Local Notes: SoHo NYC

When I was in NYC for The Brand Market, I got in town a little early on Friday and was able to spend the afternoon with Brynn Elliott Watkins, Sara Kerens, and my friend Marisol. I wanted to just enjoy the unusually perfect weather and pop in and out of spots that looked inviting. When else would I have the opportunity to spend an afternoon in NYC, with absolutely nothing to do but explore? So here’s where we landed…

IHOD| Sara Kerens PhotographyLittle Fox Cafe NYCChic Gallery NYC via IHODProcessed with VSCOcam with c2 preset Explore

We walked into Clic Gallery and were immediately sucked into the giant art prints and photos on the gallery wall. This place was filled with work from varying artists from across the U.S., and I even recognized the work of my friend Courtney Hamill of Honeycomb studio. Remember her? I concluded I probably couldn’t fit my Laurie Victor Kay artwork in my suitcase home so I snatched a postcard instead:)

La Esquina NYC
La Esquina | SoHo NYCLa Esquina

In an attempt to find an available lunch spot we ran into La Esquina which happens to be one of the best taco spots in NYC (and after tasting, I wholeheartedly agree). It looked like an airstream with minimal space inside and a constant stream of people waiting in line to get a hold of a taco made for the mexican food lover’s dream. There is a nicer sit down portion to the restaurant right next door, and from what I hear the basement is even grander. Worth a peek if not a taste!

Sara Kerens PhotographySaraKerens-6589SaraKerens-6658NYC Coffee

We did a little shopping in Topshop and ended at Little Fox Cafe coffee spot for iced mochas. What I really love about NYC is the different styles and stories from people’s lives that merge into it’s own culture. The sweetest barista let Sara take photos of her serving customers. I loved her style!

Had such a good time with these gals. You have got to check out their sites! You will be overwhelmed by their talent! Maria de los Soles (a long time friend who started Beauty Found) Brynn Ellitott (Being Elliott) and Sara Kerens (fashion photographer who took all of these photos! Sara Kerens Photography)

Can’t wait to get back to this city someday soon. I am taking note to visit in May when the weather is much kinder than February;)

Wearing: Romper: Love Sadie (on sale!) // Sandals: Just Fab // Hat: Shop Sosie c/o // Bag: Wink & Winn c/o

The Perfect Nude Pump + ShoeMint giveaway!

Blue | IHODJump
Electric BlueElectric Blue | In Honor of DesignWearing: Dress: J.Crew (on super sale) // Clutch: BaliELF c/o // Sunnies: Old Navy //  Necklace: Roe BLVD // Pumps: ShoeMint c/o 

As you can tell I am over the posey pics, so we played around with movement and shadows this go around. The shoes made me do it you know….

I have a tendency to avoid looks that are too matchy-matchy so throwing in a nude pump with some bold electric blue is my way of throwing off the expected. It’s tough to find a good nude pump though, I tell ya what! I searched high and wide. So when ShoeMint offered to team up again, I said sure…… as long as you throw me a nude pump that can kick the tires and light the fires! (Wink wink.) 

As you can see, these do the trick and they really do kick it too the curb on all fronts!  Comfortable believe it or not, not too round, not too pointy, and that perfect hue of blush nude. I can even do my squat jumps and not topple over so we are winning. A few other fab things you should know about ShoeMint in case you aren’t familiar: Free shipping both ways (tops my list!), refined materials such as leather and suede at an affordable price point, AND new styles are added monthly which makes it fun to re-visit. Whenever I login I see what shoes are geared towards my style profile, and always I nod my head and say “mmmmhmmm….you got that right.” On par every time!

Ready to win a pair of your choosing? Winner will be chosen next Tuesday! 

TO ENTER: Head over to ShoeMint, sign up (free and no obligation to buy), and leave a comment letting us know what your choice pair would be if you win!

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UPDATE: Congrats, Jen! #56 You are the lucky winner!


This post is sponsored by ShoeMint. It is 100% my own opinion. Thank you for supporting the companies that make this blog possible!

Outtake Reel: Fourth of July

backyard evenings4thProcessed with VSCOcam with f1 presetSteam engine paradeProcessed with VSCOcam with f1 preset

4th of July is a huge celebration in my extended family, but since we are traveling next week, we stayed put and enjoyed the long weekend with some friends. Fireworks, steam engine parade, pool time, s’more making…..you get the idea. I am taking some much needed time off in July for the most part. No big events, workshops, or even big blog projects (I have some content already done that I will be sharing:))!  For the first time in a looooong time, I had no big deadline looming over my head and was able to spend a solid four days with my sweet family with no interruptions. I even baked a pie friends. It was grand.

I think as a blogger there is a pressure we can put on ourselves to only post perfect photos. I value good photography and keeping strong visuals, but when it comes to my family, some of the best photos that capture the moment are in my outtake real. so I thought it would be appropriate to show you a bunch of outtake (and a few that made the instagram cut;)) snaps from my iphone that are actually some of my very favorite. Happy Monday. I know it might be a groggy one, so enjoy this.

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