When I mentioned it was a crazy week last week, this is one of the reasons why…
My husband accepted a job in Atlanta, and we are moving our little family from KS back to GA next month! Mixed emotions come with this move. Atlanta feels like home to us since it is where we got married and had our first child, and made many good friends….so we are excited to be back again. However, it is very difficult to leave my sister and her family:( We are very close to them and have loved having them as such a big part of our lives in the last few years.
But every chapter in life brings both trials and blessings. I am thankful for both these last few years, and looking forward to the next chapter and what it will bring!
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Style Files: Wear what you want

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I love that Bee wears whatever she feels like, and makes it look good! Adding bold color in either clothing or accessories is crucial to me in an outfit:)
If you follow me on twitter, you may have seen that I am looking for 5 more hours in a day. Anyone know where to find these?? Life just got a little crazy for me in the last few weeks! A good kind of crazy though:) Good thing I have two yummy kiddos that make my days full of adventure.
Nonetheless- Sorry for being MIA! Sometimes blogging has to take back seat burner…
What are you up to this weekend? In between enjoying the beautiful summer weekend I will be catching up on orders from the Good Cheer Deal (the vouchers sold out- wow!)
*Don’t miss your chance to enter the Mokkafiveoclock giveaway for one of these adorable skirts!

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Take A Little Bit of Love….

I love my readers. That’s all:)
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