pantry storage and organization

A few simple ways we save money on food for a big family.

January 14, 2020

pantry storage and organization

Before we started our spending freeze, I knew I needed to take stock of everything we had and meal plan! Since we have quite a crew to feed now, I thought I would share some super quick tips on how we try to save time and money on food and meal prep…

What it usually looks like? 😉 See the halloween and 4th of July items?

✔️Meal plan for a week at a time, and order groceries online. It always saves us time and money! (I use Shipt or Kroger clicklist) I also include what I think we might need for breakfast, snacks, and lunches.

✔️ Go through your pantry and fridge weekly to take stock of what you have before you meal plan. This usually helps us to be more resourceful and waste less food. It’s easy to forget what is in your own freezer sometimes!

✔️ Buy staples in bulk. We have a Costco membership, and buy items in bulk that we use frequently because that saved change adds up quick!

✔️ Make double batches of items you can freeze or have a few days later for leftovers. This saves us from spending $45 for our fam of 8 on fast food when we are in a time crunch.

✔️Move what you need to use up in the front sections of your pantry or fridge so you remember to use it before it expires! This especially helps with produce. (It works!)

✔️Batch cooking – I’ve been doing more batch cooking for breakfast and lunches for the week. For example, if I make a big batch of quinoa salad, Gabe and I are more likely to eat a good lunch for the week vs. eating the scraps off of our kids plates (mamas can you relate?!).

✔️I recently joined Rebecca of A Daily Something’s Capsule Kitchen Challenge. She has so much resourceful knowledge on this topic, and I am looking forward to learning more from her!

pantry storage and organization

Storage Supplies
Glass Jars with Oak Lids
Similar Hermitage Glass Jars (3 ltr.)
Prokeeper Flour and Sugar Containers
Cereal Dispensers
Acrylic Canisters (Used for coffee)
Slide and Pour Dispensers (used for rice)
Snack canisters
Rustic Wire Storage Baskets
Woven Storage Baskets
(I found several containers for a steal at Bealls Outlet recently as well!)

It’s hard to find motivation to cook dinner, and I swear a good meal planner helps! I found mine at Target, but also love Annie Taylor’s and Erin Condren’s. What tips would add to this list?

​​​​​​​*In case you missed, our laundry room to pantry conversion.

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  • These are all awesome tips! Shopping our pantry seriously saves us so much money!


  • Love these tips! We have a family of 8 as welk and are on a budget and have to be smart or we would soend all our money on food🤦🏻‍♀️ I have also been trying batch coonint and it’s a life saver especially when we are on the go because when we have to be some where it’s so tempting to get fast food but having extra food prepared saves so much $

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