Baby announcement .GIF + Recently Said


This was going to be our original baby announcement, but we were in sore need of family pictures, so we went with those! I love this little .gif though, because it captures their personalities and scrumptious ages so well. We shot this in one take, with no instructions but to tug on that balloon string and keep walking;) Max obliged with a toothbursh in his mouth.

Happy St. Valentine’s Day from our family to yours!

P.S. A few conversations we have had lately about the baby:
Gabriel: How does the baby get food in there?
Me: Well, whenever mommy eats, the baby gets some of the food through a tube in my stomach.
Gabriel: And when the baby comes out, will it eat milk from the bottles on your stomach like Max did?

Veronica: When am I gonna have a baby in my belly like you mama?
Me and Gabe swallow our laughs: Not until you are at least 25.

Max: (Continues to bottle feed everything with eyes we have in the house.)

Gabriel: So if you keep eating, your belly will grow and grow mom?
Me: Yep.
Gabriel: Well you better keep eating so that baby can come out!
Me: Don’t worry son, I am really good at eating.

Veronica: Mama you are gonna have lots of babies!
Me: (Wipe sweaty brow) What?! I am only having one baby honey.
Veronica: No, you are having a girl baby for me, and more babies for Gabriel and Max.
Me: Mmmkay. One at a time.

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Original baby announcement post here. (Photo by Moe Blake)

Ethically Made Jewelry Favorites

Ethically Made Jewelry

To continue the #ConsciousClosets series, I wanted to share the jewelry I have narrowed down my hoard to! I used to be a big and bold accessories girl (all my college pictures involve big earrings…), and I still love to put bold pieces on for special occasions, but I would consider myself a minimal jewelry wearer now. I am not sure what changed, maybe it’s my perspective on style and the belief we don’t need much to reveal authentic beauty. Although it might have to do more with a busy particular toddler.

I used to just pick up jewelry at F21, because you can’t beat $5.80 for a necklace…but then I started to question how all this cheap jewelry was made. Not to mention it would tarnish less than a month later. I really value the designers behind ethically made jewelry, and realize it is a better investment in pieces that will last forever. I wear these pieces with everything. Sometimes solo or sometimes layered. There are SO many good companies, but here are a few favorites. Will update as I go!

Velina Jewelry
Padgett Hoke
Gold and Gray
Mes Petites Etoiles
Kendra Scott
The Shine Project
Crafts and Love
Moorea Seal
Shop Soko (Thanks for the rec Bien Faire!)
Rose and Fitzgerald
31 Bits
Kluster Shop

The jewelry dishes are from The Object Enthusiast. What are some of your favorites?
I’d love to check them out!
Happy Valentine’s Day weekend!
xoxo, Anna

P.S. Building a closet from scratch part one and two.

XOXO Valentine’s Day Doughnut Recipe

XOXO Doughnut Recipe } In Honor of DesignTic Tac Toe Valentine's Day Doughnuts
I totally admit one of my favorite things about Valentine’s Day is the baked goods. (And darn those red gumdrop hearts! Get me every time in the store.) These are actually doughnuts you don’t have to fry! I made these similar to biscuits (just sweeter!) so you could cut out any shapes you like and bake them in the oven. Bake a batch enough to play Tic Tac Toe, winner eats all (wink wink)!

You can make this Valentine’s Day doughnut recipe most likely with ingredients you have on hand. Gift them to a co-worker, sister, friend, or bake them with your little chefs! (Veronica and Gabriel LOVED being able to cut out the shapes for these:)) Head over to Inspired by This for the guest post and recipe!


*Gold Flatware is from West Elm