Happy Birthday Little Gabriel

Today is my son’s 2nd birthday. My husband and I were talking about how we feel like we just brought him home from the hospital. From the day he was born he has made our lives sweeter. He is becoming such a goofball lately and I love seeing his personality grow:) As you can tell by this video, he loves his new baby sister Veronica (“Monkah”). Hopefully they will always be there for each other and make each other laugh.
We have our kitchen decorated in Thomas the Tank Engine decor (thanks fairy godmother Ange!) and we are going to celebrate with his little cousins:) 
Happy Birthday my handsome little man!

Accessory Swap Results + Giveaway Winner!

I recently discovered Jessica’s blog, Creative Index, and immediately jumped in on one of her fun ideas….an ACCESSORY SWAP! What girl wouldn’t love that idea?! :) So I shipped off some goodies for another blogger, and received these beauties from Nikki of Perpetually Engaged. I don’t think she could have picked something closer to my taste and style! Bold and bright, modern and fun! Thank you so much Jessica for putting the swap together, and thank you Nikki for the accessory fun!
And since we are on the topic of accessories…….I also get to announce the winner to the Lisa Leonard Designs giveaway!! Drumroll………….#120…. Jami!! Will be contacting you for info! Thanks to each of you who entered! 
P.S. Thanks to all of you who keep voting for me in the Top25 Stylish Moms Category. It sure makes me feel better since I have only gotten out of sweats a few times since having the baby! ha ha! :)

What does your inspiration look like?

Do you have a small space or area in your home that displays photos, cards, or color pieces that make you smile? I love getting ideas from Decor8 or Creative Mint of different ways you can create an inspiration board….things that get you inspired or inspire creativity:) It doesn’t take much, but when you have visuals around your home to remind you of what you love, it can make a big difference in keeping a positive attitude in your life. My living room is full of pictures of my family and religious art, and my studio room is full of color:)….. and my fridge….loaded with cards and photos! 
What does your inspiration look like??

Hope you all had a Blessed Easter weekend! We are having a food, family, and fun hangover today! It was wonderful to have all of my family together. If only we lived in the same state:( 
Oh, and don’t forget to enter the 75$ Lisa Leonard Designs Giveaway!