Handmade Gift Giving! For the Gents: DIY Man Throw

November 1, 2012

When I was younger, my family would all do their best to make each other handmade gifts or give something we already had. The memories of these Christmas gifts have long outlasted the others. Maybe that is why gifting handmade is so near and dear to me.

I know its early, but I am bursting with ideas and projects to share and encourage you to gift handmade to your loved ones this year:) And guess what, its all aimed to save you money too! Today is for the menfolk…

{Red and white ribbon c/o Midori}

Man throw: A blanket that is soft, warm, and manly enough for them to take camping with them.

Materials: Fabric, Thread, Sewing machine
Level: Easy
Cost: $25
I found this fabric at Joann Fabrics. Its a suede/fleece double sided fabric that is blanket ready. If you bring your 50% off coupon (print it online) you can get two yards for $25.  
Instructions: To finish it as a blanket, simply fold over the edges (1/2 in.) and line with pins. Sew your hem all the way around. And your finished! Easy right? (*You can always try fabric glue for the hem if you want to opt for a no-sew version.)
Looking forward to sharing more projects with you!

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