Meet IHOD Model: Sydney of The Daybook

I actually don’t think most of you will need an introduction to Sydney:) She is the super funny and fabulous girl behind The Daybook Blog. I was lucky enough to snag her as a model for some of my fall and spring line of accessories before she got all big and famous;) I have had a blast keeping up with her and her blog since! In case you missed them on the fan page, these are some of the most recent accessories she has modeled for IHOD.  I think you would agree that she has an amazing ability to make just about anything look fashion forward!
If you haven’t yet jumped on the Sydney train yet, head on over! 
Its an interesting weekend ahead for me….husband might be leaving town for the weekend for a retreat (like the one I went on) so I need baby to stay put till at least Sunday! ….I am thinking Monday would be a great day though for the baby to make a grand entrance, since that is the day I am dreaming of the UK Wildcats winning the NCAA Championship :D Hey, why not?! I am having all sorts of sporadic contractions…but that could last another week so we will see! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 
P.S. Don’t miss your chance to win the Elliven Sequin and Ruffle Clutch!

DIY Feature: 20 Minute Tote Tutorial

This tutorial is SO simple,that whether you have ever touched a sewing machine or not, you will think to yourself, I can do that! The Purl Bee is always loaded with DIY inspiration, and this one is too cute not to try. It would help if I could find fabric as cute as this nearby though right?
I have some amazing guest post visitors lined up for when baby comes! (My guess is still early next week). Excited to introduce them to you! Stay tuned!

Read and Revel! Styled Magazine Launch

I always feel it a MUST to share with you a new creative launch …..especially when it is a treasure trove of party inspiration and easy DIY’s! Oh my goodness did I go crazy over this one!
Have you seen it?! Go Now! You will eat it up!
Brought to you by the lovely Victoria of A Subtle Revelry with features in the launch issue from a few of my favorite ladies such as: Melanie of You are My Fave, Liz of Say Yes to Hoboken, and Kim of The Tomkat Studio to name just a few…
Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!!