Meet the Blogger: Chris of Postcards & Pretties

June 21, 2010

Tell us the story behind the name Postcards and Pretties:

There is no real story behind the name. Since postcards are mainly used to send short messages to people, I saw my blog as a virtual postcard where I would be able to share my ideas and inspirations with my readers in different parts of the world… and not to mention I liked how two words sounded together.  J

What has been the best aspect of blogging for you?
It’s a tie…the best things for me about blogging is getting all the ideas I dream about out and being able to share them with my readers. I also love the blogging community – I would have never thought that I would meet such incredibly talented people {fellow bloggers, photographers, vendors, etc.} from all over the world with a common goal to inspire, create and support. I love that!

Your inspiration boards are incredible! What are your resources for inspiration?
Wow! Thank you! Let’s see…Antique shops, flea markets, magazines {online or print} and wedding and design blogs are mostly my main resources. I find inspiration in pretty much everything and anything.  I’ve noticed since I began blogging I tend to be more observant and keep notes of random things that could possibly transform into next weeks inspiration board. I’ve even began to carry a small journal in my bag for whenever I get inspired.
Do you have a current favorite color scheme or wedding trend?
It varies…but I would have to say soft neutrals – lots of cream, soft brown, pink and peach – to me there is something warm and casual about those colors.
I’m also a big fan of simple and intimate outdoor weddings especially with vintage/heirloom pieces mixed in and diy projects.

Just for fun-What is your ideal way to spend your weekends?
Sleeping in!! but that never happens. I love to visit local farmer’s markets, doing a bit of shopping and spending time with my nephew and niece.

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* Find all the resources for the photos on Chris’ blog! Thank you Chris for being a part of the series and sharing your inspiration with us! Can’t wait to see more!

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