IHOD Spring 2011 Line Premier

So its time to officially announce the launch of the new IHOD Spring line!! A long work in progress that is finally ready! I created a look guide using some of the pieces and color inspirations of the line. With all this snow and cold weather across the nation, I had to bring a little color into the blogosphere:)
The entire collection will be in my shop in the next few weeks! The majority of the above are already available. I have some amazing fashion bloggers lined up to model the accessories and will be posting those soon as well. This is a milestone for my business as it is my first complete line of seasonal accessories! I started from scratch with a design and color inspiration board that was a helpful guide in staying on board! From there it was the actual design process, supply purchasing in L.A., production, photography, photo editing, and look book! I think all of you fellow small business owners can relate to the amount of work involved! Tell me how you design your items. I would love to hear!
So please tell me which are your favorites, what colors stand out to you, and what type of accessories you would wear most! It will be of so much help to me in moving forward! Your feedback means so much!  Happy weekend friends!

IHOD Spring 2011 Accessories Guide

Color Files: Silver Cloud

I go in phases between gold and silver. Right now, this shade of Silver Grey is all I wear and shop:) The best thing about this color? It goes with everything!

I can’t believe its the weekend already….but hey I am not complaining! TGIF!
I’ll be back later with a fun post/announcement:)