Sponsor Faves: Days Gone Design

I LOVE getting to do sponsor feature posts because I get to pick out and post some of my favorite items to share with you:) Nikki is one talented mama! She runs a business called Days Gone Design, which offers design work for Business, Wedding, and Celebrations! These are just a few of her gorgeous designs from her etsy line, Curtsy Invitations. Enjoy!

Days Gone Design

New Year = New Hair

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Resolution #2 – New Hair Style

I am jump starting on my new year’s resolutions:) Maybe the being spontaneous thing is giving me courage! As with my last pregnancy, I get this itch somewhere along 4-5 months along where I need a new hair style. Last pregnancy, I stuck with the same old same old. This time around I am going to be a little more bold. I am going for a look along the lines of the ones above. Crossing my fingers I don’t end up with a mushroom or mullet. Wish me luck!

New Year + New Chapter

This is how I feel at the start of a new year! :D
A fresh new page on a new chapter in my life. Each year is so completely from the next, and like 2010, it is full of both blessings and trials, both which can enrich your life.
Will be posting some resolutions for the new year one at a time so you all can hold me accountable for completing them;)
My first resolution is already being completed this week. I am being spontaneous, and starting off the New Year with a bang!  I booked a last minute trip to L.A. on Thursday to meet up with my friend/ editor of Radiant Magazine to attend a Private Movie Screening ….we have some exciting plans for the magazine underway! Also in the plans- hit up the L.A. Fabric district to get supplies for the IHOD Spring 2011 Line! Looking forward to this!
Stay tuned for the results!
Thanks for your friendship in 2010! Looking forward to keeping in touch in 2011!