DIY wall panels - wainscoting

DIY Decorative Wall Panels.

November 8, 2019

DIY wall panels - wainscoting


I love when Gabe and I get the chance to work on a project together. I knew in my head what I wanted the outcome to be, and thanks to some sketches, visuals, and lots of problem solving, Gabe make it come to life! Today he is share the DIY for these decorative wall panels he constructed and installed in our master bedroom. This is a fairly easy process that takes between one to two weekends depending on how you decide to tackle it! (More explanation on that in a moment.) 

The key to this project is precision when making any cuts to ensure nice tight joints and lines…which is not hard if you have the patience:)



postpartum recovery resources

The fourth trimester. (Adjusting to a new baby.)

November 6, 2019

postpartum recovery resources

It squeezes my heart to write that Chiara is already 7 weeks old! I am so acutely more aware with each baby how fast this cherub phase flies by. This time around I did more reading on the first 40 days after having a baby, and made sure to prepare for the “fourth trimester.” Today I wanted to share some thoughts and resources on recovering from birth in a fast paced culture, and navigating being a self employed working mother of 6. It’s a lot to unpack, so this will most likely be a series we share in the next few months.


A Hogwarts Family Halloween

October 30, 2019

I would skip Halloween any day to get to Christmas, but we take this holiday as an excuse for laughter and building family memories. I didn’t think we could swing it this year, but when the kids asked what we were going to dress up as this year I couldn’t turn them down! They haven’t even seen the movies, but Veronica suggested Harry Potter. So a Hogwarts Halloween it was….


Halloween Party Recap

October 28, 2019


I come from a big enough family where it feels like a party every time we gather. Since so many of us have moved back to the Atlanta area we decided to get together for a Halloween party. We tend to turn every gathering into a performances/skit night or dance party in some way so we just used  Halloween as an excuse for a fun night. We might as well call it the Pickwick Club. (I love you if you know the reference.) Everyone came over in costume, and without fail it turned into quite an entertaining evening…



Five for Friday: Fall Capsule picks, Halloween Party, Airbud Knockoffs, a Favorite Recipe, etc.

October 25, 2019

Pumpkin chocolate chip recipe


1) Holidays tend to get pretty full with 6 kids with all of the school festivities and family traditions we try to make happen. With a new baby I am just trying to keep it simple for Halloween, but wow the costumes! So many pieces, so little time. Veronica requested to make our yearly batch of Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies so wanted to re-share this recipe favorite I posted a long time ago! 



Autumn Table Setting Ideas

October 15, 2019

It felt good put on the styling hat again. It’s a fun outlet for me amidst all of the sleep deprivation of a new baby. We are going to have a halloween shindig with my brothers and sisters this year so today I wanted to share with you some simple autumn table setting ideas I will be using throughout October and November.

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Family Halloween Costume Round Up

October 11, 2019

My mom and dad were the ones who started the tradition in our family long ago to make costumes and a have a good laugh at Halloween. It has carried on into our family, and today I thought I would not only share our own past Halloween costumes, but my sister’s families as well! Hope it brings you a good laugh today…

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