The Journeyman’s Journey: Past Jobs

September 27, 2017


As a follow up to my last post, I thought it would be appropriate to share all of the jobs Gabe and I have both had in the past through today. So many times in life you walk through a door that leads to another, and sometimes they are dead ends. Other times they are stepping stones where you can see how one lead to the other. I think its safe to say we both feel that we learned a technique, skill, value, or perspective from each job in our past that has benefited our current jobs today. Ready? It’s a long a list…


Sewed beanie baby sleeping bags and scrunchies to sell at yard sales (the entrepreneurship spirit started young!)
Made friendship bracelets to sell at recess
Shop Cashier
Hair salon receptionist
Photographer’s assistant
Yearbook editor
Website designer
Post college:
Art teacher
Freelance designer
Lead graphic designer
Etsy shop business owner
Design director
Founded Brand Market Workshops



Waiter and Banquet server
Summer day camp instructor
Kohl’s Dept Store second shift – Unloaded trucks and prepped merchandise for third shift merchandise stockers
Shipping warehouse picker

Personal Fitness Trainer
Cattle Rancher/Troubled Teen Counselor
Road/driveway Construction
Collegiate Rugby Coach

Post College:
Substitute teacher
Public speaker
House Painter
Grain Transport Specialist (Truck driver)
Middle school History and Theology teacher
High school Theology teacher
Director of Religious Education
Middle school Dean of Students

Phew! Told you it was long. Who knows what we will add to this list in the future, but I have a feeling it isn’t quite finished yet.

One thing that I was really drawn to about Gabe from the start was his work ethic. He was more concerned about loyalty, honesty, and commitment than he was about getting ahead. He worked hard from the time he was young, so he understood the value of sticking through a job and doing it thoroughly.

I have a very determined mindset when it comes to anything I try, and usually act before fear takes a hold of me. This is why, as you can see, I started a few businesses in succession (who remembers the etsy shop?!), and was always juggling at least a few creative jobs at a time. Needless to say, working with Gabe has been a really good weight at the other end of the scale to balance me out;)

Looking back, there were many jobs between the both of us that were extremely challenging, or didn’t feel like we even felt skilled for, but we took an experience with us to carry on to the next. Who knew that selling scrunchies would fuel a love for entrepreneurship to last this long in life!

Ok now it’s your turn. We want to hear, what was one of the odd or challenging jobs you ever tried?

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  • Wow, you both have a long list of past jobs! I feel like my list pales in comparison (and it does, haha).

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • Kristina Chatfield

    One summer I worked as a waitress at night, after working all day in an office. Needed extra money. Loved it, but it was exhausting. Also tried working a 2nd job as a cashier in a grocery store when I was first out of college – in addition to my full-time day job. That lasted two weeks and I just couldn’t do both! I SO admire people who work full time and have a 2nd part-time job. I babysat a lot in high school and that was sometimes challenging depending on the kid! I also worked on the weekends in high school cleaning an office for a small company – again, extra $$!

  • My new job is a definite challenge. At first I was so honored to be offered a job that was created for me (especially since the stress of my old job was too much) that I was more focused on ‘playing it cool’ than looking out for my interest. Now I’m working 60+hrs a week, in a job I’m not really sure what it’s meant to be and making less than I was before and less than I was told I would be, so challenge… I like the work and am hoping it works out but it’s new terrain. I’m definitely a play it safe person so this puts me out of my element on many levels.

  • My first job ever was washing dishes for a tiny little Italian restaurant. I was underage and didn’t have a work permit, but the restaurant paid me cash and kept me on through being a line cook and a shift supervisor. Once I graduated high school, I went to West Point and was commissioned in the Army, but I took with me more lessons than I can count and a work ethic that has served me very well from working the line in that little restaurant. And an abiding love for fresh pasta and butter garlic chicken.

  • My husband is a high school
    Theology teacher too!
    Which brings me to ask this: how do you stay so stylish and have such a beautifully styled home on a budget like that? I know that is personal, but as one who is trying to raise four kids on 2 teachers’ salaries and who aspires to have a nice home and who (lets be honest) tends to have champagne taste, I’d be SUPER interested in a blog post that discussed money-saving tips while still remaining stylish and creating a home you love.

  • I always had the jammiest jobs – in high school when my friends were working as pub waitresses or in supermarkets, I earned two quid per hour more (which felt like a lot then) working in our local bookshop on Saturdays. In one of my summers between university years I had a job I am not sure you have in the states – I was a street fundraiser, so I basically worked on behalf of charities and I had to stop people in the middle of whichever high street I was working on and sign them up to a monthly gift with their bank details. It was so out of my comfort zone but I grew to love it and I know I would never be in my current job (managing a team in the marketing department of a large charity which is office not street based!) without it. And I don’t think I would have met my boyfriend either, as it gave me so much confidence (and a lack of fear in rejection!) Turned out to be the perfect job really! And it makes me really grateful to be inside when it is chucking it down with rain (which it does a lot in London, where I live!)

  • I love this. I love how you say that one of the things that drew you to Gabe was his work ethic. That’s how I felt with my husband. He did not come from a wealthy family; they were definitely lower middle class at the best times. But when I met him when he was 19, and he had been working for four years already and had bought and completely paid for his own (used) car. It wasn’t fancy, but it really impressed me because it showed me he was willing to work hard for what he wanted — and 20+ years down the road, I can see that demonstrated over and over again.

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