February 27, 2013

If I had a dime for every time a friend or stranger was critical of herself in conversation… “I have the worst skin, my hair is such a pain, I just need to lose this belly bulge…” I have a feeling I would be a very rich woman. I am guilty of this myself. Its what we do. Sometimes we believe with truth what we are saying and other times, we have a genuine need for affirmation, and that is how we search for it. It breaks my heart to see the state of confidence in women today…of EVERY age.

When Hilary approached me about this genius idea to Encourage Beauty in the month of March, I immediately jumped on board and here’s why…
The root of the word “encourage” is “to put courage in”. You have the ability every day, to put courage in another person. You have the choice to use your words and actions to inspire confidence in everyone you talk to. If you remind a friend that her reflection glows every time she pulls out those jewel toned sweaters, that is what will run through her head the next time she is in her closet deciding what to wear. And because of this extra boost of confidence, she has the courage to turn to the stranger at the check out line and exclaim, “Excuse me, but I just had to tell you that your auburn hair is truly stunning.” The compliment may be about her exterior, but it always will encourage interior dignity, which runs far deeper than we can see.
And so this month, Hilary Rushford of Dean Street Society and I will be hosting the #EncourageBeauty Challenge. Hilary is a dear friend I met back in September, and have been inspired by her since. Honestly, she is a blast to follow! You can head over to read her part in this story and the other half of the manifesto!
 We can’t wait to share the rest of the details with you tomorrow. But for now, if you’re with us in this manifesto & commitment to #EncourageBeauty this March, Pin/Tweet/Facebook/Instagram & help spread the word! We will be sharing your stories. See you tomorrow:)

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