The 3 gifts tradition.

December 14, 2018

As you know, simplicity is something I have been focusing on this year, and the holidays have already felt so much lighter as a result. I have in a way removed all of the expectations I usually place on myself to do, see, and check off the list before the 25th. It is something I always say I will be better at, and yet I fill my plate till it is overflowing. Why do we feel the need to do all of these things in the first place? Is it a fear of missing out? Or maybe quite the opposite…we feel the need to stuff. To stuff our minds and schedules to make sure we maximize every bit of happiness possible? Isn’t it funny though, that in the moments where I felt like I was forced to be still, the relief and the peace came?

48 hrs of Christmastime in NYC!

December 11, 2018

It has been on my mind now more than ever how fast time goes as I watch my children shoot up faster than bamboo. This year has felt like a chain of dominos tipping one day into the next and watching as the speed only progresses. When I started to think about Christmas and what I hoped it could be for our family, I knew I needed to not only pause the work, but also make time for our marriage. A peaceful home starts with peaceful parents after all. In a rare moment of spontaneity, we decided to use up some skymiles and do something we have been wanting to do for years….NYC at Christmastime.

Cozy throws under $50.

December 5, 2018

I admittedly have a blanket problem. I love a cozy throw, and have a hard time passing them up when they are on sale! They are my favorite gift to give. Throws also are an easy way to warm up bedding if the duvet’s are thinner like in our guest room above. I noticed I bookmarked quite a few on sale, so sharing them today for you! 10 cozy throws under $50.



More trust in stillness, and restoring equilibrium.

December 4, 2018


Taking a break from work this month gave me permission to actually write and post without the self imposed pressures or expectations! I can actually write more for my own personal self reflection and enjoyment, and share it for any of you still actually read blogs;)

As I wrapped the 30 Day decluttering effort, I found myself sitting with the realization that for so long I have desired rest without knowing how to actually rest. In theory, it is easy to opt for a peaceful and slow advent leading up to our favorite holiday, but in practice it has felt impossible for me to put into practice in the past. Last year, I was determined to slow down so we worked really hard to wrap everything up early, but I pushed myself a little too hard. My body shut down not long after and the flu took me out for several days before the New Year. Once again, I stepped into January exhausted, burned out, and determined to start over with better habits this year.



30 ideas for mental and physical decluttering.

November 30, 2018


I started a 30 Day clean up series on my personal instagram account at the beginning of the month, and it has challenged me to face all of the things I have been procrastinating on. Many times our physical spaces can be a reflection of the mental or emotional chaos or clutter we feel. I wanted to make room for a peace filled December, and in the process, this list brought to attention some things I didn’t even realize about myself. When we can peel away layers, find quiet, and learn how to important the calm is, we may actually find the roadblocks keeping us from peace. It isn’t too late to print this out, and go through it this month so you can head into the new year feeling rejuvenated versus exhausted and overwhelmed.


Rugs now available in the IHOD shop!

November 27, 2018

(The Lima Rug)

So thrilled to finally share a collection of rugs we chose from our favorite rug vendor, Momeni to offer you in the IHOD Shop. These are a mix of rugs we have in our own home, and a few other favorites. We will be adding more over the next month, and I can’t wait to see them come to life in your homes!


My Favorite Black Friday Sale Finds

November 21, 2018


In case all of the sales were overwhelming for you, here is a round up of finds from a few sites we love!


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