Color Block Party – Rue Blog

 So did you know that Rue Mag now has a blog? So in case, like me, you can’t get enough of their creative genius, you can get your daily fix here.  I am also loving this post by Mackenzie of Design Darling. Obviously, I am a color addict.

When this posts I will be flying west to CA. I felt these runway shots were appropriate and the colors would brighten your day:D

Sponsor Faves: Days Gone Design

I LOVE getting to do sponsor feature posts because I get to pick out and post some of my favorite items to share with you:) Nikki is one talented mama! She runs a business called Days Gone Design, which offers design work for Business, Wedding, and Celebrations! These are just a few of her gorgeous designs from her etsy line, Curtsy Invitations. Enjoy!

Days Gone Design

New Year = New Hair

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Resolution #2 – New Hair Style

I am jump starting on my new year’s resolutions:) Maybe the being spontaneous thing is giving me courage! As with my last pregnancy, I get this itch somewhere along 4-5 months along where I need a new hair style. Last pregnancy, I stuck with the same old same old. This time around I am going to be a little more bold. I am going for a look along the lines of the ones above. Crossing my fingers I don’t end up with a mushroom or mullet. Wish me luck!