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I am more than ready to admit I am an art nerd. I was an art studio / graphic design major, and did my fair share of studying all different art mediums. As challenging as some of those long art history classes were, I can say it gave me an appreciation for so many different types of artistry and where it all stems from.

Thankful to UGallery for asking me to be a Guest Curator on their site. These are just a few of the favorites and you can see the full collection here.

I have a thing for travel theme, impressionism, and pop art. I only realized this after viewing my collection!

Have a favorite?

x, Anna

How to Pack Your Carry-On Luggage Like a Boss

Best Suitcase for a Long Weekend | IHODThree Day Weekend

Traveling has unintentionally become the theme of the year, and each and every city has brought different highlights (and a few challenges). I have loved every weekend, although I am happy to retire the suitcase until Christmas;)

During these travels I trialed a few different suitcases and attempted to tote my favorite wheel-less weekenders far and wide. I have come to conclude convenience and spacious organized interiors is the best option for packing smartly and fitting it all in one carry on.

Will post about Chicago soon, but for now, head over to Conde Nast and see which suitcase beat out the rest!

Hope you all had a stellar weekend!

P.S. A few links to items I packed for Chicago this past weekend from my #ConsciousCloset ^^

Atlanta’s Finest Coffee Shops

Atlanta's Finest Coffee Shops

It is no secret anymore that I am a coffee junkie. Maybe someday I will go profesh just to have the title “coffee connoisseur.” For now, I am a willing taste tester.

Coffee shops are as frequent as ATM’s around here, so narrowing down the finest coffee shops in Atlanta was a difficult assignment, but ohhh was it a delicious one. Head over to Condé Nast to see who made the cut!

Haley Sheffield toured these shops with me and snapped all the photos. She is a talented one that girl. Will try to share more photos of the spaces in the coming weeks:)

I am off to Chicago for my last Brand Market workshop of the year! Very much looking forward to it, but will be so happy when I can settle in for the rest of the year with my family.

Wishing you all a good crispy fall weekend ahead.
x, Anna

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