Welcome to In Honor of Design! I started this blog as a graphic designer, with an affinity towards all things design. As IHOD has grown with us over the years, the goal of this space continues to be a place that looks for a perspective to make the most of the life you have been given. Wherever you stumbled here from, we appreciate you visiting!

If you are new here, you can get to know my husband Gabe and I a little more by how we met, and a recent family update explaining how we run the blog together.

disclosure: All photos and images on the blog are by IHOD unless otherwise specified.  Sponsored posts are always fully disclosed, and if an item is gifted it will be marked with c/o. Affiliate links are used at times in which a small profit is earned from sales. Thank you for supporting the companies that allow me to continue devoting time to IHOD. 

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