Pantry design project from start to finish + total cost. (VIDEO)

March 24, 2020

Currently, our pantry is our most pinned post on pinterest. I think it might have to do with everyone being stuck indoors? The real question is, have you organized your sock drawer yet?!

I realized we never got the chance to share how we built out our pantry design conversion video and process. Today, Gabe is going to share the materials we used for our pantry design, the instructions, total cost, and the all of the sources for the storage containers. 


Our new family schedule, things keeping our home happy, and something I signed up for…

March 20, 2020

living room

In the wake of this worldwide pandemic we want to take a little time this weekend to re-group for how to best serve our families and community from within the walls of our home. I wanted to go ahead and share the good things from this week….a loose daily schedule we are following for schooling the kids at home, a few things I am doing to stay mentally strong, etc.


20 stress relieving activities to do at home with kids.

March 16, 2020

With the country on the verge of a mandatory quarantine, I spent the weekend trying to get organized for schooling our kids at home, and having boredom busters on hand so we all still like each other at the end of this! I hope this list is helpful. We can do this one day at a time! Included some things you can order online as well so you don’t have to leave your home…


3 Easy Steps for Painting Dressers

March 12, 2020





An easy way to pull together a room design is pulling a color from your wallpaper or the accent wall color and painting it on one of your furniture pieces within the room! We just did this in one of our bedrooms to the IKEA Hemnes dresser. Sharing the 3 easy steps for painting a dresser to last.




Favorite Non-toxic Disinfectant Cleaners + Household Supplies

March 11, 2020

I have tested a bunch of non-toxic cleaners over the last few years, and I have found a few I really love that are effective and budget friendly. I’d love to hear yours as well!


The Home Hunt: Will it be our forever home?

March 5, 2020

We have started the house hunt in the Nashville area, and we know it won’t be an easy search. It is a fast growing city, and cost of housing is pretty inflated right now. Today I wanted to discuss what we are looking for in our next home, as well as addressing will it be our forever home?

grandparents - new baby - hospital visit

Redefining Postpartum Recovery to Support Health and Healing

March 2, 2020

grandparents - new baby - hospital visit

It’s been over 5 months since Chiara was born, and it took till about the 4 month mark for me to feel like the fog had cleared. You know….when everything stops feeling blurry, and you can actually connect your sentences again! It has been a time when the bliss of being with my baby has also been mixed with the anxiety of feeling like I am not enough for anyone. The joy of seeing her with her siblings was also mixed with feeling down and out of sorts. It is so natural to want to share the highs, and shuffle the lows underneath the rug. Perhaps though, if we gave more pause to the unspoken difficulties of new motherhood, the isolation we tend to feel would dissipate a little more. Having Chiara, like each of my children, has transformed my heart. I hope that in giving words to the often hard and beautiful sides of the coin, you feel the strength to do so too.

I asked my friend Crystal Karges, RDN, to write today’s post. She is a Maternal Health Specialist who has a wonderful way of offering new mothers a healthier perspective during postpartum season…


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