Motherhood in my Twenties

May 10, 2014

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In case you missed, Max wanted to give away his favorite cruise machine…so don’t miss! We have been running around, parking it at the beach, taking daily walks, and running on errands and the Quinny stroller has gone everywhere with us. It is incredibly compact and easy to throw in the trunk of our car. It suits most terrains for running, beach, or stroll. 

And the coolest part of this stroller is that the seat can me attached front facing OR back facing! Max loves to see outwards but when he was younger he just wanted to see mama. Such a good option to have throughout the first year. I also love that it can sit up or lay back with an easy switch on the seat. He lays down to drink his bottle and sits up when we are jogging. I continue to find reasons to go crazy for this stroller:) Motherhood kind of shifts around all your priorities huh? 😉

First born
^^My first son Gabriel^^

Speaking of…been thinking a lot about experiencing motherhood in my twenties…

Gabe and I were among the first of our friends to get married and start a family. 
At 25 we had a brand new baby and were on our own in the big city of Atlanta.
We couldn’t wait for our first Christmas, first birthdays, baseball games, friday night family movie nights, dinner conversations with lots of little ones surrounding us, surprise family road trips, and the list goes on.
I guess you can say in some ways like most parents are, we were naive to the dedication and patience it requires to raise children…

However, I can say I am thankful for that. I am thankful we didn’t wait too long or think too hard about that perfect time to start a family would be. We didn’t even wait for our first home and a decorated nursery. We were in a one bedroom apartment and our first baby’s nursery was a few shelves in our small closet. We both were in the middle of our careers, but I knew that for me, having a successful career was not my ultimate life goal. It was to raise a family with the man I loved. We had the desire to have children, and that is all you really need. The good thing about jumping right in is that doubt and worry didn’t have time to have a say in our life. Parenthood is like diving into an ocean with a strong current and no floating devices. All you can do is use your internal instincts and swim. 

father and son
I have gotten to see Gabe become a father three times. I have fallen for him more with each child.
Love grows deeper and stronger with each selfless choice you make in a marriage. Every time one wakes up early with the spritely two year old, changes the fifth diaper so you don’t have to, patiently sits with the stubborn four year old at the dinner table, or stays up extra late just to have the chance to hear about your day….. love grows there. It becomes deeply rooted and a strong foundation for a happy and peace filled life.
Father son

Having children in my twenties has taught me to be spontaneous despite my more practical ways.
It’s given me the chance to re-live the best parts of my childhood alongside my children. 
To use my energy on adventures, creative projects, and secret missions.
It’s a continual school of virtue on patience, compassion, and an unselfish love.

Real, raw, rock you to your core emotion.
The lump n your throat and tears in your eyes moments over the small milestones they achieve.
Daily heart attacks over almost accidents.
Nightly tears over if you are doing it all okay and if you are a good mother.
The lose your mind cause they drive you crazy and lose your heart cause you love them so much it hurts.


Motherhood has changed my life. It has broken me down and built me back up into a better version of myself. And it continues. I am a work in project, but I am so grateful that my path in life had motherhood earlier on in the journey. And no, we aren’t finished having children (God willing). 🙂

To each of you mothers, mothers to be, mothers with babies in heaven, and mothers who long for one in your arms. I pray that each of you have a blessed weekend. You deserve to be reminded your own life has its own unique path and it is not to be compared with anyone else’s. Each one can be a remarkable experience of life!

Happy Mother’s Day!

s, Anna


This post is sponsored by Quinny USA and is my own words. Thank you for supporting the companies that make this blog possible!



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  • Love your photos.
    Have a nice mother’s day!
    xox, Gap

  • This post brought tears to my eyes. I just became a mother and now only can I undetstand what you mean. My tiny love is only 3 weeks old and I already feel my life is changed for better in a more profound way. (Despite the total lack of sleep and the very sensitive boobies! 😉 It is such an incredible feeling to be a mom. Congrats for being a mom of 3, you rock! Xx

    • Stephanie, each mother’s day means more than the next. Congratulations to you on your little one! Thankful for these babes that change our lives for the better:)

  • Pat schwab

    My mom had 3 children in diapers by the time she was 18. My sisters and I are around a year apart from each other. I really don’t know how she did it. She had my brother when she was 30. Thanks mom for being kind, loving, supportive and my best friend as an adult.

    • Wow that is incredible. Its the toughest when they are all little but its worth it for the friendships they establish early on:)

  • Katie Keys

    Thanks Anna! I have a deepened desire to celebrate mothers… I have such great examples!

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  • What a beautiful post, Anna! Happy Mother’s Day.

  • Your story sounds so similar to mine, especially the one bedroom apartment when having our first child! Happy mothers day!

  • This is so sweet Anna…and it reminds me of my early 20s…Two littles by the time I was 23, finishing up two degrees, starting a career all while caring for them and figuring out who I am as an individual…Thankful for faith and friends such as yourself who provide encouragement along the way 🙂

  • So beautiful, Anna. Thank you for sharing!

  • I love everything about this post.

  • I married at 18, at 21 I had a hubby and 3 babies to care for. Everyone thought I was crazy. It was tough at times when they were tiny but I enjoyed growing up with my kids. Happy Mother’s Day!

  • Happy Mother’s Day Anna! You have always been an inspiration when it comes to parenting and I admire your strong and clear voice on “making my family happy over aspiring to be the Martha Stewart of blogging” – never gonna forget that…
    Have a great weekend!

  • sarah tucker

    So beautiful Anna!

  • this is beautiful. I am celebrating my first mother’s day after waiting what felt like a long time to become a mother and I had no idea the kind of love you have for your baby. so many lessons in motherhood already, I can’t imagine after having three kids 🙂

  • Beautiful post, Anna! Motherhood is truly a refining journey; love watching yours unfold here! xo

  • Madeline

    Yes motherhood does define strollers…and your words summed up everything I’ve gone through these past few years with my husband and toddlers.

    -a tired 26 year old mommy of 2 toddlers 15 months apart

  • I love this so much. Motherhood is definitely my path to heaven–it has forced me to become less selfish and more giving, and it’s hard and beautiful at the same time. Hooray for kids in your twenties and getting started on this journey early! 🙂

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  • This is absolutely beautiful! It makes me so excited to be a mom!

  • love reading this! scofield and i got married early, before all of our friends..and it will quite possibly be the same way when we have kids [who knows – we’ll see]. love hearing a little of your story and heart!

    • We just got the ball rolling…many of our friends started soon after:) The good thing is, that when you and your husband are a team, it’s hard to go wrong!

  • Beautiful post! I am 27 and really want to start our family. I am praying that this year is the year I get pregnant! This post made me that much more confident in the thought that you don’t have to have everything perfectly in place before you have a child.

    • Leah I am so happy to hear it can encourage you a little:) I am sure when your family does come, it will all unfold beautifully!

  • Thank you, for being so honest and speaking in such a positive way about motherhood. Definitely saving this post!

  • This is really the sweetest Mother’s Day post, ever, Anna! I know it’s a little late, but hope you had the most amazing Mother’s Day! Your family is beautiful inside and out – keep doing what you’re doing, lovely lady 😉

  • What a wonderful person you are! may you and your family be blessed with a long happy and loving life. Lots and lots of happiness to you all.

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