Meet the Blogger: Alli of Hooray Design

Hooray is one of my favorite resources for lifestyle inspiration. How did you determine your blog content and direction?
There are tons of blogs out there and I try not to take mine too seriously or let my life surround it, but I am passionate about things like parties, decorating, and discovering shops, so that’s what I blog about. I named it Hooray in honor of celebrating fun, creative things. Plus I wanted an excuse to say my favorite word more :)

What came first- business or blog?
Blogging came first. I kind of fell into it after discovering blogs through a friend who had one. I started following her links and before I knew it I was reading a list of design blogs regularly. It was amazing to find so much inspiration on everything from decorating to cooking. I’d always been a big magazine person, so it helped fill the void left behind from good mags like Domino folding.
Your Hooray shop is filled with stationary and print goodies. What is your favorite aspect of being a small business owner?
I’ve been interested in owning a shop since I was little, so my small online store is just the first step in reaching that goal. I love the creativity involved with designing your own business, as well as being able to work with customers who share the same enthusiasm for design. 

(all items via Hooray shop)

Where are your top places to go for inspiration? 
Oh, there are so many…Rachel and Mariah for cute finds, Natalie for business advice, Krystle for healthy living, Melanie for party ideas. And offline – books, nature, and travel for endless sources of inspiration. 
Just for fun – must have items for fall??
I’m loyal to this combination: trench coat, great pair of boots, and a cute scarf. Perfect with any outfit!

(photo sources can be found via Hooray blog)

Thank you Alli for being a part of the series! Alli was one of my first blogger friends:) 
You will LOVE her blog and shop. Find more here:

Happy Fall Weekend…

First weekend of fall! Time for road trips, baking, and pumpkin picking:)
1) blissful b via pinterest 2) you are my fave via pinterest
 Need I say anything? It is probably a good thing I don’t have a little girl ….yet.
(Zara Kids via pinterest)

Enjoy the first weekend of FALL!!!

They Draw and Cook

Have you seen this site? I am hoping they compile all these into a book so I can have them in print!
Its a brilliant way to promote artistry and combine it with cooking!

Oh wait! They also have a Kids Draw and Cook Website!
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