Birth Intentions, Birth Prep Aids, + Hospital Essentials.

August 21, 2019

Considering Azelie came 4 weeks early, I started scrambling over the weekend to pack a bag this time to be ready to go! (The braxton hicks are already starting. Yikes!) As I am learning more about the perspective and narratives surrounding birth in our culture, it is no surprise I was under the impression it was as simple as choosing to have an epidural or not. After sharing more of my experience about healing from past birth experiences to prepare for this one, so many of you had some encouraging tips and resources I started to dive into. My eyes have been opened to how more importantly than a birth plan is preparing yourself mentally and emotionally for bringing your baby into the world. I wanted to share a few things that have helped me prepare for this birth, as well as what I am bringing in my hospital bag…


The start of school, baby update, a final paint color decision, and a new series!

August 16, 2019

Backyard Movie Night – (We’ve been using the same projector for a few years! )


1. It’s been a week of adjusting to new routines, and cramming in a bunch of home projects we are trying to wrap up before the baby comes! I am feeling the need to slow down though, and prep myself both physically and mentally for the birth. I’ve never been good about taking care of myself, so determined to rest leading up to the birth and after the birth properly this time! I found out at the doctor the baby already has hair, and switched from breech to head down – two things that oddly made me tear up. (Although that seems to be a daily occurrence these days. #pregnancy) I will share the things that have helped me prepare next week since you all shared so many helpful tips.



The Boys’ Room Tour!

August 14, 2019

I had Tara Carter come and shoot some updated photos of the boys’ room…and shockingly got it lego free for a few brief hours! Over the last year I have kept my eye out for vintage pieces and organization solutions for my boys’ room to tie it all together. It’s one of my favorite things about finishing a space….finding the things that will make the room more personal to the people who will use it the most.

Today we are sharing an updated tour of this bedroom with never before seen views, and hopefully answering some of your source and layout quesitons!


My Pregnancy Capsule Wardrobe

August 13, 2019

Top left to bottom right: White tunic dress, Clementine midi dress set, Pleated neutral flowy skirt (similar), Black tank dress


I never want to spend money on clothing I am only going to be wearing a few months! Howevr, it can make all the difference in your pregnancy to find a few things that make you feel comfortable and confident in those very awkward phases of growth;) I decided this go around to buy just a few basics to pair along with what I already had on hand, and repeat throughout my second and third trimester. So here ya go….a simple pregnancy capsule for warmer months!


DIY Floating Wood Shelves + Clothing Bar

August 7, 2019

Today’s post is written by Gabe Liesemeyer.

As always, don’t be intimidated by the amount of words you see in front of you in this “how to”. I am a teacher at heart, so I explain things in depth in order to make the process as simple as possible. I have it broken down into two sections to make it easier to understand.  If video format is more your thing, check out the how-to video here!

Tip: When purchasing wood, always search through the stock to find the straightest/cleanest boards you can find. This always makes things easier while making and installing. 


Going Green + Choosing the right swatches, color matching samples, and selecting the details.

August 6, 2019

Sources: Bed / Rug / Glass Vases / Throw / Crib / Dresser – Paint swatches on the top via Magnolia (a few I am considering!) and bottom via Coco Kelly.

I’ve been itching to do a room design that incorporates some deep olive green paint, but wasn’t sure if we could swing it in our own home. Now that we are moving rooms around though, an opportunity opened up to re-design a bedroom. I am going to share the process from start to finish, so first things first….paint colors! Finding the right shades of green paint, color matching paint samples, testing paint in your space, and choosing what finish to use…


Girls Room Closet Makeover

August 1, 2019

With the new baby coming we have been shifting rooms, and subsequently closets! It’s a crazy amount of things that can accumulate in such small spaces, and today we get to share the before, during, and after of a closet clean out + makeover of our girls’ room. (Custom shelves DIY here!)

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