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March 24, 2014


I casually asked for movie recs the other day on instagram, and received several votes for About Time. Have you seen it? Since we hadn’t seen it yet, Gabe and I decided we would trust the general vote:)

For some reason, this movie had me up for hours in deep thought afterwards. I even dreamt about it. I guess its not uncommon that a movie leaves an impact on me, but this one actually affected my whole week…

Directed by Richard Curtis (Love Actually), starring Rachel McAdams, Domhnall Gleeson, and Bill Nighy. The characters were perfectly cast. You know how sometimes you think a movie would have been so much better had they had a better main actor or actress? Well I think they nailed it with this one. Tim’s pursuit of love and the small moments he lived to maintain love in his life was captivating. As in true British form, you never know quite what is going to fly out of their mouths (sometimes you need earmuffs), so we were thoroughly entertained the entire movie and laughed out loud on more than few occasions.

About Time

For those of you who have not seen it, the main premise throughout the was learning to be content with the present, and not only be content with it, but to LIVE in it. This seems to be the recurring theme of my own life in the last few years so that is probably why this movie impacted me so much. Tim is an average guy with who has the option to repeat moments in time, and re-live them if he wants a do over, but in the end he doesn’t feel the need to ever repeat a moment. The last few scenes are every day life moments that I have seen play out in my own every day life. They are moments he chooses to soak in and really take notice of his life.

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The day after I watched this movie, it was a particularly mundane weekday. Holding a teething baby, cleaning up toys, attempting to answer emails and manage a business, de-boning a chicken for dinner, catching up with several loads of laundry, carpool, baths, diapers, bedtime routine, hanging out with Gabe before bed, etc. However, it was a particularly good day. One where I could tangibly touch deep happiness and contentment. One where peace was deeply settled in the atmosphere. The difference was I went into the day with no expectations, but just one thought. Today is a gift from God. The only important thing out of this day is that I love my kids and my husband well. It’s quite simple, but so easy to let our lives become one day bumping into another and a whirlwind of months ensue. Life can get complicated, but if we have a clear perception of our priorities in this world, peace always follows.

P.S. I am calling my bangs “fringe” from here on out…

What did you think of the movie? I would love to hear your toughts? And if you haven’t seen it, grab your guy or best girlfriends and get a movie night on your calendar!

(Just a little warning: As with most British films, there are moments of crude humor, nudity, and scenes. We were able to skip over them pretty easily. Not a movie for kids.)

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  • In college, we had a phrase that reflected this similarly treasured idea: Be Here Now. I am an absolute daydreamer and a list-maker so often times this adage is difficult to follow. But I recognize the power in those words and the message of this film. Life moves quickly, and without intentional slowing and appreciating moments, we may miss them


    • I love that Leslie! I used to live in the future and since having children I have realized how valuable that present moment is. Have a great day ahead!

  • This movie affected me in just the same ways. It was moving, even breathtaking at times–I really didn’t expect that going in! What strength it would take to know you can go back in time, fix things, get do-overs….but choosing instead to just live well the first time around. Truly a beautiful and inspired film.

  • I have been meaning to watch this movie – I love your take on it. I am one of those who is always looking to the future and anticipating things that will happen. While this is normal in some ways (we all like to look forward to things!) I have been making more of an effort to enjoy each day and stop saying “I will be content WHEN xxx happens.” Why not just be content in the little moments?

    • Same Gina! Its easy to do. It wasn’t until recent years that I am clinging more to the present. This movie brilliantly put it all in relatable terms.

  • Christine Welsko

    Watched this movie with husband and 15 year old daughter… laughed together out loud. As a younger person – yes, the do-over ability is important (imagine his life if he hadn’t done things over) – which enforced the concept of authentic courage for our daughter as a young person – don’t be afraid to go for what you want and speak truth (even if it doesn’t work out the first time – keep trying). And agree, as a parent live in the moment as much as possible… the ping-pong between father and son a great metaphor for their relationship.

    • Oh I didn’t think about that! Good take on it! Having the humility to accept the bad moments too….like the shredded paper;) And yes…the father son relationship was my favorite to watch unfold.

  • I absolutely LOVED that movie. As soon as I watched it I fell in love with it because of the beautiful message that it tells. This guy has the power to time travel and change not only his life but his sister’s life and others that he cares about! But in the end he realizes how important it is to truly LIVE every single day as if you couldn’t travel back in time and fix your life the way you exactly want it. I love it. I seriously love it. And I’m glad you did too! (:

  • Haven’t seen the movie yet but loved reading your input on it! Thank you for the reminder to just live today, not tomorrow and not yesterday. Today. 🙂

  • Oh, looks like such an adorable movie. I’ll absolutely give it a try!

