Indoor + Outdoor Plant Guide.

April 15, 2016

indoor and outdoor plant guide
(Majesty palm, faux aloe, succulent + creeping Jenny bowl)

Many good post topics stem from reader requests, so I really do love hearing from you all! I thought this was a topic that I needed brushing up on myself, so it was fun to dive into. Gabe is actually the green thumb between us (no surprise there) considering I can barely keep a succulent plant alive, while he has faithful perennials popping up to say hello this week. So we co-wrote this indoor + outdoor plant guide, where we find them, and how to keep them alive!

To start, it’s important to understand before you buy the plant if it requires full sun, full shade, or partial so when you are buying a plant with a certain room in mind, you know it has a good chance of longevity or not. Most of the plants in our home have lasted a good amount of time thanks to a good window and decent watering.

indoor + outdoor plant guide
Indoor Plants

Bird of Paradise – We have had the same Bird of paradise palm tree for two years! If you need a low maintenance plant with good height, this is makes a great pet;) Keep by a window and water often if you want it to grow those big and bold leaves.
Fiddle Leaf Fig – This is the one you probably most commonly see across blogs these days due to the giant leaves and visual appeal. You can order these online or find at Home Depot. They make great indoor plants and work well on the patio as well.
Sweet Pablo – Great for rooms with few windows and low light. (Low-maintenance!)
Majesty Palm – Inexpensive and easy to care. These are a fun way to add a tropical vibe to your back patio or just to add life to your home in the winter months. Make sure these are indoors once the temp drops. This plant will sprout new leaves frequently if you water well.
Zeylanica – This is a wonderful indoor plant that I like to refer to as “The Rambo”.  It can grow just about anywhere in the house and is very drought tolerant. It is a perfect plant for a beginner or for the forgetful.
Rubber PlantA really sturdy plant that can have a very long life with a little bit of care. It does best in a semi-bright room with regular watering. Keep and eye out for the Burgundy variety as the leaves will develop beautiful deep red hues on the underside of the leaves.  

Best types of patio plants
(Herb garden + majesty palm, photo by Chelsey Heidorn)

Outdoor Plants

Fiddle Leaf Fig – Great patio plant on account of its large broad beautiful leaves which contrasts well with the smaller leaves of most other patio plants. They are not hardy below 40F, and will need a sturdy pot to keep them upright in the summer breeze. 
Succulents – There a many different types of succulents which means they have many uses. A pot of mixed succulents is a great way to green up any patio table or box. They can also be a stellar accent to any patio pot with larger plants. Most require a fair amount of sun, but are rather drought tolerant, just be aware of the temperature requirements as the hardiness varies greatly between varieties. Sedums are some of my favorite varieties of succulents as they are rather hardy, spread quickly, and can produce wonderful clusters of flowers. Keep and eye our of “dragons blood” sedum as the more sun it gets the more of a deep red color it will take on in the leaves.
Mona Lavander (Plectranthus) – This is one of my favorite as it brings vibrant long lasting color to a space with low work. Not only that, the Mona is also very easy to propagate. Simply stick some fresh clippings of healthy stems in well watered soil and they will take root. (keep an eye out for it at your local nurseries). Watch the temperature as they will need protection under 40F.  
Hibiscus – Adds a good deal of life and color to a patio, just make sure it is in a big sturdy pot. Be careful to take note of the temperature requirements. It is generally a good idea to bring these inside, or give them protection if the temp drops below 45F
Mandevilla – Grows really well with little work and offers vibrant colors and blooms all summer long. It’s a vining like plant that does well growing up trellises and lattice board, or cascading down the side of the patio. It can also be easily trimmed down and brought inside during the winter months. They will need protection when the temperature drops below 4oF.
Majesty Palm  – (see above)
Alyssum – A fantastic accent flower to add to any pot. Abundant tiny flowers bring constant color and fragrance. Some varieties will gradually cascade down the side creating a great layering effect to the pot, and they are easy to maintain. These can easily be grown quickly from seed, and you can find the seed packs nearly anywhere garden seeds are sold. 

Artificial plants

It’s hard to find artificial plants that actually look somewhat real. It helps to see them in person before you buy. Here are a few I’ve seen or used that are pretty close to the real deal:
Aloe plant
Birds Nest
Montserrat Leaves
Air plants


(Sweet Pablo + Rubber Leaf Plant )

Where to Purchase
I always say support your local nurseries! However, here are additional places we frequent for indoor and outdoor plants:
Home Depot
Terrain (for a cool variety of planters)
Etsy (for the best prices on air plants and succulents!)


We hope this was helpful for you! Please leave any questions you have in the comment section and Gabe and I will be sure to reply. I’d love to hear your personal favorites as well. Happy weekend!



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