Veronica Rose: 2 yrs too old

April 19, 2013

Veronica and I both couldn’t sleep last night. Maybe she knew it was her birthday today…
We sat up looking outside at the moon in silence for a looooong time.
She just asked, “mama hold you.” (which translates to pick me up) I most willingly complied.
I was secretly thankful for those moments to snuggle up and squeeze this little baby of mine who has suddenly become a little girl.
Veronica Rose,
These are a few things I hope to never forget about you:
You hate to wear pants (we will work on that), and prefer to run around in just a tee shirt and rainboots.
You prefer baseball caps to bows.
You like to do anything your big brother does…trains, bikes, digging in dirt, and getting messy. You are more daring than we bargained for…. you walk the line and push the envelope.
Climbing, dumping, sneaking….you giggle out loud when you are caught doing something wrong, followed by “Yes sir..” and a pretend sorry face.
You are sometimes more spice than sugar, but I know its because you got my strong willed nature. You also got my sensitivity and your daddy’s big blue eyes and eyelashes.
This may prove to be a challenging combo, but if daddy and I do our part, someday you can choose to be strong willed for all the right things. We know God made you perfectly in His image. Speaking of your daddy, he gets this sparkle in his eye when he talks about you. He won’t admit it, but you turn him to mush. He loves you to the moon and back and you are so lucky to have him and Gabriel looking out for you.
You and Gabriel are best buds. You squabble every day, but you also share many hugs and kisses. He makes sure you always get any surprises or treats he is having, as well as avoid any danger. He says with pride that “he is your big brother and he needs to protect you.” We all can’t wait to see who you grow into.
And even though come June, you will no longer be the baby of the family, you have my whole heart and soul. Always.
I have gotta wrap this up before I start making this happy day a tearful one…:)
Happy Birthday my beautiful blue eyed girl!

And here’s a video from two days ago. Seemed appropriate since I caught her without pants on film;)

*Veronica’s birth story here and First birthday here.

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