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February 22, 2013

{Featured bracelets: Lizou, Czech Fire Beaded Bracelet}

I have a requirement with bracelets and bangles. They can’t be too troublesome….too big, to clanky, too noisy….you get the idea. Since I am usually hanging out with my little ones or working on the computer, I need fuss free. This doesn’t mean I like to sacrifice my love for accessories mind you;)

This is why I am smitten with my new pieces from Iristy. They fit my small wrists to the tee, are no fuss, and are easy to layer with other pieces. I couldn’t get over how quality these lovelies are for the price. I am making this shop a regular stop for birthday gifts. Have a look, and let your jaw drop over the prices:) That’s the scoop my friends!
Happy weekend:)
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*This is a sponsored post that is 100% my own opinion.

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