Color Files: Neon Pink

Happy Weekend! Sharing today some of the neon pink faves I have found across the web! I used to NEVER wear pink, but in the last few years, certain hues have grown on me, and this is one of them:)

This is the perfect example of how to style neon pink. All good things should be in moderation! 😉
I will be back in full swing next week with tons of fun posts including a giveaway, and my FIRST EVER outfit post! GASP! 😀
Enjoy your weekend! 
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Take 3: Red, Orange, and Yellow Summer

What a WHIRLWIND this past week has been. I am so physically and emotionally drained. It was so difficult to say goodbyes, and pack up our life. I am so happy to have arrived to GA safely though with my little family. That is all that matters. However, my husband and I swear we will never move again!… even though its bound to happen since we are renting a home, until we decide where we want to settle. I was seriously tempted to leave everything I own behind and live a simpler life. I have resolved to do so in some ways! :) 
I have so much of you all to catch up with! I will be back in full swing soon, but for now, enjoy this summer post! <3
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Style Files: Sun Soaking

What I would like to be doing all weekend:)  Tomorrow we load up the truck in 100 degree weather and make our way to GA. Wishing you a good long weekend! 
And the winner of the DECORATE giveaway….#18- Michaela!! Congrats lucky girl!! Will contact you for details!
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