Slow Readers Book Review: Half Broke Horses

March 7, 2010

My CS3 Software stopped working over the weekend…..of course in the middle of some major graphic design projects…It may be an interesting week. So in case my blogging is choppy and inconsistent…you know why! 😀

I FINISHED THE BOOK! Remember how I told you about Slow Readers here? So glad I joined the group, because it has gotten me reading again. I am making the time to do something I love. Our first book was an incredible read…

I was sucked in right away…. The opening scene is set by a flash flood that threatens to take the lives of three young siblings. The oldest,  Lily Casey Smith, with her wit, smarts, and fearless demeanor directs them all to safety. The chapter follows with many more incredulous scenes and stories re-told by Jeannette Walls, the true blood grand-daughter of Lily Casey Smith. Jeannette Walls tells the story in the voice of her grandmother, and captures the details and essence of the era. Set in the early 1900’s, Jeannette reveals the character of a young girl whose courage and gumption get her through the brutal hardships and surprising circumstances of her life.

This character’s life humbles you to no end, and makes you appreciate the luxuries that American women are allowed in today’s time. Lily’s spirit and humor is contagious, and this NY Times Best-Seller has you wanting to know more when the book ends. The short two-five page chapters also make it easy for you to pick up where you left off. 

This book was an adventure that takes you into an era when people fought hard for what was theirs, valued the land and all things God provided through it, and didn’t take anything for granted. When I was finished I felt like I had learned from Lily’s mistakes and victories throughout her life:)

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I hope you get the chance to read this! And if you are part of Slow Readers, can’t wait to read your review! What book are you reading now??


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