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Packing Organization Tips for Family Travel

May 6, 2016

  (Escape Canvas bag, Steamline luggage (use code IHOD10 for 10% off), Vintage suitcase, Market Tote, Nena and Co Tote)

Today I find it quite humorous that we pack the same amount now for a weekend away with four children than when we did with one. I am sure it was because I didn’t know what to expect and if there is room in the car, I WILL fill it. 😉  As we have grown as a family, I have learned a few tricks here and there that have helped tremendously for being prepared for the “just in case” scenarios without overdoing it as well as realize the freedom in minimal packing! I tried to snap the process to break it down. I’m always up for hearing additional packing organization tips for family travel.


Storing your Jewelry and Packing it Pretty

May 11, 2011

As you know, I am crazy about organization ideas. These are two that were inspiring me this week….

I think I will work on packing a little more neatly for my upcoming NYC trip! 🙂
Do you have any travel plans for the summer?
P.S. I am guest posting today over at Michaela’s…..I just love this girl! SO sweet.
And the theme- She Loves Me, She Loves Me not.….head over to see the things I am loving and the things that rub me the wrong way! 😀

The best of 2016 and moving forward.

January 5, 2017

I wanted to jump into a new fresh start on the blog this week, and not even take the time to look over and evaluate the past year. I realized, however, that I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the highs and lows of the year in order to move forward in the right direction. Each of you readers that visit IHOD are the reason I am able to keep going this year, and it is important to me that I keep an honest dialogue with you because if you are going to invest time in IHOD, I want that time to be an uplifting part of your day. I apologize in advance for the lengthy post, but these things need to be addressed!

I ended the year pretty burnt out as I do almost every year, and welcomed the extra time with my children and husband at home. I could have used two more weeks, but I decided the number one rule/resolution/goal whatever you want to call it, is not to force anything. This will apply in all areas of my life. Regret, bad moods, stressed relationships, missed moments….all of those things are a result of forcing good to happen. I just want to BE this year, and allow myself the ability to experience each day as it comes without self imposed expectations. Still with me? Okay good.




Let’s start with a look back on your favorite posts from last year shall we? Some of these surprised me, but others I quite agree with you on ;)….


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