What does your inspiration look like?

April 25, 2011

Do you have a small space or area in your home that displays photos, cards, or color pieces that make you smile? I love getting ideas from Decor8 or Creative Mint of different ways you can create an inspiration board….things that get you inspired or inspire creativity:) It doesn’t take much, but when you have visuals around your home to remind you of what you love, it can make a big difference in keeping a positive attitude in your life. My living room is full of pictures of my family and religious art, and my studio room is full of color:)….. and my fridge….loaded with cards and photos! 
What does your inspiration look like??

Hope you all had a Blessed Easter weekend! We are having a food, family, and fun hangover today! It was wonderful to have all of my family together. If only we lived in the same state:( 
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  • ooooh love that second image!!! i love inspiration boards.

  • ooooh love that second image!!! i love inspiration boards.

  • ooooh love that second image!!! i love inspiration boards.

  • I can’t wait to have an office space to fill with these types of things! 🙂

  • I’ve been trying to put together a board in my closet office area. The only problem is, I’ve got so much stuff on it! I may need to edit it down! haha

  • I love these boards! I love seeing people’s inspiration boards, bulletin boards, whatever! I think they’re great insights into a person’s personality!

  • I love spreading fabrics and color swatches out like that. The pictures above look so beautiful! Nothing like my desk the night before a design board is due (; hehe I’m redoing my desk area at home and my plan is to make a big bulletin board where I can pin up all my favorite designs, fabrics and colors!

  • my desk is kinda cluttered with all kinds of stuff. ha. i’ve been meaning to get a cork board and start pinning away. but you know, pintrest works pretty well too! there are too many beautiful things on the internet! hope you had a wonderful Easter and a great 1st Easter with your new little one, Anna!! xo

  • Very inspirational – especially the first picture! Time to make a new board myself soon. Hope you’re having a wonderful easter with that cute bunny-baby Veronica Rose – and the rest of your loved ones!

  • I’m always so envious of other bloggers inspiration boards. I have one, but I keep old cards, pictures, and reminders on it. i wish I had the guts to cut out pictures from my magazines, but I’m a bit too attached to them haha

  • I’d love to have an inspiration board in my work area – must do it soon! xx

  • I love these inspiration boards. I unfortunately don’t have one, but this is a great idea 🙂

  • i wish my home or inspiration space could look half as nice as these! love the grey and yellow!

  • Right now I don’t really have the best of a creative space, but hopefully I will soon when we buy a house. I need it though! So I basically just turn to blogs for inspiration and it usually works 🙂

  • all these are just breathtaking! why can’t i have this in my house!!! ; ) hope you had a great easter with your family!

  • I love how organized and color coated these boards look! Mines a little bit of randomness! haha

    Glad you had such a great weekend with fam and are continuing it into today 😉

  • My studio is under construction so I’m gathering inspiration for my new inspiration board. Love the linen background in the second image!

  • Hi Anna, thank you for this post! Congrats on your little baby girl! What a special time for you. Take care.

  • both are very talented ladies! I always get ideas from them!

  • I don’t have an inspiration board or space, but I think it’s time that I did! My only problem is space!!

  • I keep a lot on my computer as I’m rarely home these days, though I think I may start keeping inspiration boards for the parties I throw… Seriously, this post itself is an inspiration!

  • Mine are all powerpoint photo boards but I’d LOVE a real life/real board I could touch – these are all lovely- especially love the pink and yellow!

  • i love inspiration boards!! i’ve actually been wanting to recover mine with some fun fabric… and find new and inspiration to change it up a little..

  • Yay, what a great post! We need to surround ourselves with things we love. I’ve been thinking about how and where I can have this space in our first place, and I I need to actually do it! Fun fun : )

  • This is lovely! I’m your newest follower!

  • yes! I’ve just recently moved and I’ve been dying to re-establish a little corner of my own. These are so lovely

  • This is just one more reason I need a 2 bedroom house. My craft stuff is jammed in bins, and clothes are busting from every seem of the house! I need to spread myself out and create an environment for creativity… thanks for the inspiration!

  • i love this post! i am collecting inspiration for a table display next month and need to boost my inspiration/creativity.

    hope your weekend was great.

  • it’s very similar over here too, we have a ton of insp pics, cut outs and memorabilia scattered around. feels more homey that way to me and i love how Sean incorporates his man-ness in it all as well. good balance for sure. adore the yellow & grey combo, gimme some o’ that! ♥

  • WOW…I’m pretty sure things that inspire me look like *THAT*! I’m so glad there are so many ridiculously talented people in the blogging world to keep the fires of creativity at rip-roaring pace (c:

  • these inspiration boards are great. mine is a bit scattered at the moment as i begin the long process of moving, but i’m hoping one day to have an inspiration board in the heart of my home that can be a constant reminder to be creative!

  • inspiration boards are definitely a push to creativity. love these ones. and happy you got to have a wonderful family time 😉

  • Love these !! I’m always reworking my inspiration boards / wall. I used to hate posting photos on walls as it can look to jr high, but with washi tape to decorate the photos any surface can be a board !!


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