June 8, 2012

If I write a goal down, I much more likely to fulfill them:) So thankful to Anna for having me as a guest, and motivating me to write down 5 things I hope to accomplish this summer….

1) Travel to a new place…maybe even a new state.

2) Write real handwritten post cards. I have had a goal all year long to write more handwritten notes. This summer, I want them to be postcards. Something so nostalgic about them:)
3) Take bike rides….lots of them. We just got a bike trailor than can even fit both of my babies in so we can have family bike rides. Maybe I should get a bike basket to make it a real show.

4) Explore my city. Atlanta has so many mom & pop shops, restaurants, and spectacular parks. I loved this journal to record the expeditions.
5) Do something unexpected. Its always good to venture outside of your comfort zone and grow spiritually, mentally, or challenge yourself physically. I am not sure what I will do yet, but I am excited to jump:)

3 Step DIY: Neon Trim Cardigan

June 7, 2012

{Tank: Old Navy, Jeans: Paper denim, Sandals: Nine West, Neon Studs: Loren Hope, Bracelet: Loren Hope}

This is a fun way to revive your old cardigans, or add a little flave to your favorite:)
I saw this image on pinterest via Sincerely Jules, and since I couldn’t find the cardigan source, I decided to just re-vamped my own. Read on for full instructions!

1/2 yard fabric (ribbon can also be used!)
Liquid Stitch
Cardi of choice
1) Measure out your fabric of choice in the lengths of your cardigan edges.
2) Cut strips along the edge of your fabric approximately 1/4-1/2 in. wide.
3) Using liquid stitch, slowly attach your strips along the edges of your cardigan and let dry.

I am keeping these DIY’s simple for you folks! They are the only ones I have time for;)
I hope you enjoy!

Blog Takeover: Marisol of Boutique No. 1524

June 6, 2012

I am honored that Anna has invited me as a guest in IHOD, as I truly admire her talent and integrity in everything she shares.
I am Marisol from Boutique No.1524, a little space created to curate beautiful details that would inspire me for ongoing design projects; while sharing with others in the process. I consider myself a modern/classic and I believe this reflects throughout my blog.
{No. 1 – west elm  | No. 2 – anthropologie | No. 3 – west elm | No. 4 – pandora | No. 5 – stone textile | No. 6 – liberty london | No. 7 leather bracelet via hermes}
Inspiration comes in different forms, but one of my favorites is within the ‘collections’ series; where I get to curate beautiful fashion and decor within a given category. Today I would like to share one of these collections which I hope becomes one of your summer musings! 

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