Cartas de Amor

February 12, 2013

Do you save hand written notes? 
I used to save boxes full from sisters and friends. 
When Gabe came along, I saved every note he ever wrote. He was a note writer, and it made
me swoon. He can still make me blush with notes, and as simple as they may be, I am thankful for them. They now make a binder full that we can show our kids one day (and they can make fun of our college photos). 
This is why I love that Jen of Made By Girl put together a special V-day edition of “Cartas de Amor.”
The issue is filled with Sweet ideas for Valentine’s Day and many bloggers are sharing what their favorite love note received was and why. Hope you enjoy this as much as I did! (I read every note – such a sucker for real love.) If you actually want to read the note Gabe wrote, you will have to check out the issue yourself;)

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  • Yes! I have box full of saved notes, cards, and more. There is just something to special about looking back at a hand written note. It’s so much more meaningful.

  • i def save notes – handwritten ones are becoming more and more scarce. love this!

  • I have a huge box of notes from my ex boyfriend. I should probably get rid of those…

  • beautiful post! i save love letters as well!
    kw, ladies in navy

  • I have kept all of mine from my husband too!!!! I have a big box full of them!!!! We’ve gotten them out occasionally (we both have boxes!) – and read them to each other again! SO BEAUTIFUL. You guys are ADORABLE. I’m in love with you both! Great. Lol. XO

  • so sweet anna! i’m a sucker for my note writing husband as well. when we got married (almost 5 yrs ago now too!) i bought us a journal…and decided that instead of collecting many many cards through the years of our marriage, we can just write letters/notes in our journal to each other. So…we still do for anniversaries, mother’s day-father’s day, etc.. i even announced to him i was pregnant in one of our entries. 🙂

  • awwww. Matt was a letter writer too…I saved all of them :). Such a sweet post, Anna.



  • I save all the cards and letters my husband writes, it makes me happy to go back and read them and remember the earlier days and to see how far we’ve come:)

  • Anna: It was so nice to include you in this issue, as I think you have such a beautiful family. Love this post, thank you for sharing it with your readers. #loveletters

  • I save all the handwritten notes/cards and love going through them every once in a while. It’s amazing and sweet!

  • this made me think of Stephen. He is a big note writer/card lover. He loves getting and giving cards. He will spend hours in the card section of a store, reading each one to find THE perfect card for the specific occasion. He saves every single card and letter he is given, by ANYONE. It is the sweetest thing in the world.

  • I save every note too. There is nothing more thoughtful and special than a handwritten note.

  • That envelope is way sweet. & yes, I keep my notes, cards, post-its, etc!! <3

  • Jason and I write little notes to each other often and the both of us have boxes in which we store all of them. There are poems and birthday cards, etc. from when we were dating that are in there!

  • Aww, what a sweet note! I love handwritten notes and letters. Unfortunately I don’t receive that many but the ones I do are all kept and cherished.

  • Oh yes, we have a whole box of love letters (most super cheesy) that we wrote to each other over the years…we still save them. 🙂 We kind of giggle when we think of the day that we are no longer around and Mila and her sibling will be rifling through our belongings and find the box. I like to imagine their conversation about them.

  • This is so wonderfully sweet, Anna!!! What a man 🙂 We have saved every card, note & letter, too! We haven’t read them in a while though, perhaps it is time to bring them out! I will definitely have to check out that post 🙂 XO Brynn

  • aww so sweet! i keep special cards/notes too, but not sure where they all are. they end up in random places, so i need to put them all together!

  • SO sweet! I have all of the cards and notes from my husband over the years as well. When we were dating he would give me little “surprises” all the time. Little tiny gifts here and there to make me smile. Even today, if he picks me up something as small as a candy bar while he’s out running errands he always comes home saying “I got you a surprise!” I just love it.

  • YES! My husband is a note writer too & my love language is words of affirmation. He would ever bust out the craft supplies to win me over, back in the day. Now he just helps me with mine! 🙂

  • Love that little magazine that Jen created! Lot’s of great Valentine’s ideas!

  • LOOOOOOVE love notes too. I save every single one. Cams big on writing words and I go crazy for it. How precious that will be for your kids one day to read all your love notes!

  • And I forgot to mention… I said “awwwwwwwwwwwwww” so loud reading Gabe’s college note to you that I had to tell Cam when he heard me. So, so sweet. Just by reading your blog, you encourage me to be a better person! 🙂

  • I so love this! And thanks for sharing Jen’s mag…it’s beyond gorge!

    Mandy aka Waiting On Martha

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