Their names are Anger and Courage.

August 18, 2017


I don’t use this blog as a place to discuss political issues because I think the biggest impact we can have on the world around us is the actions we choose to live face to face with our neighbors, strangers, family, and communities. However, outside the realm of politics right now are basic humanity issues. And right now, humanity continues to suffer on so many levels. I see all of the pain and brokenness, and am trying really hard to hold onto hope. But out of respect and love for each other and the country we live in, I cannot turn a blind eye. Racism, abuse, prejudice, indifference…..these are all issues that affect the intrinsic fibers of our being. They tear at our creation story of how we were made with equal dignity to love and be loved. It has me wondering how we got here, and where we are heading. How can we take action towards a more peaceful and united world we all crave?  Empathy and acknowledgement are the first steps, but perhaps the greatest example to me thus far is this African American’s story. An action rooted in love will always be the most powerful source of light.


Travel: The Diplomat Beach Resort in Hollywood, FL

August 17, 2017


Gabe and I had the opportunity to escape to the Diplomat Beach Resort in Hollywood, FL for a few days and celebrate our anniversary a little late! We haven’t been away without little ones in 3 years, so we kind of had to re-learn how to take it easy;) I don’t think we could have landed at a better place to enjoy the last of summer! Some of our favorite aspects of this trip….


A family update!

August 15, 2017

(So much appreciation for Max’s face. Photo by Tim Willoughby)

We announced some family news on an instagram live over the weekend, and a few people thought it would be a pregnancy announcement. We don’t blame you;) However, it isn’t a baby (or at least that I know of yet!). It’s actually related to some shifting around in both our personal and business sides of life, and since you will be seeing some of these changes roll out, we thought it would only make sense to share it with you in a formal update…


Basement bathroom update: tile design

August 7, 2017

Bathroom + Design by Justina Blakeney

I have been collecting tile design images for years. I love the pattern, colors, and ultimately the character it can add to a space! I did some hunting for American based companies that had those Moroccan influenced designs. I found Fireclay Tile who has a whole dreamy collection of patterns, shapes, and colors, and we started planning our basement bathroom together. In case you missed, I shared the plans for the basement bathroom in this post.



Family Travels: Nashville, TN

August 3, 2017

*In partnership with Airbnb.

We had a family event in Nashville, TN last week so we decided to stay a little longer to enjoy the city and wait for my new niece to arrive! We found a modern farmhouse that fit all of us comfortably plus room for more. Here’s a little tour of the place, as well as some of the Nashville spots we enjoyed..


Summer Capsule Wardrobe: Week 3 Looks

July 29, 2017

Top // Denim shorts // Sandals // Wicker tote

Somehow I made it through the summer wearing only 22 pieces of clothing! Part of me didn’t believe I would be able to stretch a summer capsule wardrobe this long! Although I don’t have to use these pieces anymore, I still packed them up for trip to Nashville. After packing up 5 kids I had no brain juice left for my own suitcase….so summer capsule to the rescue. I’ll be sharing my last round up of looks next week!


16 throw pillows under $35

July 24, 2017





Pillows are the easiest way to refresh a space, but why do a few throw pillows have to equal a car payment these days? I don’t know, but never fear. There ARE places you can find some really fun options with prices that won’t make you cry. World Market is one of my favorite places to shop for throw pillows, and Nordstrom surprisingly has a lot of good options as well. Society 6 is a great way to support designers and artists. What are some of your favorite places to browse for pillows?

Happy Monday schmonday!




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