12 Goals for 2012.

January 2, 2012

1. Write more handwritten letters.
2. Get back into running and nail a 10K.
3. Morning Prayer.
4. Explore a new part of Atlanta.
5. More phone calls to loved ones.
6. Journal about my children.
7. Continue to grow and improve IHOD.
8. Show Gabriel the beach for the first time.
9. Read the top 5 books on my reading list.
10. Dance lessons with Gabe.
11. Visit a new city.
12. Make our house a home, room by room.
I loved Danni’s idea of 12 before 2012, but since I missed the opportunity I decided to make 12 simple goals for 2012. Some are more challenging than others, but each important to me. Hoping by making them realistic I can meet these goals by the end of the year:) I love a fresh start and blank page…
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Here are some of the trials and triumphs of 2011 that brought both
tears and suffering, joy and peace:
1. Losing Gabe’s Oma and my Aunt Amy.
2. Giving birth to my first daughter, Veronica Rose.
4. Welcoming two new nieces to the family, and receiving a new nephew on New Years Eve!
5. Running a successful business, and knowing that it was time to close the doors.
6. Celebrating three years of marriage with my spouse.
7. Moving back to Georgia.
8. Getting to teach first graders a few hours a week.
10. The first time my son said, “I love you mom.”
11. Christmas morning with almost my entire family.
Thankful for each one of you that have been a friend along the way! Looking forward to what God will bring in 2012. His plan is the perfect plan. 🙂

Bloggers Favorite Moments of 2011 Part 2…

December 31, 2011

Thank you  wonderful ladies for sharing with us your memorable moments of 2011!
“2011 is ending on such a sweet note! This is the first year my daughter ‘gets’ Christmas, so it’s been a blast experiencing it all through her eyes, like a kid again. And we welcomed her very first cousin last week – I could not be happier for my little brother!”

“My favorite moment of 2011 was my first night with my husband in our new home in Santa Monica.  With not a piece of furniture yet inside, Jonas & I spent the evening on the hardwood floor eating Chinese take out.  We laughed all night and talked about our plans for the new place.  Although it was quite a simple evening, it was the most special. “
~Jenny May of The Swede Records
“My favorite moment of 2011 was realizing that blogging could open up so many doors and possibilities for my true passions and dreams to become a reality, along with meeting some extraordinary and inspiring ladies around the world who share similar interests! The possibilities truly are endless!”
~Drew of Coral Cafe

Bloggers Favorite Moments of 2011….

December 30, 2011

I thought it would be fun to share with you some of your favorite bloggers’ (and mine) most memorable moments of 2011! I love each and every one of their responses:) 
“My favorite moment of 2011 was definitely getting married to Matthew! It was amazing to be surrounded by our closest family and friends as we said our ‘I Do’s. It was a day full of moments that I hope I remember for the rest of my life!” ~ Mara of M loves M
“The moment that put the cherry-on-top of my 2011 was meeting Mary McDonald of Million Dollar Decorators with Cristin {Simplified Bee}, who I interned with this summer! I even shared an elevator ride with her (: She’s as fabulous as she is on the show…starstruck!” ~Michaela of Michaella Noelle Designs
“I didn’t even have to think twice about my answer – My favorite moment of 2011 was finally seeing a positive pregnancy test and getting to tell my husband the happy news. It wasn’t easy for us to get to that point and we are forever grateful for the blessing of a baby.” 
~ Melanie of You are My Fave

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