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August 7, 2013

I met Isobel through a style series and asked her to share some of her to share some quick takes on style. This San Francisco gal has excellent taste and her blog is full of beautiful glimpses of the city and adventures with her little man Holden. We are on the same page with why we still choose to wear heels and dress up sometimes:) Thank you Isobel for being a guest here today!  




1) You haven’t left heels aside since become a mother. What motivates you to get dressed every day and put your best foot forward?

I think getting dressed in something you feel good in automatically makes you feel better about yourself and makes you a more confident person.  With a toddler in tow, I often don’t have time to do my hair or put make-up on, but when I throw on a dress, I actually feel put together.

2) The style trend you are most looking forward to trying out for pre-fall season?
There are seriously so many, but I’m excited about all of the capes and training pants on the fall 2013 runway.

3) What is in your opinion, the best aspect of blogging?
The community, meeting like-minded individuals, and capturing our families adventures.  I was the first of my friends to get pregnant and didn’t have a lot of friends with children, so blogging has connected me to other mothers that have been and are going through the same things that I am going through as a first-time mother.

4) Your top fashion DON’T?
Yoga pants everyday.  When I first had Holden, I would almost always opt for my Lulu Lemon yoga pants because they were comfy, allowed me to run around at the park, and had recently become publicly acceptable as an actual outfit instead of being considered solely workout gear.  I think it’s a really easy option for busy women, but I never really felt fully put together.  There’s a quote that says “Dress like you’re going to meet your worst enemy today” and think it’s such a good motto when it comes to style.  When you look your best, you feel your best.

5) What are your tips for working with the pieces in your closet?
Try mixing different patterns and prints that you wouldn’t normally put together.  You’ll surprise yourself with some new combinations of pieces that you may have never thought to wear as an outfit.

6) Favorite places to shop for you and your little one?
I love online shopping because attempting to peruse through options at a store with a toddler never really seems to work out.  My favorite stores for myself are Shopbop, Net-a-Porter, and Bloomingdales.  For Holden, I love H&M, Fawn Shoppe, Thumebline, and Nordstrom.

7) Do you think there is such thing as balancing motherhood and work? If so, how do you strive to achieve it?
I definitely think there is, but I am still trying to figure it out.  I think it’s important to set aside time for work and time with your little ones so that you can focus on each individually.  But right now I stay up pretty late to get the things done that I need to and am trying to work on a little more balance (and sleep) between the two.

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