Kitchen Series: Going Green

January 19, 2021

Green cabinet paint colors - IHOD

You may remember I originally debated between timeless white and going green. I knew if and when we move, white is a safe color for re-sale value. However, this is the kitchen that will be ours for at least a few more years. I want it to stay true to the original goal of renovating this house to feel like our home! That being said, I decided to go green after all, and I already feel so much more excited about moving forward with it. After researching several color options, I’m sharing a cheat sheet of fantastic green paint colors for kitchen cabinets too.


Most Used Items of the Year

January 15, 2021

most used items - IHOD

I thought it was time to pass along my tried and true list of most used items this year. I usually only like to recommend a product if I am really sure about it. These really did bless the mess of 2020. I would love to hear yours as well!

  1. Charcoal Mask – With mask wearing came lots of lovely breakouts this, and this charcoal mask has been the best overnight spot treatment. My son has been wearing masks all day in school so the charcoal bar has been great for him. (They are offering a 20% off code for first time orders right now, and travel size mask is free with a Band of Beauty.)
  2. Thrive mascara – The only makeup item I am loyal to is mascara since it can fool me into believing I am not tired. I have tried all of the cleaner options too, and this one wins. No residue and applies thick. It does feel clumpy at the end of the day though.
  3. Frother – Not a necessity by any means, but certainly our most used item of the year. Gabe and I both look forward to our morning coffee and this amazing gadget turns it into a frothy latte. So easy to use, and pretty sure it’s the reason we pretty much cut out drive through coffee orders.
  4. Clean Deo – I’ve tried all of the clean deodorants. I admit I was skeptical about the new Beautycounter Clean Deo, but after a few months of use I have been so impressed at how high performing this one is. It’s a clean ingredient formula they have been working on for 5 yrs that feels lightweight (not pasty), lasts all day, and has incredible scents. I also love that it is re-fillable so when you run out, you just order a refill cartridge.
  5. CBD Oil – Back in the spring, I realized anxiety was getting the best of me. I read up on the benefits of CBD oil, consulted my doctor, and researched places to get purely sourced CBD. I started taking Equilibria’s liquid drops and gel capsules, and immediately noticed a difference. Grateful for this resource that helped keep me mentally stronger for my family this year. You can read FAQ’s about CBD oil here. *So important to consult your doctor as well as sometimes medication may be the best answer!* You can also use code: ‘inhonorofdesign’ for 15% off! (Gabe and I both use the balance box for best price.)
  6. Productivity Planner – I was looking for a planner that had an area for block scheduling, to-dos, meal planning, goal tracker, and monthly calendar. A tall order, but this one checked all of the boxes! I keep an online calendar too, but having things on pen and paper helps me remember so much better.
  7. W & P Porter Ceramic Mug – Diswasher/microwave safe ceramic to go mug that fit in my car console. I take drinks seriously – he he. Also love a good insulated drink carrier to keep coffee hot all morning.
  8. Airpods – I actually hate that this is even on my list. ha! When these first came out I thought it was ridiculous to pay that amount for ear buds. After buying three sets of knockoffs that all broke or didn’t function properly, I finally caved. I get it now. They just work really well. They have long lasting battery life which I appreciate the most. I use these all of the time for podcasts.
  9. Zella Leggings – Pretty much lived in these activewear leggings. Motivation to actually be active was slim, but it would remind me to move my body for ten minutes a day with the kids or sometimes late at night. Love the side pockets as well.

What were your most used items this year? Probably should have included all of the quarantine snacks….

21 peach paint colors

21 Peach Paint Colors + Dresser Makeover

January 12, 2021

DIY furniture makeover

We are nearing the end of Chiara’s room design, and something I realized through this process was that color makes me really happy. I knew that, but we lived in an open house concept with lots of white for so long that I forgot just how much it can shift a mood. So my 2021 goal? More color inside the walls of my own home. The only thing we can seem to control these days anyways, dang it!


A Powerful Resource for a Peace Filled Year – Life Projection Plan

January 4, 2021


I have shared the Life Projection Plan here before as the guide we use and re-visit every year. It’s kind of a blue print we can check in with whenever life throws crazy curveballs, or even if it’s steadily on track. A wise mentor had recommended it, and it made such a difference on the way we approached the year, and it brought so much peace. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​I shared it as a free download to our newsletter fam last year, but want to share it here in case you missed. I really believe it can be an unwavering pillar to keep you focused on the core purpose and goals you want to root your life in. 2020 proved that for us!


Christmas Letter 2020

December 23, 2020

I thought I had already learned the lesson. You know, the one about simplifying, focusing on what matters most, and cutting out all of the excess? That is what I thought I had gotten really good at the last few years after going through a season of loss. Well 2020 made a student out of me once again, and I had much to learn in this department.


Chocolate Pudding Cookies

December 13, 2020

chocolate pudding cookie recipe

I was very tempted to title these Reindeer Patties;) It wouldn’t do the taste of the cookies justice however! These cookies are chocolatey, fudgey, brownie like, addictive goodness that make a really sweet neighbor treat.

This is Gabe’s recipe that he has been tweaking for a few years now until he could get the consistency and flavor he was looking for. We actually make them without the peppermint sprinkles year round! Thought it was time to let you in on this secret chocolatey goodness.


Dining Room Design Plans

December 10, 2020

dining room - in the midnight hour - benjamin moore

We started the dining room renovation today, and this will be a room with some bold color and pattern. I am going back to my roots! I have always loved color, and somewhere along the way (probably the influence of white walled everything on instagram) I stuck with safer colors. White can serve a purpose to make spaces feel big and open, and I still love that. However, since this is a more closed off space, it felt like a great opportunity to go for it.

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