DIY: Leather Fringe Tiered Necklace

April 19, 2012

Here is very easy level DIY that is a perfect summer accessory to go along with your tees or dresses:)
These would also go well with the leather bolted bracelets DIY!
Leather swatch samples 
(got mine from my MIL’s old sample collection-she is an interior designer)
Jump rings
Lobster Clasps
(find these in at a craft store or etsy!)

1) On one side of your leather piece, pre-draw your angled shape. 
Leave enough room on the top to fold over the chain later.
2) Cut out your shape and continue to cut slits along the diagonal sides of your shape (about 1/8 in.) at different lengths.
3. Measure out your chain and attach the jumprings and lobster clasp with a pliers.
4. Turn your piece over, and add liquid stitch (my best friend) along the top edge and fold over the chain at the bottom middle section. Let dry.
You can make your chains different lengths for a tiered necklace look! If you can get your leather swatches from an interior design friend, than the total cost is only the cost of your chain and attachments. Have fun:)

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