modern and traditional table lamps

24 Modern Traditional Table Lamps

March 4, 2024

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Since our living room has no overhead light, we need to rely on lamps! I went on a hunt for a round table lamp with a pleated shade and had the hardest time finding one in the size and color I needed. So in the process, I bookmarked a bunch of favorites I thought I would share in case you too are on the hunt for a good one! 24 modern traditional table lamps in all varying price points!

modern and traditional table lamps

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types of lamp shades

I found this helpful cheat sheet for types of lamp shade styles on Homestratosphere.

bedroom design

(Our last bedroom using these ceramic lamps)

There are quite a few reasons I love adding lamps to a room. Table lamps or desk lighting can offer ambient lighting, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in a room with a softer, more diffused glow than overhead lighting. This helps make the space feel cozier and more comfortable.

(Our son’s old room using a textured ceramic table lamp for the night stand)

Table lamps can also provide focused lighting and functionality where needed like desks and nightstands. They can also help add height diversity to a room when you are in need of some visual contrast and balance. I finally decided on this lamp from Lulu and Georgia, and although it is smaller it was just the character punch I was looking for!

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  • A beautifully curated list of 24 modern traditional table lamps! Perfect for adding elegance to any space. For those revamping their interiors, these would pair wonderfully with dressers. Inspiring collection!

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