  • I thought this movie was darling! It also had me thinking about it for days afterwards. Thanks for the reminder.

    P.S. Totally agree on the fringe. 😉

  • I just might have to rent that film! I love Rachel but have never heard of this one! Thanks for the inspiration as always 🙂

  • adding it to my netflix queue! thanks for the tip 🙂 xo jillian

  • My husband and I LOVED that movie and both bawled like babies afterwards, yep even my husband :). At least I had an excuse: pregnancy hormones 🙂

    I just loved the message and it also had me thinking for days.

  • I absolutely adored this movie. We rented it on redbox and I wanted to keep it, I for sure want to watch it again. I cried and agree with you, the actors seemed just right for their roles. The chemistry between the father and son was magic. I loved it so much.

  • I adored this movie. It was so sweet and cute, but had a great message about being present and just live. Simply loved it.

  • I loved this movie! Rented it via my AppleTV on a whim because I love Rachel McAdams and I fell in love. Makes sense, I love Love Actually!

    xo, NIna

  • We just watched this recently too & I LOVED it…not to mention the amazing soundtrack! Love your thoughts on it…such a good reminder to appreciate the little things in each day.

  • This is on my to-watch list – I’ve only heard 100% good things about it, and the previews I’ve seen look adorable. Glad to know it’s worth a watch!

  • Love your takeaway from the movie…we were surprised at how much it affected us, too! Especially that moment near the end, when he realized he no longer needs to re-live each day to appreciate it…so powerful.

  • How strange is it that I’ve never heard of this movie? But I’m definitely going to go rent it now after your rave review! It sounds like something right up my alley, especially with the whole “living in the present” and how important that is for me. I love those times when there are just mundane things to be a part of…as you said, just a normal day. When you’re able to step back and see it as it is and fully be there in the moment, it turns out to be pretty amazing.

  • Maggie Broderick

    Such a good movie. I just loved the relationship between the father and son. I was going into it expecting it to be a typical romantic comedy, but I really enjoyed seeing the evolution of Tom’s relationship with his father from childhood to adulthood.

    I also think Rachel McAdams is near perfection, and British humor is, in fact, perfection. I would definitely recommend it, too.

  • Thank you so much for sharing – I am putting this movie at the top of my list now!

  • I watched this movie the week it came out and full on balled, convulsed, snotted like a baby. I too could not stop thinking about it and the beauty of the every day. I promised myself as I kept listening to the last song in the movie “I am the Luckiest” on repeat how I would keep this thought and reveal in the beauty of life every day. Well it’s a month+ later and I can honestly say I had completely forgotten about the movie and all I had promised myself in that moment of pure emotion. So I thank you my dear friend for the reminder. Life is beautiful…every mundane, crazy, sad moment of it. Love you and your fringe! xo Mandy @ Waiting On Martha

  • I absolutely loved this movie!! I had no idea it would have such an impact on me…I just thought it would be a feel good chick flick! Turns out I catch myself thinking about it all the time…especially if im having a hard day. I just remember to enjoy the everyday moments. I love the message it gives everyone! xo

  • We just watched that movie on a rainy night whim and were surprised how much we both liked it! I had the same reaction as you. I think I may be getting it to watch every few months when I need a reminder to treasure and enjoy each day.

    • Its definately worth a re-watch when you need a good refresher. I rarely watch movies more than twice but could definately with this one:)

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  • Anna, this is funny. The other weekend I decide to get my fringe on. I’ve done it before, wasn’t a big fan, but somehow decided to do it again. Anyways, I came to your blog hoping to find some tips on how to manage and style it and somehow when I typed in “bangs” into your search this post popped up on a Saturday night. I had been looking for a movie like this and asked my husband to watch it with me. It was perfect for us and the season we’re in. We really loved it, felt special and meaningful, and it sank in a little deep. But, I’m still looking for tips on the fringe, ha ha! I mostly wrote this to let you know that it was a serendipitous find/gift to come across, but also to ask … will you do a post on how you manage your hair day to day and the bangs? 🙂 Feels like a lot of maintenance for a momma.

    • Natalie, too funny! That makes me happy to hear though. It’s rare to find one of those soul stirring movies these days isn’t it?
      I am actually working on a post on fringe bangs because I feel like they are wayyyy more easy to manage than straight across bangs and more forgiving! It will be up soon! Hugs.

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