this weekend and the pool is opening. Super exciting for my kids, but if I am being honest, less than enthused to bring 5 little ones to a large area of water. It’s a work out. They are the happiest in the water though so I am just going to chug some iced coffee and get myself jazzed up to make it happen. Really digging this new non-toxic spray sunscreen (I got a hold of some before release), this mini flamingo float for Zel, re-usable ice pop pouches, nice big sun hats, and large straw totes to make pool life easier.

Shared Girls Room Plans

May 11, 2018

(via Lulu & Georgia)

I am starting to make some headway with for Veronica and Azelie’s room which I have been putting off since we moved in! I think I was waiting for that magic moment of finding just the right wallpaper I wanted to use. Well that moment happened when I saw this removable wallpaper mural from my friends at Anewall Decor. This is what ended up being the base of the whole room design.


What is the best mother’s day gift you have ever received?

May 2, 2018

(Sweater : Sezane.)

I love mother’s day for so many reasons, and I thought instead of doing another gift guide I would share some of the most meaningful mother’s day gifts I have received over the last 9 years. I would love to hear, what was the best Mother’s Day gifts you have ever received (or given)?! Hoping this can help some dads out who may be stumped;)

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