The man behind the camera

May 28, 2012

This is the guy who very patiently takes all my outfit post pics. The one behind the camera who manages to pull the best out of his subject. I turned the tables on him the other day and caught him not only in his every day attire, but his every day personality….
husband3 copy
{T & Shorts: J. Crew, Sandals: Reef, Cap: Brewers, Wedding ring: gift from wife}
Never short on laughs around here.
If you met him today, this is most likely what he would be wearing on his off work hours.
He would crack a joke or two to see how you would respond and to get a feel for your sense of humor. If you pick up on his dry and sarcastic jokes, you are in like an old shoe..
As you already know, I like him a whole lot. Maybe even love him a whole lot.
So a little Q&A with the husband…

What do you think of all this blog business?
Let me respond to this question with another question: which type of blog are you referring to? The “blog” from the world of the immortal and eternally wise Dr. Suess from his classic “The Shape of Things and Other Stuff,” or an open electronic form and information source, such as the one I am currently writing on? I’ll go out on a limb and pick the second..
I love my wife’s blog business and and honored to be a part of it. It is a fantastic opportunity to share what she loves with the rest of the world and as you have probably picked up she is fairly good at what she does. How could I ever not support and aid what she loves to do?
If you had to trade in your teaching job for another, what would it be?
I cannot narrow it down to one so I will have to narrow it down to three.
1. Collegiate rugby coach
2. Fireman (If I did not already destroy my knees)
3. Open my own greenhouse
One thing you hope to pass on to our son?
Again I cannot narrow it down to just one, so here are my top three.
1. Faith in Christ
2. The importance of sacrificial love
3. The work ethic, sense of duty, and respect found within the “Greatest Generation” (For those not into history, those who lived and fought through the Great Depression and WWII.)

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