Easter Basket Ideas for all Ages

March 5, 2024

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I love finding little surprises to put in the kids baskets every year. We do a few trinkets, a few sweets, and a book or stuffed animal for our little ones. Sharing some easter basket ideas for all ages today! Some of these items are repeats every year in our house since they are such a hit! I split up the larger packs of the chalk or fossil eggs between a few of the kids.

easter basket ideas for kids
easter. basket ideas for kids

We do not have many stores near us anymore since we are in a small town. It definitely makes it a little more challening for things like christmas stockings and easter baskets when I used to easily be able to pick up little things here and there shopping. If you are in the same boat, I hope this post is helpful!

We will be traveling this year for Easter so it’s going to be interesting trying to figure out how to fit a bunch of easter baskets into our over stuffed car!

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  • If a basket-hunt isn’t part of the Easter morning you’re traveling to, we have had a lot of success doing a single big basket rather than a million individual ones. I’ve stuffed it with goodies to share but an obvious, “this is for ____” gift for each child inside! We also have a large family, and the opening together of a single basket is really cute to watch 🙂 Just a thought for saving space!

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