We Are Coming to You! A Complete Room Makeover Giveaway

March 4, 2021

In Honor of Design - Gabe and Anna Liesemeyer

I could barely sleep last night because I have been so excited to announce this opportunity! We know it has been a tough year for so many people, and this is a way we can serve and give back. WE ARE GIVING AWAY A COMPLETE ROOM MAKEOVER! Not only that, but we are offering the option for us to come to you to install and set it up! (In a safely planned way.) We have been wanting to offer this opportunity for a long time as a way to give back to the wonderful IHOD community. We have received many requests over the years asking if we offer design help for other homes, so this is a way to make it happen for now! Read on for the details.


Colorful Shared Bedroom Plans for 3 Girls

February 25, 2021

bonus room

When we found this house at the last minute, we kept an open mind with what we could change to make it more functional for our family. Most homes with a “bonus room” are used as additional lounge space in the upstairs, but we will be converting the room into a colorful shared bedroom for the girls.


Weekend Notes: Simple Valentine’s Day Weekend Plans, Movie Picks, Tips for Second Hand Shopping, etc

February 13, 2021

Via Grit and Polish

It would be the easiest year to let some things slide, and I have definitely gone easy on myself in many regards! I’m sure so many of us are feeling the lack of motivation for the things that used to make us happy. I admit I was to just let this Valentine’s Day slip by, but maybe this is the year we all need these small efforts most.

wallpaper closet - whimsical wallpaper

Closet Makeover Steps + Pattered Wallpaper Options

February 9, 2021

Before we were crazy enough to wallpaper our entire dining room we had a little warm up with Chiara’s closet. It had been a while since our last wallpaper attempt, and it took a bit to find a groove. All in all it wasn’t too bad considering we only had one panel that didn’t survive, and Gabe and I survived the tense close quarters scenario without hating each other! Today I am sharing a good look at the before and after as well as supplies we used, and 12 other whimsical wallpapers that would make for some happy closet spaces.


Getting used to the unexpected. A life update.

February 5, 2021

first trimester - pregnancy

I have been blogging for a decade now. That feels crazy to write. Instagram in many ways has replaced how and what I used to share here since it was where the majority of our readers like to hang out.

However, I was reading some old posts the other day, all of which I had forgotten about. Stories and experiences that still stirred up memories as if they had just happened, and it reminded me of why it still matters to me to write sometimes. I no longer have it in me to share deeply personal things online anymore, but I do think there is a need for truth and reality in a seemingly endless sea of online perfectionism. What we all need now more than anything is camaraderie and connection. Our goal with IHOD has always been to share in a way that invites you in and allows you to be encouraged, to feel welcome, and hopefully uplifted along the way. So how about a brief life update?


Dining Room Update + Lighting Round Up

February 1, 2021

Dining room design - wallpaper - chandelier - lighting

We finished the dining room wallpaper project just before Christmas break! It was a challenge to say the least, but since the wallpaper we used was thicker it was easier to apply than removable. We are really close to the end result for this room! The chandelier arrived, so sharing some updated views!


21 Ideas to Declutter + Organize Your Home

January 27, 2021

Every year I go through it. The sudden urge to declutter, organize, and minimize every corner of my life. It doesn’t come naturally to me, and I have to really think through and write a list to make things happen. It’s a habit I am working on for the overall flow and function of our home! Writing a list made it seem instantly less intimidating. Sharing the list I tackled last year in case you also hit turbo clean mode at any point this season. I have experienced in my own life that physically decluttering gives our minds mental clarity and space to breath! ​​​​​​​

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