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Happy New November Week! I got in late last night from my trip. Being with dear friends is the best medicine. I am so happy I got some much needed time with them. It was wonderful coming home to my boys though. I have a hard time being away from them!

Lots of exciting things coming up on the blog these next few months. Stay tuned!
For now, I wanted to announce that I have decided to open advertising to small businesses/blogs for the Holiday season (a few posts from MIL helped make this decision). I have had several inquiries, so I think its a good time of year to begin. Sponsorship can really help a blog keep going with the time and dedication it requires. I am looking forward to working with some of you! I will make sure each new sponsor will receive a special feature post. Please email me with any questions you have! 

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Style Feature: Blogger Fashionistas

I got to find some fabulous fashionistas to feature in Radiant Magazine’s Holiday Issue. I loved how these girls exemplified true femininity while looking fashion forward. 
Once you visit their blogs, you will be hooked! I guaranty it!

Elaine- ClothedMuch

I am off to my good friend’s wedding this weekend where I get to see many of my nearest and dearest friends. I couldn’t be more excited! (Unless I didn’t have to leave my boys:( …) 
What are your plans this weekend? Hope it is lovely!

Holiday Resource: Gifted Magazine

(Fabric twist ties)
(Candy Gift Tags)

Gifted Magazine has been released, and as expected, its pretty awesome. All you need to know is that Ez from Creature Comforts was the genius behind it. It is filled with DIY’s, printables, gift ideas, etc.
I already spent a while pouring over the pages and I am sure it will not be the last time.
These are just a few of my favorite spotted DIY’s.
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