DIY Poster Hangers in 3 steps.

February 6, 2018


I was hunting for poster hangers for our boys room, and ordered a few options that were in the $12-$15 range. I thought it wasn’t bad compared to frames, but then Gabe comes in and says “you paid how much for these? I could make those for a couple bucks!” So I let him prove it. Surprisingly, they were cake to make, and I love how making them on your own gives you more design and color options as well. Promise these DIY poster hangers take two minutes to make, and cost approx. $3.50 a set!


Bathroom Reveal! (The one with the Alpaca.)

February 1, 2018


As part of our daylight basement remodel, we set apart a space for a bathroom that was adjacent to both the boys’ room and the multi-purpose room. We designed this space with Kohler, and it all come together over the last few months. It took a good deal of patience, but we got here! Today we are sharing the tour as long as some of the process behind this big project. Oh, and there’s an Alpaca.

Making our home safer. Pt. 2

January 31, 2018

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Hive Home. The opinions and text are my own.


Remember how we took steps to make our home more economical a few months ago? We took the next step on our goal list this month, and made it more secure and safe!

Gabe by nature is more cautious about keeping the home secure, and I on the other hand always forget to lock the door before leaving the house. Anyone else? It’s just not on my mind as much I guess. When we travel, Gabe is always anxious to get back and make sure everything is ok. I on the other hand have left my car running with the keys inside while going into the post office, and have also left the front door ajar after leaving the house to pick up the kids from school. (Both unintentionally.) So you can imagine the grey hairs I am surely causing him to grow.

The Hive View security camera just launched a few weeks ago, so we were able to set it up and test it out. We synced it with our Hive app so that whenever we are out of the home we are able to easily check in on our home from the mobile device. I can only imagine the peace of mind this is going to bring when we are out of the home now. One of it’s best features? It starts recording when it detects motion in the room, and sends a notification to your phone! (You can even set it to detect only people and ignore pets.)


*CLOSED* Rug Giveaway!

January 29, 2018

I love what a big cozy rug can do to a space, but it can be so difficult to find good quality options. So I am SO excited to share that Momeni Rugs has offered to give one away to one of you readers! We’ve worked with Momeni on a few rooms in our home, so most of the ones you have seen are from their site! It’s very easy to enter in this post through the rafflecopter widget below!


Family update: Hybrid model schooling.

January 25, 2018

Now that we have a full semester behind us of trying out the hybrid model school with our children, I think we can give you all a fair update on how it’s all going….the pros and cons, as well as thoughts moving forward! I know it is something many of you have been inquiring about, so if you have additional questions feel free to leave them below.

In the first few months Gabe and I were trying to tag team teaching lessons to Gabriel and Veronica on the days they were home. It was a little bananas to be honest. Trying to adjust to working together on the blog, a new family routine, and trying to understand curriculums to teach our kids while juggling babies. I was completely overwhelmed, but had been given the heads up that it takes time to adjust.


Laundry room conversion to walk-in pantry.

January 23, 2018

(image source)


While this home has plenty of yard and basement space, unfortunately it sorely lacks on pantry and closet space. The pantry could fit one human inside with no room to lift your arms, which is confusing to me considering the rest of the home is such an open and spacious layout! We have made it work with storing some canned goods and larger items in the garage. However, with our kids growing and starting to clean out the pantry at what seems an hourly rate, we knew we had to figure out a better option. We came up with a solution to convert our current laundry room off the kitchen into a walk-in pantry… READ MORE

10 Basic tools every homeowner should have.

January 18, 2018

For Anna and I, we scrimped, saved, sacrificed, and dreamed of owning our own home from day one of our marriage. At times it seemed that we would never have the ability to be homeowners due to a myriad of reasons, and it seemed that with each child the desire grew, but the reality seemed a little more out of reach. Once we finally had our finances in order and ended the long search for a place to call home, it was one of the greatest days of our life. Needless to say, we place great personal value in owning a home, and hope to be able to properly maintain it. But, proper maintenance requires the proper tools. Keep in mind that there are many handy tools for homeownership, and a homeowner does not need all of the required tools immediately. We have started out with the most basic tools every homeowner should have when starting to build their tool repertoire. This is by no means a complete list, and we will be adding more specific tools as we go!


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