Morning power hour.

May 15, 2017

I was a born morning person, but you know how it goes with babies who still wake in the night. Morning now comes with sticky eyelids and sore arms and a bright blue eyed little girl ready to play at 6:30 am. In order to get a good start to the day I really cling to morning routine that cures the mind fuzz.

About those habits I have been trying. So far so good! I am getting in bed before 10:30, shutting off the devices, waking with Azelie at 6:30 and kissing my school aged kids goodbye. With a quiet house for a whole hour, I get a good start to the day in this corner of the home.



The power hour usually goes something like this – I’ll get showered and dressed, pour a tall cup of coffee, set aside ten minutes of prayer (I need all the grace I can get!), and I devour some reading time. Sometimes it’s a magazine or design book, sometimes it’s a series of articles, sometimes it’s other blogs or sites, and often it’s a few pages of the current book I want to get through. It’s my way of making sure I still have brain cells to use when my mind feels like macaroni;) I’ll finish the hour by going over my blog post for the day and scheduling it to publish. Azelie is always super happy when she wakes up thankfully so I enjoy getting to do these things with her as she babbles my ear off.

Somehow, this morning routine helps boot up my  groggy brain. Running into Anna at 7:15AM  is much more pleasant than 6:35AM. Ask Gabe. I’d also much rather greet my kids with a smile and a hug vs a blank stare.

So tell me about your morning routine! I am sure they all look different based off your place in life. I find it fascinating to read about so do tell!

P.S. Just shared what this room looks like at night here.

Sources: Sofa: All Modern (similar) // Chair: Thrifted (similar) // Moroccan pouf: Lulu & Georgia // Pillows: Anthropologie // Side table: Anthropologie // Floor lamp: Home Decorators // Ceiling pendant: Birch Lane // Bar Cart: West Elm // Ceto globe lamp: Article c/o //  Planter: Modernica // Macrame hanging: Urban Outfitters // Hanging mirrors: Anthropologie // Wooden shelf: Target // Bottom rug: IKEA // Top rug: Target // Sheepskin: Article c/o

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  • You have such a lovely home, but I’m sure you’ve already heard that many times. Also, I should take advice from you. I have the worst sleeping habits ever – I keep sleeping as late as 5AM and it makes me unable to even have a morning routine of any sort!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • I am not a natural morning person, right now I get up as late as I can and still get to work a little early. But I’m trying to slowly get up earlier (and not hit snooze) so that I can have slower mornings. But once I’m at work, I like to eat my breakfast on my own and read a book before I check my emails or any of my phone notifications.

    – Natalie

  • Hello Anna!
    I too consider my self a morning person (kinda) I can get up and straight away be on a task. But just like you said, it depends what version of me you might get ?
    I work from home so people tend to think there’s no routine and my day is just at leisure but that’s far from the truth, I suffer from mental chaos if I don’t have some sense of structure or routine.
    My boys are a little older 14 & 10 so it’s gotten a lilttle easier but my mornings look usually like this….
    Up at 6:30-6:45 (ish)
    Turn on computer, than my prayer time, I use to do this after the kids went to school but I get easily distracted and somehow unfortunately that very important time gets lost, so I try to make it a priority first thing!
    Then iron kids clothes and off to getting the oldest up, followed by the youngest not to long after. Many more tiny tasks in the short time before they’re off to school. When I get home I grant my self a quite cup of coffee 🙂
    I would be lying if I said this was a smooth exact routine every morning. Most of us Mom’s and wives know that the tiniest thing can set a ripple effect and it’s all up in the air from there!
    But I can say this, wether we’re up having a crazy, or a serene, or happy, or even a grumpy morning. We’re awake, and that’s a blessing in it self! ??

    • Shauna, I so hear you on that! As much as I’d love to just go with the flow, the day is so drastically different if I don’t start on the right foot! You sound like a mother I would love to sit down to coffee with and learn from! 🙂

  • Tiffany

    I struggle so much with my morning routine! I want desperately to make time for yoga and bible study before I have to get my kids up at 6:00, but I just can’t manage to drag myself out of bed when my alarm goes off at 4:30 🙁

    • Oh girl I hear ya! I don’t think I could ever get up before 6am! I have a feeling this summer when my kids are out of school and up at the crack of dawn things will change;)

  • Oh that’s so sweet of you to say? Honestly I’m still learning (and probably always will be) once they pass the single digits it’s a whole other ball game? Reading your blog reminds me to be in the moment cause I know how fast they grow?
    To bad there’s so many miles between! But here’s a vertual coffee ☕️ from a friend in the East Bay, Ca?☀️

  • Your home is looking beautiful at the moment, Anna.

    Buckets & Spades

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