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October 28, 2013

Lily Jade - IHOD
Lily Jade Madeline Tote - IHOD
Lily Jade - Madeline Tote

I have always rated a bag by the amount of pockets it has. I never could understand why a super cute bag would have a disappointing amount of pockets inside. Two maybe three. I was left with the option of piling my life in a heap and hoping nothing would get tangled or wet from spilled water bottles….because in truth, I really do carry all areas of my life inside my bags.

This is why when I met The Madeline Tote from Lily Jade, I was starry eyed and twitterpated. Pockets on the outside, and a copious amount of pockets on the inside. Complete with all sizes and variations. Better yet, half the pockets are an insert that is detachable and washable canvas fabric (as well as a diaper changer rollup!). It is made of soft luxurious leather and has both shoulder straps and a detachable strap that allows you to wear it as a backpack. I am telling you its a wonder bag. It even smells good. Not kidding.

I am able to fit my camera, wallet, phone, diapers, wipes, bottle, two sippy cups, lip balms, gum, pens, checkbook, snacks, books for the kids, keys, etc. etc. etc…..and each with their own pocket! (Dreamy.) Since I received it, it has gone everywhere with me.

It is definately an investment, but after a pile of cheap carry all bags that have broken straps and and zippers I am realizing it might just save money in the long run to go with the winner in the beginning!

P.S. This beauty is on sale! Also use my discount code Anna20 for 20% off your order!  Now you have yourself a real deal.

All photos by Chelsey Heidorn Photography, outfit details here.

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