DIY Board and Batten

February 15, 2019

Gabe is writing today’s post (on his birthday no less) to break down the step by step process of how to install a board and batten wall!

​​​​​​​At first glance this may seem long and complicated, but it is not as bad as what it appears! In case you missed the powder room renovation reveal, you can check there for the steps leading up to this point. I have written this with a first timer in mind, and therefore try to give some tips and details to make the project go over smoothly, and not simply how to accomplish it. Some steps you may even be able to skip. Hopefully the video can give you a quick idea as well as what to expect for a day of DIY Board and Batten.


A rainbow baby on the way…

February 11, 2019

Tomorrow I will be 9 weeks along with our rainbow baby. Feels surreal to share that with you all, as I wasn’t sure if I would get another chance to have another little one. Our children were hoping and praying for a new baby for a long time now, and it was one of the best surprises to share with them! This video we took was right after we told them the news. Veronica said she “wanted to cry because she was so happy.” Me too baby girl, me too.


$500 Powder Room Renovation Reveal

February 7, 2019

bathroom renovation

It may have taken a few weeks longer than expected, and quite a few more unforseen hiccups, but it’s finished! Today we are breaking down this $500 Powder Room renovation challenge including before and afters, sources, and tips!


Super Bowl Party Food: Easy Fries + Fry Sauce

February 2, 2019


We rarely watch professional football over here (college football for life!), but any excuse for game day party food is fine by me! These seasoned crinkle fries are something we make as a dinner side often, but also makes a fantastic appetizer. They are super easy to make, and all you need are potatoes and seasoning!

10 Bunk Bed Options for Small Spaces

January 31, 2019


Our girls’ room is pretty small, so bunk beds were really the only option if we wanted to include any other furniture in the room. My boys requested bunk beds for their room too because well, they make the coolest forts or make believe ships! As I scoured the web for affordable bunk beds with good reviews, I found quite a few good options for small spaces. Here are my 10 picks!


The direction of IHOD – an update!

January 30, 2019

(photo from this Nashville airbnb)


At the start of every year we like to update you on this blog, and what we are focusing on for the year ahead! It has changed so much since I opened up a blogspot address when I was a new mother and freelance graphic designer. I never thought it would become our main line of work! Gabe and I both feel like the doors that opened and closed over the last several years have lead us here, and that is what gives us the motivation to continue on (with much gratitude). So here is a summary on the changes we made this past year, what we hope to continue to share this year, and even why we said no to doing a tv show…



Weekend Links – January Edition!

January 25, 2019

(via House on a Sugar Hill)

Rounding up this month’s favorite things in one post! What caught my eye around the web, a few things that have impacted me for the better, and a few things I am currently using and loving…

I absolutely love what House on a Sugar Hill did with our rose print downloads! She had them printed on glass from Fractureme.

This water bottle has actually helped me to drink more water every day!

I completely fell for a facebook ad the other week, and much to my shock, this little pod is really help improve my posture!

Currently reading this book, and I am only a few chapters in, but man those pages are marked up and highlighted! Also downloaded this book to listen to on audible during carpool hours.


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