31 Dresses No.8: Bell Sleeves

May 9, 2016

off the shoulder summer dress


Dress: Option 1 or Option 2 // Sandals // Fringe Tote // Sunglasses


Wanted to thank you all so very much for the kind words and congrats over our 5th baby chic announcement. I wish you knew how incredibly uplifting that was for me. I guess you know now why I put the 31 Dress series on hold, and why I have been debating what to do with the series. To be honest, putting your evolving pregnancy body on display doesn’t sound appealing to me, but I do want to share the dresses I find that make me feel comfortable and care free…because what a difference that can make when you are carrying a baby, right? So maybe I won’t hit 31 dresses this year, but I will post a few looks along the way this pregnancy. Sound good?

biking with babes 

Wore this bell sleeved black dress and gladiator sandals for an evening walking and biking in Rosemary Beach. One of those dresses that are light and flowy and nice to slip into after you have been in the sun all day. Toting three babes at once on a bike however….not so nice and flowy (notice Max’s cranky face?), but thoroughly entertaining.


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  • Colleen

    Oh please don’t stop showing off the bump style! Your confidence gives ME confidence as my belly grows! (We’re due Aug 1st with a rather surprising 5th baby, too! Our oldest is 7. I was warned by docs that fertility might be an issue with me, so my entire engagement I mourned our small/likely nonexistent family, and now keep being surprised by the house we’re filling…) But what you’ve amazed me with is all the off-the-shoulder wear! Do you just wear your long hair in a style that covers bra straps, or do you have a go-to solution for chasing little ones around with something strapless that is supportive and comfortable and not visible?? Obviously with all the littles I’m chasing it’s not HAUNTING me, but the thought keeps crossing my mind. My hair is barely shoulder length so I couldn’t hide straps that way…would you ever disclose how you’re pulling off this look?

    • Hi Colleen! You are so sweet. Well thanks for the vote of confidence! Actually taking care of myself much better this time around but feeling really unmotivated to get dressed, so maybe this will be a good challenge. ha! Sounds like we started having babies around the same time! I only do off the shoulder a few hours at a time since it really isn’t convenient for holding and lifting babies. For date nights or dinner though like the above it is so nice and easy! I just wear a strapless bra:) Found a good one a few years ago that is supportive and stays in place:)

  • Loved your style! Please please keep posting your dresses. I was hoping to see the maternity style dresses that you pick and copycat them for my next pregnancy (not it the plans yet hehe). You are a super mama carrying all those babies at once. Amazing!!
    Carolina | http://www.dearbabymj.com

  • I love your off the shoulder looks! Can you share the bra you use?!? I have such trouble finding one that’s supportive, stays in place and comfy.

    • Hi Melissa! I just just a strapless. I found a good underwire one that is supportive and fairly comfortable (as much as underwire can be-ha!). Eberjey has some great options.

  • I love the bell sleeves! Light, flowy dresses are the best 🙂 I’m also excited that you’re planning to share a couple looks here and there throughout your pregnancy-I think it’s wonderful when women are shown different beautiful options for pregnancy clothes, because when you’re nauseous and fatigued, it really does make a difference!

    • You all have me more motivated to challenge myself to find good options so thank you for that! I am all about comfortable and flowy especially in the summer!

  • Okay, could you be any cuter? And seriously, your style is adorable and I’m entirely too jealous. 🙂

  • Congrats again on baby #5! My parents have 5 kids and the two youngest being twin girls! A big family is exciting. This dress is cute and the gladiators look comfortable.


  • I love this dress on you Anna! Hope you guys had a great trip XOXO

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