Simple DIY Garden Beds

April 28, 2019

There were three garden beds in our backyard when we moved in, but unfortunately the boards were old and splitting. So this week we decided to re-build some simple DIY garden beds made of cedar wood. It does take a good deal of time weed, re-cultivate soil, and fill the beds but it really is an easier thing to build than you would think!


A Patio Plant Guide!

April 23, 2019

We have written posts on indoor and outdoor plants over the years, but I thought we would compile an easy list of patio favorites for when you are ready to spruce up your space!


The best place to find classic art prints…

April 17, 2019

Sources: Tufted bench, candlesticks, Round vase, patterned curtains, velvet curtains, Jute rug, Snow shag rug

Seeing tremendous architectural and art history of the Notre Dame cathedral burn in Paris this week got me thinking about why it felt like a hit in the gut to so many people. I think it points to the significance of what art can actually do for someone. It can move the soul, and direct our minds upwards. The cathedral impacted so many people just by looking at it. A true testimony of what a masterpiece it truly is.

I think Anne Hathaway actually hit the nail on the head…

“I know this (Notre Dame) is an inspired representation of an even greater divinity. I know this blessed place is a human-made interpretation of what is mysterious, unknowable, and undefinable and while seeing her burn brings tears to my eyes, I know even flames cannot diminish her sacredness.”


20+ Easter Basket Ideas for all Ages

April 9, 2019

Thanks for bearing with us as we navigate lots of changes in our lives! I couldn’t let this week go by without sharing some fun Easter basket ideas. We keep it pretty simple and sweet around here, but I know things can start feeling redundant after several Easters with 5 kiddos of different ages, so I’m pushing myself beyond sidewalk chalk this year;) Here are 20 Easter Basket ideas …


Summer Bedding

March 25, 2019

This comforter version of our coverlet is available on UO.

Thanks to that second trimester nesting energy, I seem to have caught the bug to shift and change and clean my way through the entire house! Yikes. We are going to be changing things up in our bedroom, and the first thing we did was switch from winter to summer bedding….timed perfectly with our A/C unit breaking…


Weekender: Instagram vs. Blogging?

March 22, 2019

It seems we are always adjusting sails around here. I have blogged pretty diligently for so many years but this past year for the first time I had to slow way down with the amount of blog posts I could put up. There has been such a big crowd shift to social media platforms, and I see how a good portion of our readers are just consuming our content on instagram. It requires us to treat both spaces differently, and creating content for both spaces can be very time consuming. While we still have plenty of you visiting this space frequently, it is constantly leaving us torn as to where to pour our time.


Family Travel: Disney World in a Day!

March 19, 2019

So glad we captured their reaction to the surprise on film.

Gabe and I have been wanting to take our kids to Disney World for so long, but there hasn’t ever been the right time. I would say this spontaneous decision could have gone either way, but this time it turned out in our favor. Phew! My nausea and fatigue from first trimester pregnancy had just came to a halt, and with the new burst of energy I felt like it just might be the right time to conquer the world! …..well Disney World at least. In today’s post we wanted to share this video of surprising the kids and a few highlights from the day, as well as a re-cap of making the most of one day in Magic Kingdom with varying ages!

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