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July 13, 2016



I am pretty selective when it comes to toys these days. I have seen all too many cast aside after a few short days. I usually only say yes to bringing one home if it is something I know they will love and use for months. Since Max just turned 3, and is only drawn to constructive play, I knew the Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-a-pillar was going to be a big hit. He loves to figure out how things connect and operate, so this educational toy was a perfect match for him! As you can see by the video, not only Max, but ALL of my children were smitten with this learning toy, and are still fighting over who gets to build and play with it each day.



The code-a-pillar is designed for preschool aged children and offers the chance for them to problem solve and construct as they play. The segments of the code-a-pillar each have a direction arrow on the top (right, left, forward), and it will take a course based on the combination you put together. You can rearrange the segments of the code-a-pillar over and over again, so it takes a different course each time. This is why it holds the attention of both my active three year and inquisitive five year old so well.


codeapillarbaby boys





The eyes also light up on the face of the code-a-pillar, and change colors as it hits each segment of the code you have set up for it. It comes with target discs you can set up around the room to lay out a planned course for the code-a-pillar. This has been another cool problem solving aspect that challenges him to get it to follow the course and get it to the finish line by the way they connect it together.  My little ones jump up and down every time the code-a-pillar begins, which is quite entertaining to watch;) 

You can check out Fisher-Price’s Facebook page for full videos on how the Code-a-pillar works  later this summer that will help give you a good idea of how this product works.

Happy Wednesday!


Thank you Fisher-Price for sponsoring this post. A brand I have loved and used for many years. All opinions expressed are my own.

circle crossbody

3 Unique Summer Handbags

July 11, 2016

My grandmother had such a great collection of hats and handbags. Even though they never had much money to spare, she took pride in looking her best for the right occasions. She chose her accessories carefully, and used them every Sunday. I definitely inherited that same love for a good handbag or hat.

A little moderation, and a good dose of spontaneity from time to time can become a fun bold summer look!

These are 3 Unique Summer Handbags that caught my eye and roped me in. I’ll be putting them to good use this year no doubt…

circle crossbody


1. Circle Crossbody – As an avid geometric junkie (see last post), I swooned a little hard when I saw this versatile option by 2PennyBlue. Small and compact, but with enough room to hold all the essentials. The color and textures are a good summer addition to most looks.  (Dress on sale from here, sandals on sale from here.)


nena clutch


2. Foldover tassel clutch – I stick with neutrals with all my basic wardrobe pieces most of the time now, but I still don’t shy from a little color when it comes to accessories. It is so much fun to have a bold clutch on hand for a day date or dinner out. I have been a long time supporter of Nena and Co., so couldn’t wait to share this fantastic piece with you all. I’ll be giving one of these beauties away on instagram so head over to enter. (Sandals on sale from here, dress from here via Trunkclub)

bamboo clutch


3. Bamboo clutch – These are hard to get a hold of, but if you find one in the vintage section on etsy, jump quick! The semi-circle shape was a personal favorite, but this rectangular option was a close second. Managed to snatch it up before it sold out. If nothing else, this is quite an entertaining conversation piece, as I had several people stop to make note of it last time I took it out. I mean, it does resemble a bird cage after all. (Dress on sale from here, sandals from here.)


Have any unique favorite accessories you are boldly wearing this summer?


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