#ConsciousClosets: January Additions

January 9, 2015

Building a Wardrobe from Scratch | IHOD

Alas! A long overdue update to the #ConsciousCloset series! If you missed the first post, I started working on building a more intentional wardrobe of good quality, versatile, and timeless pieces! I also am trying to be more conscious of how things are made and where I purchase them from. Granted, it is so difficult to pass up those too good to be true deals, but there are some fantastic ethically made companies who are trying to bring good quality clothing at an affordable rate. These pieces are what I have bought, kept, or been gifted in December and January….

Building a Wardrobe from Scratch

Row 1: Sweater dress, silk tank, panel leggings
Row 2: Leopard flats (similar), leather jacket (similar), pleated skirt (similar)
Row 3: Checked coat, sleeveless sweater, tissue tank
Row 4: Tunic sweater, leather leggings, baseball tunic
Row 5: V-neck sweater, booties (similar), leather trim sweater
Row 6: Smock dress, emerald dress, velvet pants

A few ways I have worn these pieces….
Black and white

Leather leggings | IHOD

Each of these have been worn to death already and interchange really easily with other pieces. Hopefully this can help you with building your own closets according to your style and preference! If you are working on a simple and effective wardrobe, I would love for you to join in the hashtag #consciousclosets! Also, there are several ways you can donate your clothing to the homeless or local thrift stores that benefit good causes. I donate mine to NSpire Outreach and Whispering Hope here in Atlanta:)

Lastly, if you need some packing light for winter ideas, I just published an article on Conde Nast Traveler about the 10 pieces I packed for a week’s worth of outfits!

I feel like I lost ten pounds just writing this post. Cheers!

P.S. How to make this clothing rack here.

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  • This is so great! I have been wanting to do something similar for a while now. I’ve donated so many of my clothes already and have been slowly weeding through my wardrobe. Thanks so much for the inspo!

  • Really happy to see this minimalistic and conscious shopping trend taking place all over. Definitely something I support. Love your clothes rack as well as the matching hangers!

    rae of love from berlin

  • love this! i’m excited to clean out my closet after i have my baby and re-evaluate everything in there! xo jillian

  • Oh, what a lovely top!
    I’ve also been more careful with the amount, quality and style of clothing I buy (since last year). I’ve saved time, money and I’m really happy with my new choices. 🙂

  • This was very much needed for me right now! I’ve been in need of a wardrobe makeover and love the idea with filling it with not only timeless pieces, but ethical ones. Do you have stores or brands that are your favorite? I would love to hear them!

    xo, Kristine @ Life Begins with Z

  • Sharyn Busick

    Great post – some really nice selections! The emerald green is especially pretty. Oh! Wanted to tell you I made your chicken white bean chili and it was scrumptious . . . could eat it every week. I used a rotisserie chicken to save some time. Yuuuuum! 🙂

  • Love this! 🙂 I started doing the capsule wardrobe in December, and think it makes life so much easier. 🙂

  • I love this post! I am trying to do the same with my wardrobe- get rid of the stuff that doesn’t fit my style well, and replace it with good, quality piece that can be worn for years to come. I have been eyeing those leather leggings- how do you find the sizing of them?

    • It’s made me so much happier to cleanse the closet and actually like my wardrobe! The leather leggings were true to size. Super comfortable too since the back is stretch material:)

  • This is a great project. I started the same recently and I am slowly reducing the size of wardrobe with clothes that are adding value rather than volume to my life.

    Good luck to your project dear.


  • Thanks for sharing! I was drawn to the white sleeveless sweater in row 3 but the link is broken. Where can I purchase it?

  • Anna, I love the pieces that you chose! I am interested in doing a clothing capsule or conscious closet. Have been thinking about it but have just kept putting it off… I’m somewhat forced into a conscious closet with maternity clothes now, as I slowly gather them (it’s so hard to find pieces I actually like!). Thanks for sharing this collection!

    • Hi Sherri! Oh yes, a little tough with maternity since the selection isn’t as grand. Have you seen ASOS maternity selection? So good! Congrats my friend:)

  • Which companies would you recommend as affordable?

    • Lou and Grey often has 50% off sales which is when I got my tees for $15 each! Seamly.co has a $50 and under section, and shopethica.com has a $20 off your first purchase of $50 or more deal you can check out!

  • I just came across your blog today and I simply adore it! The DIY clothing rack is genius! Where are the matching hangers from? or did you paint them as well? Love your style, lady!

  • I came, I read this article, I coreeunqd.

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