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Backyard blooms, favorite flower pots, and a patio furniture round up.

April 26, 2022

This is the first time we have gotten to see the wisteria over our pergola in all it’s blooming glory. A late frost killed all the blooms last year, and we never got to see the flowers. I am completely in awe every morning, and it has been a beautiful visual to the feeling of coming out of a long hard season. We wanted to share some of our favorite spring blooms today + some of the planters and patio furniture we used out back!


Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

November 2, 2021

thanksgiving table and menu

I know it’s easy to want to skip to Christmas everything, but I do love Thanksgiving. It will be down to the wire if our kitchen will be in use by then. (Crossing my fingers.) I enjoy styling the table every year – especially the challenge of working with what you already have. Sharing a few past Thanksgiving table spreads today, as well as a round up of Thanksgiving table decor ideas and pieces.

bedroom design

Simple Home Updates: Candles & Cozy Throws Round Up

October 5, 2021

bedroom design

(Similar knit throw, Similar Bed, Similar Nightstands, Similar lamps, Curtains, Vase, Rug)

It’s easy to think about updating your home in large scale ways, but I think there. are some simple things that can really make you feel excited about a space. It doesn’t take much to make a room feel warm and welcoming. Maybe it’s a stack of your old favorite magazine or books on the table, cozy pillows, or a good blanket to curl up in. I personally love cracking a window after deep cleaning my room, and lighting a few candles. As temps are finally cooling here in TN, I was in the mood to hunt down some good seasonal scented candles and chunky cozy throws. We rounded up some really good ones below!


Timeless Vases under $60

September 29, 2021

A few years ago I picked up a bunch of faux floral stems at Michaels, Target, and Crate and Barrel and was able to make quite a few arrangements I re-use every fall. It’s a simple way to add some autumn color to your home without it being overwhelming. I also think if you find a timeless vase, it will last for many seasons! We rounded up a bunch of timeless vases under $60 below that would pair well with some floral stems!


Mix and Match Fall Wreaths + Doormats

September 21, 2021


(Similar wreath (sold out already!), doormat, rug, lanterns)

I was stubbornly resisting fall (only because I dread winter), but as soon as the cool mornings came through I was sheepishly strolling through the autumn decor. I found a few really good wreath and doormat options to mix and match to dress your door this season!


IHOD Community: Hope for Families Wishlists

November 9, 2020

When Gabe and I first got married, we were barely making ends meet. He was a new teacher, and I was taking freelance design jobs. We would often go to bed with knots in our stomach, wondering if our checks would bounce at the end of the month. There were people who came to our aid in moments when we didn’t have the means, and we resolved to always look for the families who are needing reminders of hope.

All month long, we will be sharing stories from our community of readers who have nominated a family who needs some extra hope this season. We know small contributions can make tidal waves when pulled together, and can make a significant impact on these families. When we lift others, we are reminded that the heart of humanity is connection with each other. Let’s show them some light after a difficult year. Read through, and if you can’t financially contribute, maybe you can share with someone who can? We appreciate you all!


A Simple Homemade Applesauce Recipe

October 9, 2019

Now that we have a million pounds of apples from our apple farm visit, I decided to divide them up and do a few easy recipes with them. You would think applesauce would be too much effort, but turns out it only requires a few ingredients and 30 minutes time! The best part about this simple homemade applesauce recipe? It fills your house with the aroma of autumn!

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