Birthday Blessings

I woke up this morning and got to spend some time snuggling with little Veronica. It was going to be a good day already. When I turned to get out of bed I saw this pretty little box on my nightstand….

My husband picked out a beautiful little birthday surprise for me. (Despite my pleas for no gifts this year!) I went to thank him and found him cooking me quite the breakfast…. I was so grateful in that moment that God had given me someone that continually shows me selfless and unconditional love. 
This year I am thankful…..
…for two healthy children with squishy cheeks and smiles that make the sun rise.
….for a husband who works hard for our family and never thinks of himself.
….for a house over our heads and jobs to provide.
….for family and friends to learn from, be inspired by, and grow with. 
…for a God who is much greater than my meager mind, 
and who never fails to demonstrate his love in my life.

Looking forward to the years to come. Cheers!
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Understanding Aperture

Since receiving my new camera, I have had to dig out my old notes from college and refresh my memory on things like lighting, ISO speed, and aperture. I found this on pinterest via thedailydigi, and thought I would pass along. A visual lesson which is sometimes the easiest way to learn! Don’t see the difference? Look at the opening in the lens! (The larger the whole, the more light that enters the lens:)
Hope you all are having a great week so far!
The 1000 celebration will continue next week…..HINT: look out for some bloggers sporting some IHOD accessories;)

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Little Finds: Edition 1

1. Tin Tub- Well Appointed House 2. Book Holder – Dwell Studio 3. Zoo Packs – Skip Hop
4. Stacked Animals Puzzle – Dwell Studio 5. Green Suitcases- Basic French 6. Teething Rings – Koukku via Black Eiffel

I have had baby on the brain since my sister just had a sweet little girl this weekend! Avila Maria. She is beautiful! Veronica now has a best buddy for life!
There are so many fantastic products for children on the market right now!! The colors are spectacular and the majority are baby safe! Hope you enjoy the round up!!
<3 Anna
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