21 peach paint colors

21 Peach Paint Colors + Dresser Makeover

January 12, 2021

DIY furniture makeover

We are nearing the end of Chiara’s room design, and something I realized through this process was that color makes me really happy. I knew that, but we lived in an open house concept with lots of white for so long that I forgot just how much it can shift a mood. So my 2021 goal? More color inside the walls of my own home. The only thing we can seem to control these days anyways, dang it!


A Powerful Resource for a Peace Filled Year – Life Projection Plan

January 4, 2021


I have shared the Life Projection Plan here before as the guide we use and re-visit every year. It’s kind of a blue print we can check in with whenever life throws crazy curveballs, or even if it’s steadily on track. A wise mentor had recommended it, and it made such a difference on the way we approached the year, and it brought so much peace. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​I shared it as a free download to our newsletter fam last year, but want to share it here in case you missed. I really believe it can be an unwavering pillar to keep you focused on the core purpose and goals you want to root your life in. 2020 proved that for us!


Christmas Letter 2020

December 23, 2020

I thought I had already learned the lesson. You know, the one about simplifying, focusing on what matters most, and cutting out all of the excess? That is what I thought I had gotten really good at the last few years after going through a season of loss. Well 2020 made a student out of me once again, and I had much to learn in this department.


Chocolate Pudding Cookies

December 13, 2020

chocolate pudding cookie recipe

I was very tempted to title these Reindeer Patties;) It wouldn’t do the taste of the cookies justice however! These cookies are chocolatey, fudgey, brownie like, addictive goodness that make a really sweet neighbor treat.

This is Gabe’s recipe that he has been tweaking for a few years now until he could get the consistency and flavor he was looking for. We actually make them without the peppermint sprinkles year round! Thought it was time to let you in on this secret chocolatey goodness.


Dining Room Design Plans

December 10, 2020

dining room - in the midnight hour - benjamin moore

We started the dining room renovation today, and this will be a room with some bold color and pattern. I am going back to my roots! I have always loved color, and somewhere along the way (probably the influence of white walled everything on instagram) I stuck with safer colors. White can serve a purpose to make spaces feel big and open, and I still love that. However, since this is a more closed off space, it felt like a great opportunity to go for it.


Home Reno Timeline + What Keeps Us Going

December 8, 2020

bedroom design - loloi rugs

When decided to move our family to Nashville before the pandemic hit. The reasons behind our move were still the same even after so many changes hit so fast in our world. It is definitely much more challenging to adjust to a new city, school, and community without being able to interact with many people. However, I am so glad we are here. Gabe and I both still feel very much at peace it as the right move. This year has affected so many people in hard ways, that it has made me want to be more intentional than every before about how and what we share here.

Our goal has always been to share our home renovation, DIYS, and every day projects in a way that makes you feel like you can learn along with us. We hope that what we share encourages you to make the most of your own space, and make it a place that serves you and your family well.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


How to add your own art or photos to the Samsung Frame TV

November 16, 2020

How to add your own art or photos to the Samsung Frame TV

I’ve never wanted the tv to be a focal point of the home, and so we always put it to the side on a console. We had the same small tv for ten years, and after living in the new house, we were stuck with the problem of not having a space for one other than above the fireplace. I really just wanted to put a large art there, and so when Amazon Prime Day had a Samsung Frame TV offer, we finally bit the bullet! I love it so much, because it looks like a real work of art that you can change up whenever you like, and then switch to tv mode for family movies. We basically can’t purchase anything for the rest of the year now though…l.o.l.

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