21 peach paint colors

21 Peach Paint Colors + Dresser Makeover

January 12, 2021

DIY furniture makeover

We are nearing the end of Chiara’s room design, and something I realized through this process was that color makes me really happy. I knew that, but we lived in an open house concept with lots of white for so long that I forgot just how much it can shift a mood. So my 2021 goal? More color inside the walls of my own home. The only thing we can seem to control these days anyways, dang it!

21 peach paint color guide

(Bathroom photo source)

Rounded up some beautiful peach/clay pink/blush tones including the one we used for Chiara’s room. I ended up requesting Arizona Peach at 50% color reduction to get just the color I was aiming for. Painted the ceilings the same color with an even lighter saturation formula.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Hopefully this guide makes it easy for you to pin now, refer back later, and have handy for your paint store visit.

dresser makeover - how to remove chalk paint

I am learning the art of patience with furniture pieces. I want to buy more second hand, but it does require a little time to regularly check in with FB marketplace or OfferUp if you are looking for something specific. I knew a vintage or french victorian style dresser would be a great fit for Chiara’s room but I couldn’t find one under $600 online. I ended up finding a great match on FB that would need just a little work.

We removed the wax coating on the chalk paint with mineral spirits, and it didn’t need any sanding after that!

Gabe was eager to break in our new paint sprayer which definitely ended up doing half the work for us. (Highly recommend using these painters tape/plastic sheets to prep.) A little Barkeepers Friend on the knobs, and it now looks like a brand new piece. I used to find so much joy in fixing up old furniture, and this was just the project to wake me up out of my winter slumber. What is the best second hand score you have ever found??

Looking forward to sharing the full room tour very soon!

Sources: Lamp // Vintage Art Prints // Frames via Framebridge // Linen blackout curtains

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  • In the 90’s this colour was very popular and I used it too to paint the walls in my appartment. Nowadays my love for this colour is over, for me it is a bit of old fashioned. But maybe one day that will change again 😉 .

    • I think color will always be around, and color palettes will come and go in waves. It’s very subjective! I actually don’t gravitate trends, so made me happy to start adding color when everyone else is going neutral;)

  • This looks great ! ☺️

  • I painted my home office peach last year and tested sooooooo many samples! I ended up with Benjamin Moore “Daytona Peach.” When the sun comes in in the morning the whole room looks like it is glowing. Love me some peach walls! 🙂

  • I’ve always loved the fact you didn’t shy away from color or pattern, or follow a certain trend! We just recently sold our tiny home 😭 and every square foot of it was color (I went a tad bit overboard ☺️) but our home was always described as “cozy” or “inviting”. Now we’re moving into a home almost 3x the size, a new build. We are saying no to all the upgrades to save some cash and be able to put our stamp in it, So I want to try to incorporate things like color and patterns (maybe removable wall paper 🤔) with a balance of neutrals to really make the place ours and bring it to life! I will definitely continue to follow your home journey for inspiration! ❤️

    • Shauna, how exciting! Removable wallpaper is a great way to bring in some pattern fun without the pressure of long term commitment;) I think neutrals can be so calming too. Good luck with the move and making it feel like home!

  • Looks so happy, just like little Chiara! What color did you paint the dresser? Looks so timeless. 🙂

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