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June 28, 2013

Airstream - American Blogger Documentary
American Blogger - Airstreamers

American Blogger - Smoothies


Be Little You and Me Tent

American Blogger Filming- Coffee Shop
American Blogger Filming

Airstream - Gabriel

Airstream-American Blogger
My little family and I were completely honored to be a part of Chris Wiegand’s film documentary, American Blogger.

I have such an admiration for his wife Casey, a dear blogging friend for a while now, so when asked to be a part of their family’s adventure, there was no question. I hope you all get the chance to check out his travels so far as he heads across the U.S. in an insanely cool re-vamped airstream to interview different bloggers in cities throughout the nation. The documentary will be available on itunes when it is complete. I cannot wait to see who else will be a part of this.

One thing we talked about is how cool this whole blogging world is. It connects different paths of life in a very unique and real way. Why is that? Maybe because many of us share such a big part of our life experiences, get real vulnerable, and share many aspects of our lives to the public. Its a crazy thing that can shape a part of your lives and also help you understand each other in an unspoken way. 

When Chris made his pitsop in Atlanta, it was a Sunday afternoon, which made it easy to just do our normal thing…outfit post, favorite coffee shop (where we get the best iced teas and smoothies in the area), and playing with the kids. He caught it all on film. Gabriel and Veronica were kind of clueless as to what was going on which made it easy. Love their little worlds and having them be a part of everything I do as a blogger. 

Thank you Chris, for being so cool to work with, letting us witness your creative talent, and of course for getting a peak inside your rad airstream. My kids (and hubs) really enjoyed your visit. We can’t wait to see where this adventure takes you, and are grateful to be a part of it!

Follow along on Chris Wiegand’s websiteInstagram, and his wife Casey’s blog!


*Tent c/o Be Little You and Me

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  • this is way too cool & exciting! what a fun adventure to be a part of!

  • Love! Howcool to get that opportunity Anna. I love how the kids seem to be doing their own things without a care. One day you’ll have to let them know they were mini celebrities for a documentary :). Its so funny as I go through the pictures I keep seeing Chris thinking he’s Gabe, saying to myself wow Gabe’s doing movies now!? (think I need coffee).

  • So neat! Great concept for a documentary. Really captures a unique piece of history. 🙂
    And, I love Casey’s blog! Thanks for linking to it. 🙂

    When does that baby get here??? ;D

  • The coolest thing about blogging is finding people who are so like you and yet so different. I find so many bloggers whose lives look like mine used to or like it will one day. It’s pretty cool.

  • This is such an interesting project. You’ll have to let us know when the movie is complete – I’d love to watch it!

  • Aww, how exciting! I can’t wait to see the footage!

  • SO cute! I love the last photo. I’m so excited for the finished project.

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  • A very classy movie. I loved the entire movie theme.

  • Such a great documentary 🙂 SO cute! I love the last photo. I loved the entire movie theme.

  • Adorable! Congrtatulations for new upcoming little angel. Lots of love.

  • This is really a great post. Thanks for sharing this.

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