Happy 2017!

January 2, 2017

(NYE inspo from my friend Studio DIY, and found most items at Party City)

(my favorite party guests)


(4 out of 8 of us sisters!)

(Azelie’s first New Year)

My sister Maria flew in for the New Year to surprise my family, and so a New Year party was in order. We all dressed up, danced, and toasted champagne in gratitude for each other. Every new year brings with it a well of gratitude for my family as I realize more and more how valuable of an imprint they have left on my life. These are just a few snaps from the iphone roll of the evening. How was your New Year? Did you stay in pjs? Celebrate with your friends? What part of the world were you in? We had one sister celebrating across the globe in Hungary!


I have so much to process from 2016….one of the tougher years in motherhood, but one in which I could feel so much inner change for the better. I wouldn’t go as far to say I welcome the tough days, but I am thankful for what they have brought to my perspective on life. I want more of that this year….



More one on one dates with my kids.

Less expectations.

More organization.

Less clutter.

More reading.

Less Netflix.

More phone calls.

Less text messages.

More fearless action.

Less self-doubt.

More honesty.

Less pretending.

More dancing just for the fun of it.

Less time wasters.

More service.

Less fear.

More spontaneous travel.

Less to do lists.


Your turn! What do you want more or less of in 2017?

Happy New Year to each of you!

Layered Twist Tie Hair Tutorial

December 31, 2016

I’m lucky if I find ten minutes to get my hair out of a 3 day top knot these days! I have to get creative with quick and easy options for the fun occasions like NYE! Here is a two minute hair tutorial you can try out for your next fun occasion. You’ll be surprised how easy it is! If you have shorter or medium length hair, just adapt to one or two twist ties.

9 Dresses by NYE

December 27, 2016

I’m not very good at taking a blog break am I? Don’t worry, this was prepared before Christmas. I am probably currently sipping coffee on the floor while simultaneously playing magna tiles with the boys. 

We have a New Years party coming up with family coming in town, and so I am resorting to good old Amazon prime to make it happen without having to leave my home. Also, totally just ordered a dress for $26 with two day shipping. Score. 

It made me think that most of you with Christmas being a main priority haven’t thought twice about New Years Eve, and may need a few quick options on what to wear that can arrive in your mailbox in time. If you are wearing pjs, more power to ya!

Here are my top 9 picks for NYE under $100:
1. Champagne pink shimmer
2. Metallic fit and flare dress
3. Dusty lace scallop dresss
4. Sheer Overlay peach pink
5. Winter white dress
6. Feather hem dress
7. Metallic midi dress
8. Gold sequin maxi skirt
9.Sequin front trousers in 6 colors

*Nordstrom is having their half yearly sale and fast shipping as well!

What will you be doing for NYE? I love hearing different stories from around the globe!

Outfit details from the above image in this post

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