front loader vs top loader washing machines pros and cons

Front-Loader Vs. Top-Loader Washing Machines

January 26, 2023


I don’t think we have ever received as many opinions on a topic than front loader vs. top loader washing machines! I am going to share the list of pros and cons after reading through hundreds of responses of first hand experiences.

A room for sisters - girls bedroom design

Girls’ Bedroom Tour

January 19, 2023

A room for sisters - girls bedroom design

We started this room over a year ago, and I actually have loved being able to take my time thinking through the layout and design for this room for our girls. This is a “bonus room” we converted into a bedroom for all three sisters to share! So how about a tour? Come on in!

(Photography by the talented Joseph Bradshaw)


Kids’ Art Display Ideas

January 16, 2023

Kids art display

I finished up the girls’ room and had to share this easy kids’ art display idea. My girls are crafting and coloring daily and always asking me to hang their work. I was looking for a solution that would let them easily hang the art themselves and even swap it out when they wanted. These bulletin bar strips ended up being a great solution!

Photography by Joseph Bradshaw


A New Year Note

January 13, 2023

christmas morning

Is it too late for a Happy New Year salutation?! I hope each of you have had a peaceful start to 2023. We are getting back into the post-holiday swing, and I admit I am sad the holidays have already come and gone. Our kids anticipate this time all year, and their excitement is contagious—although I admit I am still recovering from the many meals, surprises, visitors, snow clothes, and perpetual laundry cycles. All part of the Christmas fun!

christmas brunch recipe

Savory Croissant Strata Recipe!

December 14, 2022

christmas brunch recipe

My mom always made a brunch strata for Christmas and Easter. She would prep the day ahead, and stick it in the oven while everyone opened gifts. Of course when everyone remembered they were actually starving, the aroma of the delicious strata was filling the home. I have since dabbled in making something similar for my own kids, and croissants have been the winner! This Savory Croissant Strata Recipe is a nostalgic nod to childhood memories. I am so happy to share it with you to use any time of the year! Prep ahead Christmas Eve or NYE and bake the next morning:)


Holiday Gift Guide: $20 and Under

December 5, 2022

gift ideas under $20

I hunted down some gifts I personally love or ideas I would gift that are all under $20. We do a family gift exchange every year with my own siblings, and we usually keep a smaller budget for it. Same with the gift exchange we do with our kids. This has me always keeping an eye out for fun and thoughtful ideas that don’t break the bank!

gift guide for kids

Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

November 25, 2022

We always tell our kids to think really hard about what they want to wish for instead of an endlessly long list of things they want. I love seeing their wheels turn as they carefully think through and write down their wishes. We don’t do super big gifts for Christmas, but it is usually gifts we know they will really love and use more than a few times. I like to surprise them with something not on their list as well. Bonus points if it won’t break in ten minutes (this has definitely happened a time or two on Christmas morning). This gift guide is a mix of things our kids have loved in the past, or has really peaked my interest for different age groups.

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