Declutter: Bathroom + Bedroom Organization

January 10, 2018


I realized recently that with the whirlwind of the past year that I had learned to function with clutter all around me. It’s part of raising little ones who move faster than I do. However, I know not every space in our home has to be this way. When the kitchen or my bedroom is clean and clear I can feel the tension release from my shoulders and mind. I am much more likely to relax in a clean environment than not just because of the way I am wired. So after avoiding my dresser tops and bathroom space for months I finally spent the few hours to declutter and re-organize since this was on top of my caring for the mind goal. Here are a few things that help…


Decluttering Step 1 – Toss it.
If you are like me and hate to waste anything, you tend to hold onto things past their expiration date. After I made the switch to clean beauty and body care items, I knew I didn’t have an excuse to hold onto all of the random half used products I hadn’t used in months. It felt so good to toss out everything and minimize to what I actually use every day.

Step 2 – Everything has a place.
These acrylic storage caddies were a game changer for our bathroom and dresser tops. I previously had my makeup thrown in a bag or drawer so I was always digging around. This storage caddy holds more than meets the eye, and offers a great solution for decluttering your drawers. I used the stackable drawers for hair items, cotton pads, etc. Brushes go in the taller container. Everything has a place now which saves so much time and frees up those mental cobwebs! It also helped me to get rid of excess, and things I didn’t need.

Target, Dollar Tree, Amazon, and Hobby Lobby all had options for storage containers. Most of my beauty products are from Beautycounter.



I used more shallow storage containers for the drawers to hold compacts and smaller products. I just took the lids off.



Bath products:
I found this basket at Home Goods a while back that worked really well for the tub ledge. This is where I keep all of the bath + baby care items for the kids!



Dresser top organization:
My dresser was a full on christmas leftover salad a few days ago. It took a few hours to clear this up! It becomes the catch all at the end of a day. To keep the goal for everything has a place, I used a few simple things.

Do any of you remember my statement necklace phase? Muah ha ha ha! I don’t know what has happened to me, but I don’t wear much jewelry anymore. It must be because I am always in the middle of a home project or wrestling babies. I love simple necklaces though, and this jewelry stand has been wonderful for keeping them detangled! My larger earrings and baubles went in the copper dish.


Lastly, I used one large acrylic tray for a few other skin care items, watches, and glasses. This keeps the dresser top from becoming a catch all!

Isn’t it funny how the things that make us feel lighter, happier, and more free are often the things we avoid? This is something I have been thinking about in both big and small areas of my life. More on that soon;)

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  • Tossing old things out is such an important step! It’s something I always have trouble with, haha.
    Your bathroom looks so fresh after the clean up! Love it! ??

  • This is very helpful! Thank you.

  • Where did you get the towels pictured in the bathroom? I like the colors!

  • This is awesome, Anna, inspiring but not overwhelming. The basket on the tub ledge is such a great idea. Thanks!

  • Hi Anna!
    I’ve really loved your posts for the New Year! Very inspiring especially at this time! My life’s been feeling a little chaotic especially this past year with health, and just life. I’ve also been on a pursuit of balance, declutter, and cleaner living. And a very deep desire to purge the excess and simplify! I’m always looking for ways to organize and optimize space since I live in a smaller older home. I saw your necklace holder, Love it? Since I don’t have a dresser (no space) I used a wall coat hanger…. (you know the old ones that fold together like an accordion) I hung it on my wall and added a piece of lace behind for earrings. This works especially well for long necklaces. I hung it it where it catches some afternoon sun… so the jewelry sparkles & dances on the walls✨ ☀️
    Thanks again for always sharing your light?

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