Organizing an effective social media calendar

Organizing an effective social media calendar | In Honor of Design
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Melyssa of The Nectar Collective is back today! We thought it would be helpful to share how we stay organized in the online social media world. You could easily spend your days glued to a phone or computer, especially if social media is part of your blog or business. These tips will hopefully free up your minds and time. It just takes a little organization to get your content out there for the week, without you having to spend hours on social media. So here are our tips for organizing an effective social media calendar
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Tips for Traveling with Children

Tips for traveling with children

We traveled almost every month this year for various reasons, and one thing I have learned is that it is impossible to predict how a trip will go with little ones. There are so many factors that can affect a trip, BUT here are a few things that helped us out over multiple hours in the car with multiple children… [Read more…]

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Ombré Lip Technique with Clinique


I know I have openly admitted to my lack of commitment to a skin care routine before. Since my skin wasn’t too problematic, I was pretty lazy, until this past year my skin started to shift in different ways, and the winter seemed to take it’s toll. Add in pregnancy to the mix, and it was as if I was back in my teen years. It shouldn’t take breakouts and dry skin to get you to take care of yourself, but it certainly snapped me into an active hunt for better skin care options! … [Read more…]

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