Help me vote on the new blog design! + Giveaway winner!

Hope you all had a fun Fourth of July! Such a great time to be with family and friends:)Saying hi from Milwaukee today (where my husband is from). Will be taking advantage of this beautiful city….

So I need your help! I am in the process of some new changes for IHOD (both shop and blog) and adding a new design to go with! I have loved peaches and pinks but bright and bold colors have always been my fave. I CANNOT decide on which header to go with! Will you help me choose? Please vote on the right side poll! The header will determine the background. If you have time, leave a comment and let me know what you like and don’t like. THANK YOU!!!

Also……..we have a SUMMER SURVIVAL KIT WINNER!!! Congratulations to Kayla!!

If you didn’t win this round, wait for next weeks giveaway! It is what every girl loves!! :)
Happy Tuesday!

Style: Patriotic Shoes and Totes!

This Holiday weekend you can count on me to show my patriotic side through red, white, and blue acessories:D Yes, this is a superficial post, but will be back this weekend with some deeper reflection on what it means to be American. Until then, enjoy the eye candy!

We are heading out tomorrow to continue wedding season and visit family. YAY! Hope you have the most wonderful weekend with friends and family and celebrating the great nation we live in! <3

DIY: Pegboard Organization + Display

My husband and I are heading to the lumber yard to pick up some pegboard pieces. I am going to use them for displays at my next craft fair, but thinking this will go perfectly in the work room for now. As I was looking for inspiration I saw some really cool examples that use pegboard in different rooms of the house…laundry room, craft room, inspiration boards, etc. This isn’t just for the garage anymore:) Here are a few fun examples…

Sorry for the blurry image, but his is one of my faves!
(via poppytalk – Ikea containers)
Share with me your ideas! If you have any shelving or container finds that would be good for this…please let me know! Will hopefully share the pictures of the finished product!