A love story.

February 6, 2017


My grandmother passed away a few days ago, and although we knew it would be coming soon, I feel like a part of me has gone with her. I already shared their story on social media, but I want to write it here to have a place to go back to it often when I want to share their lives with my children. It is a story that deserves it’s own book, but for now a short summary….

December, 1941. If only the street photographer knew what this picture of my grandparents and their first born would mean to their 13 children and grandchildren. An image that sums up their devotion to each other and to their family.

My grandfather came from a Spanish family, and worked through the Great Depression as a young boy serving soup to long lines of hungry people. After meeting Lucia when he was 25, they were married in a small chapel in San Antonio, TX. He built their first home with his own two hands. To take a new job he bravely moved his spanish speaking family to an all english speaking town in Kentucky. He not only had an incredible gift of making guitars, but he could sing to them and play them beautifully. He could carve imagery into leather and was a gifted ceramicist. He was skilled at making something remarkable out of nothing. He was as fit as a fiddle, and could even ride a bicycle at 90 yrs of age.


Reader Survey 2017 + Visa Gift Cards Giveaway!

February 2, 2017


It’s that time! We are evaluating the content we are creating here on IHOD, and also looking for your feedback on how to better enhance your experience when visiting! I would so greatly appreciate it if you could take a few minutes (promise it’s a quick one!) to fill out the survey below (it’s anonymous so say what you want!). As a thank you, we will be giving away a few $100 Visa Gift Cards and Fresh Flower Bundles to readers who fill out the survey! Just comment below to let us know you completed the survey and you will be entered to win!


Out with the old, in with the new.

February 1, 2017

I am more than eager to say goodbye to January and welcome a new month. It seemed to be quite a long one this year, eh? In Atlanta, we even have a few blooms starting to shoot up in our front yard. Visual hope of the end to the bleak weather! And not only am I welcoming the month swap, I’m anxious to continue the simplify my life process. I’ve got a self imposed rule going on: with every new item added to my closet, I must donate or pass along another item. This has been a great solution for our small closet space as well as a good remedy for impulse buying. 


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