Take 3 : Vintage Cameras

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I would love to get a hold of a few vintage cameras someday. They are fascinating to me.
I felt each of these photos were frameable:) 
I could hardly sleep last night awaiting the arrival of my sister Tricia’s first baby! I have a new nephew, and with each new life, the world seems to smile and joy overflow. I am so happy for them. I have loved being pregnant alongside TWO of my sisters! Cousins!!

My Current Pregnancy Must Have: BLANQI Bodystyler

You may remember how I told you about these two fabulous mamas who were determined to offer women a better pregnancy experience through maternity wear:) I had the priviledge of trying one out before they launched when I was pregnant with my son. I was 9 mo. along in the photo below, and wished they were already on the market! They didn’t need to tell me how great the product was – I felt the difference wearing it! Now, the 2nd time around, I was anxious to get a hold of one! Lucky for me and for all you mamas to be, they are now in stores and locations across the country!
And I am serious when I say, I just about live in it!
(Top: H&M, Cardi: Target, BLANQI Bodystyler in Black, Jeans: LOFT, Boots: ALDO, Accessories: IHOD)
It has been inspiring to see Valerie and Sabina work so hard to make their dream a reality and improve the pregnancy experience for women everywhere.  They are a bunch of fun to keep up with! If you know any mamas to be…pass along the info on this new mama must have! 
You can follow the BLANQI girls here:

Resolution #1 in 2011 – Be Spontaneous – L.A. Recap

My spontaneous trip of 2011 in L.A. was such a sweet time:) Ever play high-low?!
 Here are my highs and lows of the trip! Top moments:
1) Getting to experience the trip with one of my dear friends/co-workers from Radiant -Rose, and her two adorable boys! We have had so many fun adventures together and this one made the list!
2) The Soul Surfer movie screening. Incredible movie with an all star cast. It was at the Sony, which was surreal! We are excited to be able to interview some of them. Stay tuned!
3) Meeting Mara and having lunch at Louie Bottega. A pretty adorable cafe with a fantastic menu.
I could have talked to her for hours. We have a lot in common:) She will be modeling some of the new accessories from the IHOD Spring line! Looking forward to working with her and sharing!
4) Getting to experience the Fabric District downtown. Got some beautiful supplies! 
5) Driving down Rodeo Dr. Its real! ha ha! Absolutely beautiful too. Sparkly actually. I now understand why movie stars live in their own bubble and can be pretty absurd sometimes. Their world is its own!

Low Moments:
1) Sitting next to a snoring man on a 2.5 hour flight
2) Leaving my wallet on the plane and having to run back 6 months preggo through the airport to get it in time before my connecting flight took off!
3) Ruining my shirt 10 minutes before leaving for the movie screening! Always have a back up! :)
4) Only having 24 hours in L.A. :(
5) Circling around Grand Ave and never finding FIDM! Will have to wait till next time…
Ever have moments like these?!

Other than that, it was a smooth trip. I am very blessed to have had the opportunity to go! And it sure feels good to cross a resolution off the list! Happy Monday friends!